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Resources on the river vendorapplication final


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Providing knowledge and education on resources for healthcare, financial, insurance, housing and many other needs for seniors and their families and caregivers in Acadiana.

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Resources on the river vendorapplication final

  1. 1. eQHealth Solutions and our community partners Invite you to participate in Heymann Performing Arts Center- Lafayette, LA July 26, 2014 8:00am-12:00pm Providing knowledge and education to seniors, caregivers, significant others and healthcare providers in Acadiana eQHealth Solutions and our community partners in Acadiana are participating in a joint effort directed toward improving the quality of healthcare for the elderly population with chronic disease in our area, focused on provider and community efforts to increase health literacy and reduce avoidable 30-day hospital readmissions. Over the past 20 months, our coalition has studied and analyzed drivers of readmission, applying focused interventions addressing these drivers. We are ready for the next step - bringing the valuable resources found in Acadiana to the attention of the community in order to increase awareness and provide a public forum for achieving better health for seniors in our communities. The following topics will comprise the major focus for our educational forum:  Chronic disease education and programs to assist seniors in living with their disease  Nutritional & Pharmaceutical needs of the senior citizen  Transitioning to the next level of care: Legal, financial and decision making choices  Resources available for in-home care setting  Resources in our community to assist senior citizens and their caregivers  Database creation to allow access of agencies to senior citizens, caregivers and healthcare providers If you are interested in participating and sharing your knowledge and resources with our community, please complete the attached forms. The purpose of this forum is to educate the public, not for promoting a business. We appreciate your time and support in this very important healthcare endeavor. Community Resources for Healthy Senior Living
  2. 2. Yes, I would like to participate. (Booths will be assigned once fees are paid) _____ $100.00 for booth space/ $50.00 for non-profit org) _________ Screenings (Choose one that you would like to offer) _____ Sponsorship Opportunity (BP, Blood Glucose, BMI, Cholesterol, Bone Density, Hearing Screening, Vision Screening) Name of Organization: Address Contact Person Phone Number Fax Number Email Check one: Hospital LTAC Hospice Home Health DME Financial Institution Legal Services Rehab Skilled Nursing Home Care Agency Governmental Agency Benefit Provider Transportation Service Food/Nutrition Services Activity Center for Seniors Senior Education Provider Pharmaceutical Assisted Living Church Other Please provide a brief description of the services/products provided by your business/agency: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTES:  All give-aways will be submitted to event coordinators to be added to a gift bag. The participants will receive gift bag upon departure from event  A $25 Door Prize is appreciated Please e-mail completed application and signed forms to: Karen Cormier or call 337-470-2018 for any questions A confirmation email will be sent to you upon submission of your application. Application and vendor fee deadline is {June 30, 2014} Community Resources for Healthy Senior Living
  3. 3. This material was produced by eQHealth Solutions, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Louisiana, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy. LA10SoW6F13-2837 Sponsorship Opportunities GOALS:  Host 1st Annual Resources on the River- Acadiana  Sponsor Senior Events through COA  Host Education Community Outreach programs around the Acadiana area  Establish a statewide website with a comprehensive list of resources available to the citizens of Louisiana  Combine statewide efforts, from the Monroe and Shreveport area, to provide a seamless flow of information to the elderly and their caregivers across the state 1. White Team $2500.00 a. Logo on all printed material b. Logo on gift bags 2. Blue Team $1000.00 a. Logo on all printed material 3. Orange Team $500.00 a. Logo on Donor List in My Health Binder 4. Refreshment Sponsor $250.00 a. Name & Logo on table b. Logo on Donor List in My Health Binder Community Resources for Healthy Senior Living