Cw13 the rising stack-how & why open stack is changing it by mark collier-openstack


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Cw13 the rising stack-how & why open stack is changing it by mark collier-openstack

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. The Rising StackHow & Why OpenStack is Changing ITMark CollierCOO, OpenStack Foundation@sparkycollier on twitter
  3. 3. 3What is OpenStack?
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5Code
  6. 6. 6OpenStack Cloud PlatformCode available under Apache 2.0 license. Design tenets– scale & elasticity, share nothing & distribute everything
  7. 7. 7OpenStack CapabilitiesComputeProvision and manage large pools of on-demandcomputing resourcesObject Storage Petabytes of reliable storage on standard gearBlock StorageVolumes on commodity storage gear, and drivers formore advanced systems like NetApp, Solidfire, andNexentaNetworkingSoftware defined networking automation with pluggablebackendsDashboardSelf-service, role-based web interface for users andadministratorsSharedServicesMulti-tenant authentication system that ties to existingstores (e.g. LDAP) and Image Service
  8. 8. 8Open Development ProcessTime-Based Release CycleNew software release every six months, with interim milestonesDesign Summits twice a yearImmediately following software release to plan next versionSessions led by developers and Project Technical LeadsBroad ContributionsMore than 800 developers from over 50 companies wordlwideElected LeadershipDevelopers elect their own Project Technical Leaders
  9. 9. 9Global Community
  10. 10. 10Community Size & Growth Q4 201210ECOSYSTEMSIZE(Members+Sponsors+Supporters)CUMULATIVECONTRIBUTORSAVERAGE MONTHLYCONTRIBUTORSPATCHESMERGED739 175 2,664(updated methodology)148CompaniesMembers: 22 Total (4 New)Sponsors: 22 Total (6 New)Supporters: 104 Total (4 New)TOP 10 Countries1) United States2) China3) India4) Great Britain5) Australia6,9676) France7) Russia8) Canada9) Ireland10) GermanyINDIVIDUALMEMBERS
  11. 11. 11Community Size & Growth Q1 201311ECOSYSTEMSIZE(Members+Sponsors+Supporters)CUMULATIVECONTRIBUTORSAVERAGE MONTHLYCONTRIBUTORSPATCHESMERGED815 252 3,357189CompaniesMembers: 22 TotalSponsors: 34 Total (10 New)Supporters: 139 Total (35 New)TOP 10 Countries1) United States2) China3) India4) Great Britain5) Australia9,0166) France7) Russia8) Canada9) Ireland10) GermanyINDIVIDUALMEMBERS+44%+27% +29%+10% +26%
  12. 12. 1214 New Supporters for OpenStack- Q4 201312 CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL | © 2013 OpenStack, Inc.
  13. 13. 1347 New Sponsors & Supporters in Q1 !13 CONFIDENTIAL MATERIAL | © 2013 OpenStack, Inc.New Supporters:Corelynx IncTCPWaveNetCitadel Inc.GameWaveVMTurboAlter WayTEONITESirius CorporationLinagoraGreenet Information TechnologyInfocular E-Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Radware Ltd.PLUMgridBloombase, Inc.Radware, Inc.AmahiCIeNET TechnologiesOzgur Yazilim ASALYSEOStratus TechnologiesIron.ioNimbis Services, IncSohonetWhipcloud, Inc.TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITEDCloud175Dungeon InnovationsEmbotics CorporationInktankNodePrime, Inc.PC/OpenSystems LLCRedeHostDualtec Cloud BuildersHEDERA TECHNOLOGYAegis Foundation
  14. 14. 14Awareness & Education Q4 2012WEBSITE TRAFFICTWITTER FOLLOWERS NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIEWS MARKETING LIST SUBSCRIBERS17,391 51296,212New Visitors to Website: 44%Percent non-US: 68%Unique Visitors14,633 6,808New Followers: 1,344 51% non-US SubscribersYouTube ChannelMinutes Watched: 149,677 40 CompaniesNon-US Traffic1) China 8.9%2) India 5.8%3) France 4.2%4) UK 4.1%5) Germany 3.7%
  15. 15. 15Awareness & Education Q1 2013WEBSITE TRAFFICTWITTER FOLLOWERS NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIEWS MARKETING LIST SUBSCRIBERS28,950 142595,515New Visitors to Website: 44%Percent non-US: 68%Unique Visitors17,705 8,805New Followers: 3,072 53% non-US Subscribers (+2%)YouTube ChannelMinutes Watched: 261,33663 CompaniesNon-US Traffic1) China 7.6%2) India 6.7%3) France 4.4%4) UK 4.1%5) Germany 3.7%+29%+21% +67%+75%+101%+178%+58%
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. 18Growing User Community
  19. 19. 19MercadoLibre, Inc. Uses OpenStack8th Largest eCommerce site in the worldUsing OpenStack to power 1,000 node internalprivate cloud and production web propertiesInternal team manages deployment andoperations, using OpenStack Compute,Storage & Networking with Ubuntu and ChefHeadquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina"Our main goal was to achieve a newlevel of agility and flexibility, anddemonstrate that we could remove themanual work associated with deployingnew resources. We achieved this."
