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Personal Economy/Standard of Living Actions for Happiness


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One of a series of infographics designed people to use after taking the Gross National Happiness Index and self-assessing themselves low in the domain of standard of living/economy.

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Personal Economy/Standard of Living Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Standard of Living & Economy One of the most important lessons science has to tell us about money and happiness is called the Easterlin Paradox: After an income of about 75K 21 year for a family of four in the US, more money will not make you much happier. all It you scozefd low In . . standard IMng - - - - ~ Y Y less T k th of °3', ',', ",§? ',": ;:a7,5K economy and. ... fir “sZii”ii ygiil secure with your standard of living - G| ve Get good on you! - - More money will , °9.: ?:? ,Ii'2:. ':ii 'I'<°'v'1aV°ab‘9 develop your true inner hggpifgsgn ¥. °"'; o 5°'‘- ‘'°"' ‘"°°'"° ‘*3 iindiua tliatrieel Givetoyourfriends belween15K-75Ka t V5 and -H and fam‘l d 9°? “ ° V°“ “" I y an to your year community. '"°-mas‘ Va" IDOOUIG. Live simple gui-'de"'ies from MrMoneylI. ioustache. com Llve slm I , . ea . "" :3 e Y°U3°°'’°dl°Wi" ‘ Youscoriedlmiin °G9t"d°id°bl vouggomdiowin Youscorisdlowin °°l'| '|ml-""l1V time balance ‘’l-lV9 3039 10 W00‘ govamamg community or teaming ° Invest your time & attention in your kids " Mock convenience " Use your body Volunteer Ii Less Is More Awwm lflllem Invest In - . -fag“ Community Mama“ , ,;" " - 9 for $15 dollar an Volunteer or lntem at Gm away your time iggaggneytsu "'8: hour minimum an organization where anainvesivourmonev v°"*: ,:. ':i'-*°‘° in doing something that gardening or taking ood I ' ‘$0 you believe in. walks instead of 9 P 309 39" going to a A I I I I I ‘F ‘ °°°. -:: :;ir: ;:. °°: Y W R Y MW at h J/ wh'db ' ("tut . ou soc aw in . ~ cu sec in Hp our~i1/or? <}/ /‘il; iLIIin; - my social support Y°u °°°'°d k” m wak environment oommuniti'es/9oonomy/ There ‘s so much that lii§°é’e§i‘in‘i. §’§? ,5§'n’i"}ZZ needs I5 be dove for the can make is in changing Follow 9of$: ;frt"J‘g1f;1’8'Tf7lIP)-glf crahrlis_c; I_: t I) I ll , Invest In your ’)’: i7,: ,§; ,%99y; }a’: ,‘: ,:‘j/6" Your Buss just one way for you to Nuflum Nature ¢g. wo[-kg. -3 giving and compassion No matter “"131 your get closer to nature. End Y0“ happiness as well as doing grief gqajgon in | ifa_ the bed Ighigefifigesgzgflqggefia-r start _a small herb Science tells us we are work thing Memo tor‘ gives you joy asflwell as ga-[den In a pm In -your like those we spend time yaljlqrfiw gnd “Va '3 '5 0 a sense of positive knchen or trade "me with - so invest your purpose in me fyou impact. V°“r bcal °°mmu""iV colleagues well-being. can. ‘ mm "W '3, mm garden '0!’ P| '0dU°°- find other ways to. - Actions for Happiness These are just a few ways to increase your sense of wellbeing and increase your satisfaction with may fit, others may not. Ski around this map your standard of Iivi and fi what . some tools best to you. And at us lmoiw of other ideasl Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happycounts. org Happiness Alliance happycounts. org