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Schedule Media Studies


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Schedule Media Studies

  1. 1. St. Paul’s Catholic College 64770 Candidate Name: Taylor Sabga Candidate Number: 6485 Unit G321: Foundation Portfolio in Media Studies Schedule Week Beginning Work Completed Summer Holidays Magazine purchased (magazine of inspiration) Monday 9th September -Created blog page on -Learnt the specification. -I also researched last year’s exemplar work to give me an understanding of the standard my work should be completed to. -I leant how double page spreads in music magazines are used and how they are laid out. Monday 16th September In todays lesson I made lots of progress to my logbook PowerPoint.
  2. 2. Monday 23rd September Learnt Katz’ uses and gratification theory Learnt Marlow’s Hierarchy of needs Learnt Hartley’s Seven Subjectivities I used survey monkey to create a survey for my coursework. On Fridays lesson I started my preliminary task which is to design a front cover for a school magazine, this was challenging as I am new to Photoshop. Monday 30th September This week I went to an academy class in London, I learnt skills from a professional on Photoshop skills, I personally found the sessions extremely helpful as I am now able to use Photoshop in a more professional way such. I also learnt how to use the quick selection tool in a more useful way. The trainer for the Photoshop sessions was Tony Harmer. This week I also started my preliminary task for my front cover the skills I acquired from the academy class will really help me complete my front cover and make it look more professional. Monday 7th October In todays lesson I made significant progress on my preliminary front cover. Monday 14th October In todays lesson I started my preliminary front cover hand drawn draft, I made progress as I completed my hand drawn template, which will help me complete the preliminary contents page. In todays lesson I completed my editorial, this is good progress as my deadline for the preliminary contents page is the Friday 26th October. I also added a picture of myself for my editorial, the image I used was my fresh net display picture. I learnt how to use
  3. 3. the grab tool which I used to get the image from the internet. Monday 21st October In todays lesson I made significant progress on my preliminary contents page. I added edited my editorial, as there were a few tweaks that were needed to be made. Also I took a few images for my main image on my contents page, this took a fair amount of time to complete because I hade to use the magic wand tool. Half Term Monday 4th November In todays lesson I started my hand drawn draft. I learnt that I have to keep my magazine extremely similar to my magazine of inspiration (XXL). I also got a font for my magazine name/logo from ‘’. the font was fairly difficult to find as it had to stay to the conventions of my music magazine as it was a simple font. Monday 11th November In todays lesson I started my main front cover, the logo still needs to be completed however I completed placing my barcode and adding a date, website, issue number and social network logos (facebook and twitter). On Fridays lesson I made significant progress on my magazine front cover by completing my masthead, strapline and creating and finished my main headline. The completion of my main front cover is going well as next week I will only have to take high quality pictures then manipulate them to fit the purpose of my magazine (Hip-Hop). Monday 18th November In todays lesson I made significant progress on my front cover.
  4. 4. The cover lines, main headline are completed. I took pictures for my front cover and my main image, I also took a few pictures for thumbnail images which will be placed on the top right of the page. In todays lesson I also made sure that my front cover is completed and ready to put the main image onto the page. The deadline for my completed front cover is this Friday. In todays lesson I completed my front cover to the highest possible standard. I spent a lot of the lesson manipulating the main image to a high quality image and it paid off. Monday 25th November In todays lesson is started my main task contents page, it was fairly straight forward because I was only making a template for the contents page which will make it easier for me to start on Fridays lesson. I also completed my contents page hand drawn draft, this proved difficult as my music magazine of inspiration had a fairly weak contents page so I created a hybrid front cover of ‘Kerrang’ ‘XXL’. Monday 2nd December In todays lesson I made more progress on my contents page, I took loads of images but the quality was not good and decided to use more props to make the person I was using to fit the purpose, the props used was a chain, a jumper with a hood and a snapback (hat). Monday 9th December In todays lesson I manipulated the images I took last lesson, I added effects to the images, made the images sharper and changed the sizes to fit onto the page, I also used the pen tool to make the text go round the images.
  5. 5. Monday 16th December In todays lesson in finished most of my contents page, I just need to add suitable sub lines, I can do this by using the sub lines and headline from the front cover to make the quality of the page higher, I also had to change some of the colors to fit the color scheme. Christmas Holidays Monday 6th January In todays lesson I started my main task double page spread, I inserted my magazine logo, date and page number onto the page. I also started and almost completed my main task double page spread hand drawn task as I just need to color it in and add more content. Monday 13thJanuary In todays lesson I made significant progress on my double page interview, I made the questions in word so that the software can spell check if anything was wrong with my alliteration. I also took images for my double page spread all I have to do now is manipulate the images. Monday 20thJanuary In todays lesson I made progress on my double page spread, I took my images during the week, which I had to organize as I wanted the images to fit the purpose which is a person to look like a rapper. Monday 27th January In todays lesson I made many corrections to my double page spread, this included editing the main image by adding effects to fit the purpose, I used an effect on Photoshop called ‘Smart
  6. 6. sharpen’ which makes the image look sharper and more professional. Monday 3rd February In todays lesson I made progress on my preliminary task hand drawn drafts, I had to make them to a higher quality, I done this by adding color and outlining everything in pencil to make it look a higher quality then it did before. Monday 10th February In todays lesson I completed my main task double page spread, it took me almost two hours to make the image fit the purpose, changed the font and style of my questionnaire to make it easier to read for the reader. Monday 17th February In this weeks lesson I completed all my hand drawn drafts which didn’t take to long as I knew what I wanted my pages to look like and what layout I would use. Monday 24th February This week I completed my double page spread, my hand drawn drafts for the double page and then uploaded it to the blog page. I also created a blog page as I had one or two issues with the one I was currently using. Monday 3rd March This week I completed most of my coursework corrections, it was time consuming, as I had to change things and make it to the highest quality. I mad corrections to my double page spread, which is now completed, which I then uploaded to my blog page. Monday 10th March In todays lesson I completed all my corrections for my main task front cover. As I had completed most of my corrections in the previous lesson I only had to edit the main image and move add a few more rappers to fill the blank space.
  7. 7. Monday 17th March In todays lesson I made significant progress to my blog page, I changed the files from a PDF to a JPG which allowed me to upload them onto the blog page. I uploaded all my hand drawn drafts preliminary and main task drafts onto the blog page.