  20. 20. 20PayPal Uses OpenStackProcessed more than $26,000 in mobilepayments every minute in 2012OpenStack runs thousands of VMs tosupport their self-service developermodelInternal team manages deployment andoperations, using OpenStackCompute, Storage & Shared Services“We needed agility withoutsacrificing availability. Byleveraging the collectiveinnovation of the OpenStackcommunity, we can developand grow our private cloudmuch quicker without having toreinvent anything.”Saran Mandair, senior directorof PayPal infrastructureengineering
  21. 21. 21IBS DataFort Uses OpenStack in Russia8,000 Employees, provide IT supportfor over 120 Russian and overseascompanies.Operate 3 datacenters with 5000+ServersWorking with CloudScaling to deployprivate and public OpenStack Cloudsthis year“We want our customers tohave freedom of choice. Wedo believe that OpenStack isbringing that dimension.Russia has a long, long historyof being dominated by oneparty – freedom of choice isimportant from a historicalperspective, similar trend thatyou observe everywhere.”Michal Cupa, President of IBSDataFort
  22. 22. 22CloudUP uses OpenStack in ItalyFirst Italian Service Provider to offer pay-as-you-go CloudEvaluated vs. Vmware, Open Nebula, andand Ecualyptus.Liked project’s modular architectureapproach and the constantlyevolving tool set that allows forintegration into other serviceproviders’ infrastructures“"After several years in this field,today we truly believe thatOpenStack is the Linux of cloudcomputing.”Mariano Cunietti, CTO atEnter/Cloudup
  23. 23. 23Intel uses OpenStack GloballyIntel IT supports more than 75,000servers in 69 data centersAnd more than 91,000 employees whoconnect to Intel resources throughmore than 138,000 mobile devices.“OpenStack has dramaticallyreduced the amount of time ittakes to provision servicesand automatically resolveresource issues. We can nowdeploy a VM in just five to 10minutes, provide faster selfservices to our customers,and offer a more reliableinfrastructure with rollingupdates that will keep ourinfrastructure current withoutburdening our staff.”Das Kamhout, Intel PrincipalEngineer and Cloud Lead
  24. 24. 24Bloomberg, Comcast, Best Buy all useOpenstack to power their businessesWatch their presentations: Buy
  25. 25. 25User Survey Results
  26. 26. 26Global Interest
  27. 27. 27OpenStack Operations GuideWriters from all overthe world came toAustin, Texas.To write a whole book.In just 5 days.
  28. 28. 28OpenStack Operations Guide – they did it!230+ Pages in only 5 days.Written by experienced OpenStackoperators.In less than a week of publication, thebook had been downloaded over 2000times… now over 5000 downloads!
  29. 29. 29Downloaded from 80 different countries
  30. 30. 30And 700+ Different Cities
  31. 31. 31Who’s behind OpenStack?
