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Psychological Well-being Actions for Happiness


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What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in psychological well-being after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Psychological Well-being Actions for Happiness

  1. 1. Psychological Well-being - Actions for Happiness actions for happiness when you score low in the gross national happiness domain of psychological well-being Psychological Well-being, or "eudlamonla" means ‘good soul‘ or doing well and living well. What comes first? A sense of purpose, the feeling of happiness or satisfaction with life? some believe you need a sense of purpose to find the feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life. If u scored Ilow lln Y donotfeel psycho lea weI- Youdonolleel lit: has a pumoyg" belnggand Positive about yourself YFollow Love You our Bliss . and do ' th' °°. ... ".': ::. :°: :: : .°; t..9° vou; ,g-, «;, i,n, s;, g,, mav Steam. . _ _ Se _ ciaoritlmum andliirflylalsr ‘7 ur “"°XP‘33_9°d ‘let yourself through the relationships Go away Ask Ursa". SUPP_'°$'”9 *3 W" "N? "lfll 9Y'""35“°3,°f lrom what makes you you 6' ram being loving unhappy. - fulfilled & - - . . good feelings. Working satisfied? That Is - _ - the sign you are R°°"3“° - 3:33‘, -eT; :E: %, '°"°‘”l"9 Y°“ °°°" ptaliogng with a “'58- Follow thesgapdneipiesc friend mayhelp. Set realistic goals Enjoy youmelf in achieiverrlent of them Below are more ways to improve your happiness . when you score low in psychological well-being '‘‘°''*’’‘ "P 9”‘ and another domain of gross national happiness: in ifi n {gt you sooggglgwin” You scoredlowin Yousconadlowin Youaooredlowin soda] support governance work community If you are a Help Others AP rock“ Ways to cm“, Hang with I _ _ hers -« ; ;:, .., ;"3:, Happiness é'. ... p Excited P°°P'° . ... ‘.’. ’t‘; ;“. .-*‘; ‘¢". « ‘”': ;': ,,°; :,'", =:: ,';9,, 3° ‘*‘a""*“' ‘°" "‘° WW8 Um the Gross National w°"" “"”‘ P°. °P'. ° “""'° "°'°°'* V°“ °°“ generally not healthy llfllfi things and big Acts of SeI'V5¢0 Happi, -,e$ in your are emhuslasuc & d'5"‘95 VP” sometimes it helps fgtings lgdok Quality Time ne; g,. ,b°, h°°d_ ' R Valle you ' ‘ Segyourself compared r . Deeds ' Bseafch . people suffen $‘: ,n. ,,. _ 1%; Gifts °°"ir'i; "n'3i's°ii; wr§i'se'°"' will be like those awtininoe and deeply to get a new be the teller awareness for a new around you. . porspod-voarid may . . or your mg economic paradigm. ' INSPHB 8090"- partner. Q; _ E13} 573’ Q '°i; :°'°“. ,.. ... ... "’* Act Local Davel 3995999 Thlnk Global Y°urs°e? ' L388 '8 M079 Take fimeetg‘ Do what to . . . '°°"a'9°- ""°in'i’«¥'-»e“c"«u*’éir'&Y°‘°" w’«i§i, ii‘%s”%‘n p. ..: .i: .9i. i:. ‘:. :i. -,. .. no’: t’m; 't; ' ggggongg-ifliiigfl . 'gv, ,,, .;°°3,v. ;r; ;;: g°; - exercisi . Once yoursellforihi a ‘Y m 59$‘ 3 andralrametofind : - 2 g-- rethink you can't control. ul °“"f°"t"'° °. -. . a"3k°t contentment wilh what your tasks for don't let rsell all '5’ new a°“V"'95 ° you have. working less & the to: those learn and grow. smanen you can These are just a few ways to increase your sense of wellbeing and incre lit. others may not. Skip around this map and find what feels best to you. A Was this helpful? Do you have ideas to add? Give us your ideas and feedback. info@happycounts. org ase rpsych icalwel-be‘ . Somema riglletuskrlodvtagolotheridealgf y Happiness Alliance happycounts. org Did you like this? DONATE. wvvw. happycounts. org/ donate