Cw13 securing your journey to the cloud by rami naccache-trend micro


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Cw13 securing your journey to the cloud by rami naccache-trend micro

  1. 1. Securing Your Journey to the CloudRami Naccache – Sr. Presales EngineerTrend Micro Middle EastData Center Evolution:Physical. Virtual. Cloud.115/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  2. 2. PhysicalDesktops & ServersDesktopVirtualizationServerVirtualizationPrivateCloudHybrid CloudPublicCloudMobileBYOPCJourney to the CloudWhere is Your Data?25/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  3. 3. Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.Empower the business:Improve business agility by providing quick andintuitive access to the right information, toolsand applicationsMitigate the risk:Protect sensitive information to maintain brandand comply with regulations,while controlling costsCIO
  4. 4. BranchOfficesMain CampusMobile WorkersFixedTelecommutersInternetDataCenterSaaSIaaSPrivatePublicENDPOINTInfection via Social EngineeringHeavy User Touch EnvironmentConsumerization is key trendSERVERInfection via Threat InjectionLocked Down Mission-Critical Env.Virtualization/Cloud is key trendJourney to the CloudEndpoint and Server Security Diverging
  5. 5. Virtual CloudPhysicalCross-platform SecurityOne Security Model is Possibleacross Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Environments• New platforms don’t change the threat landscape• Each platform has unique security risks• Integrated security is needed across all platforms55/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  6. 6. Platform-specific Security RisksOne Security Model is Possibleacross Physical, Virtual, and Cloud EnvironmentsVisibility & Threats• Less visibility• More external risksPerformance & Threats• Security degradesperformance• New VM-based threatsManageability• Glut of security products• Less security• Higher TCOVirtual CloudPhysicalIncrease Efficiency Deliver AgilityReduce ComplexityIntegrated SecuritySingle Management Console65/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  7. 7. PhysicalConsolidate Physical SecurityReduce Complexity
  8. 8. Advanced ReportingModuleSingle ManagementConsoleFirewallHIPS /VirtualPatchingFile IntegrityMonitoringAntivirusLogInspectionWebApplicationProtectionOne Server Security PlatformReduce Complexity85/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  9. 9. VirtualServer and Desktop Virtualization SecurityIncrease Efficiency
  10. 10. Typical AVConsole3:00am ScanAntivirus StormAutomatic security scans overburden the systemVirtualization SecurityChallenge: Resource Contention105/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  11. 11. Reactivated and cloned VMs can have out-of-date securityDormant Virtualization SecurityChallenge: Instant-on GapsActiveReactivated without dated security Cloned   115/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  12. 12. Attacks can spread across VMsVirtualization SecurityChallenge: Inter-VM Attacks / Blind Spots125/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  13. 13. Virtualization SecurityVM sprawl inhibits complianceChallenge: Complexity of ManagementPatchagentsRolloutpatternsProvisioningnew VMsReconfiguringagents135/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  14. 14. • Antivirus• Integrity MonitoringAgentless Security for VMware — Antivirus and moreVM VM VMThe Old WaySecurityVirtualApplianceVM VM VMWith Agentless SecurityVM• Intrusion Prevention• Virtual Patching• Firewall• Web Application ProtectionVirtualization SecurityWhat is the Solution?A Dedicated Security Virtual ApplianceVM VM VM VMVM VMMaximizes Performance and ROI145/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  15. 15. Sources: Tolly Enterprises Test Report, Trend Micro Deep Security vs. McAfee and Symantec, February 2011;Saving estimate based on VMware ROI calculations0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80TraditionalAVAgentlessAVVM’s per host7525 3X higher VDI VM consolidation ratios3-year Savings on 1000 VDI VMs = $539,600Virtualization SecurityIncreased ROI with Agentless SecurityExample: Agentless Antivirus155/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  16. 16. SecurityVirtualApplianceVM VM VMWith Agentless SecurityVMVirtualization SecurityWhat is the Solution?Layered, Virtualization-Aware Security in One PlatformVM VM VM VMVM VMProtect your efforts to consolidate servers,enable VDI, and support consumerizationIntegrated Modules:• Antivirus• Integrity Monitoring• Intrusion Prevention• Web Application Protection• Application Control• Firewall• Log InspectionSimplifiedManagementHigherDensityOptimizedResourcesStrongerSecurity165/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  17. 17. vShieldEndpointSecurityVirtualApplianceOtherVMwareAPIsSecurity agenton individual VMsIntegrateswithvCenterAntivirusAgentlessAgentlessIDS / IPSWeb Application ProtectionApplication ControlFirewallLog InspectionAgent-basedVirtualization SecurityIntegrity MonitoringvSphereVirtualEnvironmentVirtualization SecurityFitting into the VMware Ecosystem175/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  18. 18.  Hypervisor-integrated agentless antivirus released in Nov. 2010 1000 agentless security customers in the first year Over 250,000 VMs are licensed for agentless antivirus Agentless FIM released in 2012 Multiple agentless security modules now available Largest customer purchase is 8,000 VMs Most dense deployment is 300 VMs/host“Deep Security provides a robust set of tools to add to your toolbox.The realized performance improvement is visible to the naked eye.”- Ed Haletky, Virtualization Practice ( SecurityTrend Micro Market MomentumAgentless Security185/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  19. 19. AM Scan Performance5/13/2013 19Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.1st AMscan2nd AMscan(cached)Scan time ~ 20x fasterSignificant DSVA CPUReductionHuge IO VolumeReduction