  32. 32. 32The OpenStack Foundation• Protecting, Empowering, and Promoting OpenStack softwareand the community around it, including users, developers andthe entire ecosystem.• Over 8000 Individual Members, up from 5600 at launch• The leading Global IT companies as Gold & Platinum Members• Board of Directors that sets strategic direction• Project Technical Leads and a Technical Committee that areelected from among the contributors• User Committee to ensure the users voices are heard
  33. 33. 33Foundation ApproachProvide a permanent legal home for OpenStack, with broadindustry support and the resources to support OpenStack’ssuccessWhile preserving what’s working – a.k.a. the “OpenStack Way”• Technical people making technical decisions based on merit• Dedicated resources building the community and ecosystem• A strong ecosystem of companies making money• Encouraging and rewarding contribution in all forms
  34. 34. 34The numbers above are from 2012 and have grown since then
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. 36Gold & Platinum Founding Members
  37. 37. 37Newest Gold Members
  38. 38. 38Sponsors
  39. 39. 39Other Supporting Organizations
  40. 40. 40How much interest is there?
  41. 41. 41Summit GrowthExpecting 4000+ at the next SummitHong Kong Nov 5-8th:
  42. 42. 42IT Interest: Over 1M visitors/year to
  43. 43. 43IT User Interest: Google Trends1 -
  44. 44. 44IT User Interest: Youtube channel (through March) – Only 5 months old
  45. 45. 45IT User Interest: Youtube channel (through May) – Only 7 months old
  46. 46. 46Media InterestNumber of Stories 20121 -
  47. 47. 47Media InterestPress Mentions per TrendKite1 -
  48. 48. 48Developer Interest & Commitment to Platform
  49. 49. 49Developer Interest & Commitment to Platform than Doubled # of Developers from Essex to Grizzly!
  50. 50. 50Developer interest translates into rapid innovationFrom 10k lines of code to 800K in less than 3 years
  51. 51. 51Quotes“If there isn’t an OpenStack cloudyou fancy, wait a second, there’smore – a lot more – in the pipeline.”– GigaOmNew OpenStack Clouds MeanSomething For Everyone“OpenStack appears to be a moreadvanced or more modern opensource project than some of itspredecessors because its a highlycoordinated effort.”– Charlie BabcockInformation WeekOpenStack Fights Cloud Lock-In Worries"We are currentlyconsidering a move fromAmazon to Rackspacepurely because ofOpenStack. Its thatimportant.”Andrew Cunningham12/28/12“#openstack continues topower ahead with Novain the top 10 githubprojects in 2012 fornumber of uniquecontributors:”@pixelbeat12/20/12“This is the mostawesome community inaction in open sourcetoday.”Mark Shuttleworth@OpenStack #openstack@techjournalist10/16/12“Almost no vendorbriefing within the lastmonth without adiscussion regardinghow OpenStack fits intothe product strategy.Exciting times.”@torstenvolk11/9/12
  52. 52. 52Quotes“I think the trend here is thatOpenStack has won the race tobecome the standard, and it has done itrapidly,” Winblad said. “We’ve madesome investments around the software-defined data center, and OpenStack isa key component. It is the OS for thecloud.”– Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad VenturesIBM Makes a Big Bet on OpenStack in the Cloud, AllThingsD
  53. 53. Why are they interested?
  54. 54. 54Not creating……just software…just a community…a vendor consortium…hundreds of moderately successful businesses
  55. 55. 55Creating a platform ecosystem in the cloud‣ This is different than other cloud software‣ Ultimately creates the most value for everyone involved
  56. 56. Platform Ecosystems: How do they work?
