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Environment Actions for Happiness


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What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in environment after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Environment Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Environment - Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of environment It tums out that we consistently feel happier when we are happier in nature than everywhere else. Gives a new meaning to "‘l'ake a Hikel" _ If you scored low In YW°l: |'; '°"£fl; rml environment you 5.. in 3 any Ppgsefvg c°n3°rV9 You live close to _ Live the nature nature and see how mindset at home and important it is. Tend work by reduci your tothelandyoucwn _ _ demandonna ral so that it sup its You live in the suburbs resouioes: water indigenous p ants electricity, oil and and critters. trash. Get certified with Idh _ rtéfilabitats a a . ory Restore Bring nature back. A sustainable environment Will be seen with $3 3 , ,", ,,. ,., .,g‘? .,, .. .and there are three more things we can all ‘$30993 t0 00" 9"9l9Y. transportation. bees. butterfliy and do to help the environment: scoop your pet's waste and water systerris and built other critters. fyou poop, never wash your car in the's_treet (use a environment. In the meantime, we can do 6891. IIVIO 920 8310 canivash) and reduo_e_use of pesticides, OUT P3-| ‘t B3'0W 8'6 8 fall’ "1983: '“'"'fl§, 'uV, 'e"_"pa°' fungicides and herbicides in your garden. « -”— , 65 U (9 §%ou ecoredlowin You scoredlowin Yousooredlowin Youecoiedlowin community health governance lime balance Talk V I camp“; g, Eat Slow Food about the Planet 0 Go 999 9 Recycle Eat fast food one "° Day ‘' w°°k less tim k for BUl'd. °°"". "Unitv by Meat ioduction takes °"""""°°‘ me , ,e§. $., "$h 3, ‘; r"ri‘1In9frv1vrtft‘Id; 'o‘; rr: d a tol on the planet's “Wm? Wm M, ” U, awn ' , ' - com ing a . . . ,., '.'L. .g3., ... .. '; :g': ;'; ,?ge; °,g,9: recycling ordinances msglw-ti-ngredlients . "°‘9hb°'5. 35°“ month - see how it "' V°”'' °“V °' °°“"‘V M fib 6 or important issues. fee[5_ packaging in Ci’ (:3 Youacoredlowln Yousooredlowin Y°U8°°f°d| <_>V_li| '| Yousooredlowin work arts and culture standard of living social support Save Rethink your 95800”? mony: yur aw: . °°""'““° "“"9°"°°“‘ "°" Reducing spend‘-n9 A hug ergo suegonds In the long term, live Leam the lore about and consumption reduces stress and close to work. In the . . “am” °‘ ‘h° "°d”°°5 demalld 0" increases our sense short term, bike, Indigenous peoples of "°'"'3' ! °$°"'. °°5- of happiness. which carpool, bus or Y0"? 39% '""°5‘ '" 5.°°'3"Y helps us problem telecommute more! .'°3P°”s'b'° solve better. investment or banks. These are just a few wa to increae your sense of wellbeing Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? and increase your sati ction with your natural environment. some ma fit others may not. Skip around this map and find what lsbesttoyou. Andletusknowototherideasl Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happycounts. org o -i. i. .. II ‘a