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Keyboard shortcuts


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A small description of keyboard shortcut keys for saving time.

Published in: Technology
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Keyboard shortcuts

  1. 1. Less commonly used keyboard combinations(Note: To save space below, the control key is indicated by Ctrl) Select the next Select the previous Move to the sheet in the sheet in the previous workbook workbook workbook or window Create a chart that Apply the outline Remove outline uses the current border borders range Complete a cell Insert a new Start a new line in entry and move worksheet the same cell down in the selection Move to the next Remove outline Apply the outline workbook or borders border window In a cell with a hyperlink, this Select the entire Select the entire activates the row column hyperlink Insert a hyperlink Enter the time Enter the date Fill down Fill to the right Select the current Apply the Apply the currency region around the percentage format format active cell Insert the Hide rows Hide columns AutoSum formula Show, or hide, the Unhide rows Unhide columns Standard toolbar Displays all Complete a cell Create names from formulas in a entry and move up row and column worksheet, repeat in the selection labels to hide Compiled By: Tarun Yadav