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What's YOUR happiness Idea for a New Economy?


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We asked experts, politicians and academics at the OECD 5th World Forum "Transforming Policy: Changing Lives" to share their ideas of the projects, policies and programs that would help user in a new economic paradigm. Here is what they shared. Now we ask you to tell us your ideas so we can crowdsource a new economy, just society and sustainable future. Email your ideas to

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What's YOUR happiness Idea for a New Economy?

  1. 1. We asked policy makers, academics and experts at the OECD 5th World Forum: Transforming Policy: Changing Lives to share their ideas for a new economy and a happy, sustainable, equitable, fair and loving planet. Here is what they shared: Basic Income Guarantee. Progressive Income Tax to ‘I 00% above $5Mi| |ion/ year. Tax Share Transfers to Fund Civil Society. Follow Your Bliss (Do What You Love To Do). Support and Strengthen Families with Programs Designed for Different Families' Circumstances. Teach Soft Skills (compassion, gratitude, conflict management, altruism) In K-12 Education. Shorter Work Time to Allow for More Time for Exercise. Campaigns to Eradicate Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination. Access to Mental Health Services for All. More Play Time for All (children and adults). 6 - Hour Work Day or 32-hour Week or 4 Days Work and 3 Days Leisure. No Mandatory Overtime and 2x pay for Voluntary Overtime. Choose the Hours and Days Worked so "Free" Time is When One Wants It. Work Compensated for Results Not Time. Limits on Accessibility by Email and Cell Phones after Work Hours. Cities Designed and Work Scheduled to Reduce Commute Time. National and Local Level Government Use of Happiness and Well-being Indicators (subjective and objective) as Primary Measures to Guide Policy. End of Public Funding of Elections (Campaign Finance Reform) Globally and in the U. S., repeal Citizens United Decision. More Women and Diversity In Policy Maker and Elected Roles. Election Day Holiday. Socialist Policies In All Nations. llaflauaidaugbnthlonmmagelucatim Basic Education Guarantee for All. Courses Online Offered Freely for All in All Languages. Foreign Language Education Starting in Primary School for All Children Globally. Integrate Learning How to Love and Care for Others and Oneself into Primary Education. Encourage and Increase Volunteerism by Grandparents in Schools. Design for Sustainable Growth. Mitigation of Climate Change. Live within our limits and know the local and planetary biocapacity constraints. Shorter Working Hours (leads to reduced GHG emissions). People-Oriented Walkable, Bike-Friendly Er Sustainable Cities. City and National Policies to Recycle, Reuse Er Reduce. Employee Run Grievance Systems. Employees As Partners not Servants, Realized Through Choice of Entity and Employee- Manager-Owner Relations. CEO - Employee Wage Differential Capped at ‘I :10. For Large Employers, Small Units with More Responsibility and Flexibility and Less Bureaucracy Autonomy in the Workplace. Do Work that Does No Harm and Does Help People and the Planet. hcippycoun’rs. org providing tools and resources for a new economic paradigm sponsored by: Happy Path projects design strategy