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Test prez


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Test prez

  1. 1. Type of medium used on painting? Egg Tempera What era? Gothic Era
  2. 2. Type of medium used on painting? Oil Who was artist? Van Eck
  3. 3. Name the painting: The Trinity Who is the artist? Versacio Why is it an important painting? First to use a single point perspective.
  4. 4. How was the painting made? Fresco Who was the artist? Da Vinci
  5. 5. Who is the artist? Michael Angelo Where would you go in Rome to see this? 16th Chapel What era? Renaissance
  6. 6. Name of painting? School of Athens Artist? Rafael How does Rafael show ego? He includes himself in the painting
  7. 7. Artist? Michael Angelo Name of statue? David How could you tell he was a teenager? He hadn’t grown into his body yet. i.e. large hands What else is S curve referred to as? Contrapposto
  8. 8. What type of sculpture is it? Pieta (virgin Mary cradling dead body of Jesus)
  9. 9. Type of light used? Chiaroscuro Era? Italian Boroque Name? Calling of St. Matthew Artist? Caravaggio What technique did he use to make it feel modern? Dressed people in modernized/contemporary clothing
  10. 10. Name? David and Goliath Artist? Caravaggio *Head was caravaggio
  11. 11. Name? David
  12. 12. Name? Ecstasy of St. Theresa
  13. 13. Who was the architect? Bernini There was concern Bernini used what to do his work? Camera Obscura.
  14. 14. Artist? Velasquez What period? Spanish Boroque Who is subject? Unknown
  15. 15. Era? Dutch Baroque Artist? Rembrandt Were Dutch baroque artist influenced by the Vatican? No
  16. 16. What type of work? Etching Artist? Rembrandt
  17. 17. Artist? Vermeer Vermeer always used the deep blue as seen. Era? Dutch Boroque
  18. 18. Type of painting? Still life Type of people who preferred still life? Dutch
  19. 19. Name? Night watch Artist? Rembrandt
  20. 20. Artist? Rembradt Name? Storm on the sea of Galilee
  21. 21. Style of painting? Genre Era? Dutch Baroque
  22. 22. Era? Dutch Baroque
  23. 23. What style? Rococo – Very ornate and A symmetrical.
  24. 24. Era? Rococo
  25. 25. Category? Historical Name? Death of General Wolfe
  26. 26. Artist? John Singleton Copley Technique used? Shows what he does for a living.
  27. 27. Name? Watson and the shark What does shark symbolize? Satan