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Community Actions for Happiness

What can you do to i

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Community Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Community - Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of community , The key to happiness in one word? '_'Others. ' Science g V 11:1,}; in-, c1m. ~;. ~ ivm, i ‘-f: ],a1_n}IrI= i»‘i¢ lm{: )_< : - t3"3 ‘J3 that °°m"“-_"'“tY_'3 0f 'ml3°"3". °e . t° our A*A flm om Hill. ’ mi: am/ I: m'i'. '.. ir: !!m'm-ir/ nttkn. -re {the mess. Spending time bUl| dlal1t(g cfgmmuntity is one of 74 3 investments you can m e r your appiness. If red low I , ,.}5,‘: ,,, ,., “ '‘’°, ‘;'‘' , __ e3:§'ms§’r‘i’-my and. ... n _. ._ You have a , I sense of oommun Make New Friends. .. | _ "°’°" °“‘ . .., ..V°'“-"*°%. .'. *: fizz: In , B ‘i§'iI§ i'i'§3.i°§n'§'i' I h_eIginghar-dto your make the extra eflorl to new or otherwise makenewfriendsand Youfeelsatein ” domtfeel dowhatyoucantohelp foster greater bonding ” w town and trust or ‘ms! others people in your area or w you . _ "'1 "'°°° ha“ volu egrewwmm ta, I 9,9’ 00 k"0;dy0Ur' bu e: ?ncnap°sm°nge. stair! finvolved neighbors local with an organiation businesses. where l'k Relationships are l . ... ..t: ;z,2': .'. .°: ii Pavirtd , i/thebasisfortrust. I which you have a lot '°"""“ inoommon. Startyou°i”: r'_vn‘drandoin Ifyoudosrvgtm-3a acts ‘ ness . go somem- community - take up a pgmsornneogg tléyng hfibywtilhoose know r some I ereby than for will menegt others urge? " . greater HBTIHOSS for shafg your imgmst Having sorrie_thi_ in common -_geography_, social 5°‘ - activity, artistic in erests, ethnicity, profession, culture, politics or other - is the basis for I community. Whether you scored high or low in community, spending time in community) ‘can make for your happiness, below are a few more actions you can take r your happiness and the wellbeing of all . ‘Lin! You scored low in the environment Adopt. .. . ..a trail or park. Kee it clean of trash invasive species. Contact your city, county or national park service to find opportunities. For organizations - Adopt a Highway and clean up a road. Vfith Adopt a Highwa programs youprovidethevolun rsanda fee for a sign. with Sponsor a Highway programs you provide funds to hire dean up crew. Contact your State's Adopt a Highway program. Garden Plant a garden in your parking strip or front _ yard and post; sign invi peop en the frrtiqits. Donate extprz to a local loodbank. If you dont like to garden, join with interested parties to create a community garden. The Amencan Community Ga’. de. “i Association resources online. Thesearejustafewwaystoincreaseyou Some may fit. others may not. Skip around this map and nd what feels Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? a You scored low in work Mentor Mentor someone who I like & believe in. you are new to your job or slartin a career ask r informational intenriews to build a supportive network Attributes of a Great Mentor: Fill knowledge gaps Helps navigate the politics Honest and tells the hard truths Seek opportunities for rowth and success Allows space to let guard down. Cares about the mentee's happiness Advocates and Encourages Keeps confidences You scored low in arts and culture Perform Form a band and ive pafrfleef concerts in ‘ca! you are musi , usher at a community theater or coach a youthsportlhem. ordo not feel have talents to offer, take a ctass or hire atutorto leam something u have always w to but thought you could not. lfyouarenotamiatoymer r sense of wellbein and increase Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happycounts. org LJ You scored low in governance Encourage Voter Registration Pick up the forms foit'voter regisgfiation a your post ce. Go door to door or set up a stand at the mall. n and board for voter registration fomzs on the s . Chances *"°. ,£‘” ‘J. .. ..‘; ".', ”i. ‘."‘: ‘.. peo wi a o and mail the forms if they take it home. Information & fomis are available from the US Election Assistance Commission. 3 . nits" % You scored low in time balance Be a tourist In your town Take a mini-vacation in your hometown and visit the museums, go to the farrner‘s market or festival. If you feel too much time pressure to take a day off, consider if your situation is short or long term. if long term, consider finding solutions for your own long-tenn happiness. better about stop! If you are upat with someone, find a solution that fosters is still one of the best investments you D, V You scored low J standard of living Rethink Home House-sit, _Flent out a room in your home, Live in a co- op. Trade child care or cleaning for a place to live or Build a tiny house. 1”iny homes can be expensive. not. Nomad living can be an inexpensive way to live in a tiny home: a tent. yurt, vehicle, mobile home, or prefab house are a few options. .1. l vousooradiowin” socialsupport Take a Gossip Fast Gossip leads to lorg term unhappiness r you and others and causes people to distrust you. Don't say harmful things about people. It you are ' ssiping n or feel get eaten vourself. trust. r satisfaction for your sense of community. toyou. And| etusknowofotherideasl Happiness Alliance happycounts. crg