  20. 20. Cloud ComputingCloud Deployments and SecurityDeliver Agility
  21. 21. Additional Resources• Scalability• Cost savingsProvidesbusiness agilityData Access• Anytime, anywhere• Device flexibilitySupports BYOD andconsumerizationSecurity is the#1 cloud adoption inhibitorSources: 1) Security Catalyst. Barometer Assessment: Final Report, Oct 14, 2011; 2) Trend Micro Survey, May 2011Cloud SecurityWhy Companies Turn to the Cloud215/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  22. 22. Who is responsible for security?• With IaaS the customer is responsible for VM-level security• With SaaS or PaaS the service provider is responsible for securityPublic CloudPaaSPublic CloudIaaSServers Virtualization &Private CloudEnd-User (Enterprise) Service ProviderPublic CloudSaaSCloud SecurityCloud Models: Who Has Control?22Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.5/13/2013
  23. 23. Cloud SecurityChallenge: Multi-tenancy / Mixed Trust Level VMsShared resources createsa mixed trust level environment235/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  24. 24. Cloud SecurityChallenge: Data Access and GovernanceCloud data can provide less visibility and control1001001101101100245/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  25. 25. 100110111000101Cloud SecurityChallenge: Data DestructionWhen data is moved, unsecured data remnants can remain10011011100010110011000101255/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  26. 26. Patient Medical RecordsCredit Card PaymentInformationSensitive Research ResultsSocial Security Numbers• Unreadable forunauthorized users• Control of when andwhere data is accessed• Server validation• Custody of keysEncryptionwith Policy-basedKey ManagementCloud SecurityModular Protection• Self-defending VM security• Agentless and agent-based• One management portal forall modules, all deploymentsvSphere & vCloudCloud SecurityWhat is the Solution? Workload and Data ProtectionIntegration ensures servers have up-to-datesecurity before encryption keys are released
  27. 27. VM VM VM VMVM VM VM VMVM VM VM VMData Center Private Cloud Public CloudVMware vCloudVMwarevSphereEncryption throughout your cloud journey—data protection for physical, virtual & cloud1 Cloud SecurityFitting Encryption into a VMware EcosystemEnterprise KeyKey ServiceConsoleEncryptionSolution275/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  28. 28. PhysicalDatabaseStorageVirtualWebServerMailServerWebServerEnterpriseProvidersDeep SecurityWebAccessSecuring WorkloadsPhysical, Private, and Public Clouds
  29. 29. VMVMware VirtualizationSecurityVirtualApplianceVM VM VM VM• Agentless security• Layered server security• Encryption for vSpherePrivate Cloud• Agentless security• Layered server securitySecurityVirtualApplianceVM VM VMPublic CloudServer security console• Shared policy profile• Virtual patchingVMVM VM VMVM• Encryption for vCloud• Compliance support(FIM, Encryption, etc.)Encryption console• Shared policy profile• Key ownership• Agent-based security• Layered server security• Encryption for leading cloud providers• Compliance support(FIM, Encryption, etc.)VMVirtualization and Cloud SecurityOne Security Model295/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  30. 30. Trend Micro Confidential-NDA RequiredExtending to cloud scale• Resource-pooling – independent tenant policies/data forshared, multi-tenant clouds• Elasticity – Automated deployment of components to cloud scale• Self-service – Policies can be delegated by cloud admin to tenantsthrough self-service GUISame architecture can be deployed as security-as-a-service by IaaSpublic cloud providers, or within enterprise ITaaS for private clouds.―Cloud Workloads Security‖ as a ServiceSupport for Multi-Tenant clouds
  31. 31. 5/13/2013 31Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.Virtualization and Cloud SecurityLeading Industry Success Stories
  32. 32. TrendMicroWorldwide Endpoint SecurityRevenue Share by Vendor, 2010Source: IDC, 2011Trend MicroSource: 2011 Technavio – Global VirtualizationSecurity Management SolutionsSource: 2012 Technavio – GlobalCloud Security Software MarketTrend Micro is No.1 in Server, Virtualization, & Cloud SecurityWhy is Trend Micro an Expert?#1 in Cloud Security#1 in VirtualizationSecurity#1 in ServerSecurityTrendMicroTrendMicro
  33. 33. Virtual CloudPhysicalVirtualization and Cloud SecurityOne Security Model is Possible• Reduce Your Cost of Operations• Reduce Your Investment in Management• Increase Application Stability and Performance• Achieve Compliance in Virtual and Cloud Environments• Get Higher Virtualization and Cloud ROI• Safely Use Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds335/13/2013 Copyright 2013 Trend Micro Inc.
  34. 34. Copyright 2013 Trend Micro