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Social SURPOH - Actions for Happiness

actlonsforhapplnesswhe soorolowlnthegrossnatlonalhapplnessdomainofsoclalsupport

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Social support and happiness actions


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What can you do to improve you happiness when you score low in social support after taking the gross national happiness index? Ideas for your happiness and the sustainability of the planet.

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Social support and happiness actions

  1. 1. Social SURPOH - Actions for Happiness actlonsforhapplnesswhe soorolowlnthegrossnatlonalhapplnessdomainofsoclalsupport A supportive social network provides emotional support (feeling loved and care for, bolstering your sense of self- worth by talking about problems and giving encouragement) 8. instrumental support ( help in employment, housing, food, healthcare, transportation, childcare. etc. ). Take the Gross National Happiness Index & find out how you score www. happycounts. org L Family, Friends I _ raf. °””"""' 'u"3'°n§’ie°'or"§"o'l. °i§'3n"" ‘W0 Research tells us ou . ' _awro_ach= Spend more Kwiii be like the kinZ‘1/ol M076 dlffeifint 39- hrne with your loved ones peapie you spend flrng frame how see 8- 30* I"_V°lV°§ In new with - and vice-versa. It It is hard to be comfortable yourself - it places & °°"""'“-"'“‘Y_ W you tend towards with yourself it you have not ways to celebrate V°'u“h°““9 5 “"9 negativity, /ind ways to been raised to have a strong how diflgmm 9° | °°t“'°° - change your attitude - sense of sell—esteem. A few you gm_ with mindfulness, pointers: 1) Fleplace negative sell-talk ” gratitude and giving practices - see the A satisfaction with life - actions for happiness. with positive things about you. 2) Only say nice things to others — take the saying "It you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything" literally. 3) Be ethical — and stop any unethical behavior. It is near impossible to feel good about yourself if you are doing things you know are wrong. 4) Don’! compare yourself to others 5) Try talk therapy or spend time talking with someone who loves you, listens and helps you re-frame your idea of yourself through the experience of feeling valued. Here are more actions for happiness for whereyou scored low In social support and another domain. Go to 9° *° 1 Z“i”i’”iZ; s.; .°£i chu'd"" {vorship — lor Research tells us some that may that leellng a pan of be in "? ’U"5: 3 community toll, /owéng a - ' increases your sense Wgghig’ leagues, friends, of wellgerng amour spms To-gs, family & eommun Wad ‘up the benefits, mmugh wad‘ an fl01WG'k. jam with $8d. others. Glvo I If you are not Réfih 0U1$ld0 0' iil2’i%”‘; "ZSén “°””-°"‘*”"’ V°"'°°""°" ': °"° 0, mg, ,0, h = ’;Skms!7 for _ and do somethrngto canning when wiZ'iJ"£Z”iZ' "°'°"'°°°""‘°"° you, ,a, ,o, ,-, ,, WWW {O We most in need_in your f’. “i{‘7’ Veggie to someone wmmumm lS In SEBSOH and sharing Ve/ Se Vgigtyou Wlih you’ considering neighbors ask, -ng? M YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPV These are just a few ways to increase your sense of wellbeing and increases social support, Some may fit, others may not. Skip around this map and find what feels best to you. And let us know of other ideas! V was W3 hdplul? Happiness Alliance Do you have ideas to add? Give us your ideas and feedaack. lnfo@happyoounts. org h°ppy°°”"”'°'9