  58. 58. 58Platform Ecosystems – The Three ForcesTechnology Platform‣ General purpose technology‣ Extensible system with room forinnovation on top, underneath andaround the technology platform‣ Continuous innovation based on userneeds
  59. 59. 59Platform Ecosystems – The Three ForcesGlobal User Footprint‣ Massive addressable market‣ Users who want more than thefunctionality of the base platform—infinitely more
  60. 60. 60Platform Ecosystems – The Three ForcesInnovative Ecosystem‣ Additional capabilities available frommany sources‣ Huge opportunity for competitivebusinesses
  61. 61. 61Apple700,000+ apps106 carriers400,000,000 devices113 countriesiOS
  62. 62. 62Android700,000+ apps95 carriers44 device makers500,000,000 devices104 countriesAndroid
  63. 63. 63Facebook9,000,000 apps 1,000,000,000+ users82% non-US & CanadaFacebookDeveloper Platform
  64. 64. 64Microsoft4,000,000+ apps 330,000,000 in 2011Windows
  65. 65. 65OpenStackToolsServicesSoftwarePrivate cloudsPublic cloudsOpenStacksoftware
  66. 66. 66Why is this important?Greatest value is in the intersection where the 3 forces meet‣ Platforms need users & apps/tools to be relevant‣ Tool ecosystems need widely adopted, innovative platforms‣ Users need platforms with app/tool support & innovationThe biggest each force is, the more value created‣ Mass creates gravity, gravity pulls in more users, more tools/apps,more developers and the cycle continues‣ If you ignore any one force, the model collapsesThe more each force is concentrated toward the core, thestronger the pull for the other forces‣ The overlap creates greater mass and focus for users andtools/apps‣ All three groups need each other to survive in the long run
  67. 67. 67Platform ecosystems developaround massive markets
  68. 68. 68Platform Ecosystems – MarketsUser FootprintApple iOS, Android‣ Every smartphone on earthFacebook‣ Every human on the internetMicrosoft‣ Every PC manufactured
  69. 69. 69Platform Ecosystems – MarketsUser FootprintOpenStack’s Opportunity – Nothing short of changing IT‣ Every datacenter‣ Every server‣ Every network device‣ Every storage system
  70. 70. 70Platform Ecosystems – MarketsUser FootprintOpenStack’s Opportunity – Nothing short of changing IT‣ Every datacenter‣ Every server‣ Every network device‣ Every storage system‣ Every silly cat photo
  71. 71. 71Platform Ecosystems – MarketsUser FootprintApple iOS, Android‣ Every smartphone on earth‣ ~90% market shareFacebook‣ Every human on the internet‣ ~42% market shareMicrosoft‣ Every PC manufactured‣ ~92% market share. Still.
  72. 72. 72Platform ecosystems developaround massive markets, buthave few winners
  73. 73. 73 iOS OtherGlobal Marketshare (Q4 2012)
  74. 74. 74What if OpenStack can reach25%, 50%, 75% of theDatacenter?
  75. 75. 75There is a platform war buildingaround the cloud
  76. 76. 76Amazon is the early leaderToolsServicesSoftwareHundreds of thousandsof customersGlobal footprintAWS servicesToolsServicesSoftwarePrivate cloudsPublic cloudsOpenStack software
  77. 77. 77But the OpenStack footprint is spreadingGlobal FootprintStat AWS2012OpenStack2012Continents 5 2Countries 6 6Cities 9 10AvailabilityZones18 12ProviderChoices1 8
  78. 78. 782014 OpportunityGlobal FootprintStat` AWS2012OS2012OS2014Continents 5 2 6Countries 6 6 30Cities 9 10 40AvailabilityZones18 12 100ProviderChoices1 8 50
  79. 79. 79Plus Private DeploymentsGlobal Footprint
  80. 80. 80OpenStack: How & Why it’s The Rising StackOpen platform‣ Community driven innovation‣ Technology accessible in many ways: hourly, appliance,distribution, DIYEmpowered users and developers‣ Deeper engagement from our users and developers‣ Users like having more control their destinyBroad, global support from companies‣ Not driven by a single company; no single source‣ Creates additional work, but also addition power andopportunity‣ Aggregate investment is huge
  81. 81. An Invitation
  82. 82. 82Say No to VendorLock-in
  83. 83. 83Say Yes to Freedom
  84. 84.
  85. 85. revolution
  86. 86. The Rising StackHow & Why OpenStack is Changing ITMark CollierCOO, OpenStack Foundation@sparkycollier on twitter