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Emergency Management Metrics & Analytics


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Albert Einstein may not have been a communication professional, but he was right when he said: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” Our world is filled with tweets and shares, press conferences and views, bounce rates and conversion— how do we use these numbers to our advantage, while avoiding “vanity metrics”? This plenary session will highlight what metrics truly matter as a PIO and how to use various analytics to support your conclusions, communicate more effectively, and gain
buy-in from leadership. No theoretical physics or mathematics degree required.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Emergency Management Metrics & Analytics

  1. 1. @epimetra #UTPIO17 METRICS AND ANALYTICS Measuring the success of PIOs in the “Digital Age” Presented by: Christopher Tarantino, MEP CMCP CHEC-III @epimetra #UTPIO17
  3. 3. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Why are you here?
  4. 4. @epimetra #UTPIO17 “The price of LIGHT is less than the cost of darkness.” -ARTHUR C. NIELSEN
  5. 5. @epimetra #UTPIO17 How do we measure a strong communicator?  posts  likes  favorites  blogs  fairs  pins  analytics  google searches  metrics  livestreams  viewers  followers  conversions  visitors  downloads  press releases  conferences  outreach  action  evacuations  perception  outcomes  meetings  engagement  insights  behavior  traffic  events  messages  applications  phone calls  reach  promotions  advertisements  targets  growth  shares  comments  activity
  6. 6. @epimetra #UTPIO17 The 1st question: What metrics are most important?
  7. 7. @epimetra #UTPIO17 The REAL 1st question: What metrics are most important? What are your OBJECTIVES?
  8. 8. @epimetra #UTPIO17 The Usual Suspects  Monitor / Listen (especially on social)  Coordinate with partners  Engage community leaders & stakeholders  Disseminate information  Educate (thought leadership)  Encourage action  Improve response/recovery
  9. 9. @epimetra #UTPIO17 How do we measure success? In order to identify and (RE)PRODUCE success, we much have a vivid image of what success actually looks like.
  10. 10. @epimetra #UTPIO17 “Start with WHY.” -SIMON SINEK
  11. 11. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure?  Assess performance, Qualify (and quantify) impact, Identify trends  Inform decisions  Make purposeful changes  Achieve goals/objectives
  12. 12. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure?  Assess performance, Qualify (and quantify) impact, Identify trends  Inform decisions  Make purposeful changes  Achieve goals/objectives “How are we doing?” “What should we be doing?” “How should we do it?” “Is/Was it worth it?
  13. 13. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure? RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)
  14. 14. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure? DIRECT (“HARD”) ROI INDIRECT (“SOFT”) ROI RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)
  15. 15. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure? DIRECT (“HARD”) ROI  Quantifiable  Simple to forecast  Usually relates to time/money (“Bottom line”)  Investment vs. outcomes INDIRECT (“SOFT”) ROI RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)
  16. 16. @epimetra #UTPIO17 WHY do we measure? DIRECT (“HARD”) ROI  Quantifiable  Simple to forecast  Usually relates to time/money (“Bottom line”)  Investment vs. outcomes INDIRECT (“SOFT”) ROI  More difficult to measure/identify  Visibility  Lives saved  Productivity  Behavior change  Public satisfaction RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)
  17. 17. @epimetra #UTPIO17 So, REALLY… what metrics are important?  Key performance indicators (KPIs)  Breadth  Depth  Reach  Engagement  Campaign stats  Feedback  Strategic outcomes
  18. 18. @epimetra #UTPIO17 So, REALLY… what metrics are important? Avoid “VANITY METRICS” such as likes, followers, # of posts, etc. These don’t tell you anything by themselves. They need context!
  19. 19. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Key Performance Indicators BREADTH  How large is your social community?  Note: shouldn’t just be a big number – should be representative (population/research) and manageable DEPTH  How “tight-knit” is your social community?
  20. 20. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Key Performance Indicators REACH  How many people (inside and outside your direct audience) view your content? ENGAGEMENT  How much of your audience participate in discussion? How responsive are they? REACH x ENGAGEMENT = AMPLIFICATION
  21. 21. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Key Performance Indicators  Strategic Outcomes  High-level mission  Operations-focused  Community feedback  Sentiment  Others Most critical “metric” we have: Did we accomplish [mission critical task]?
  22. 22. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Your roadmap Capture Display Analyze Implement
  23. 23. @epimetra #UTPIO17 What specific TOOLS can we use?  Native metrics  SumAll  Mention  SproutSocial  NUVI   Followerwonk  Keyhole  Cyfe  Tailwind  Hootsuite  Web analytics  WEBSTA  Tweetreach  TAGS 5.0  LifeRaft  Iconosquare  Many others
  24. 24. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Facebook Insights
  25. 25. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Facebook Insights
  26. 26. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Facebook Example: Virality Picture posted on the 8th
  27. 27. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Facebook Example: Paid Content Paid advertising = ~$30.00
  28. 28. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Instagram metrics  Iconosquare / WEBSTA  Comment tracking  Likes received  Engagement (averages & daily count)  Post timing & media lifespan  Followers/Following growth
  29. 29. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Twitter Ads/Analytics  Link tracking, trend monitoring, performance, etc.  Don’t necessarily have to be running ads to see Analytics
  30. 30. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Web Analytics (Google)  Should be closely monitored by IT and outreach personnel  Goal-setting & conversion tracking  UTM tagging (URL building)  Data segmentation  Analytics can tell you A LOT about the success of your campaigns, scope of your incidents, etc.
  31. 31. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Other metrics Pinterest •Re-pins (reach/impressions) •Referral web traffic Press Release •Page views •Bounce rate •Media coverage LinkedIn •Interactions •Impressions/Engagement YouTube •Comments •Subscriber growth Campaign •Downloads/Conversions •Visitors & attendees (events) •Landing page traffic Snapchat •Followers •Views
  32. 32. @epimetra #UTPIO17 “The web isn’t really made up of ALGORITHMS. . It’s made of PEOPLE.” -SONIA SIMONE
  33. 33. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Audience analyses  Stakeholders  Victims/survivors  Responders  Onlookers (worldwide)  Other communicators & gov. leaders  Media  Tech. and industry  Citizen journalists  Others  Critical to find “influencers” within these groups (proactively)  Large following  Highly engaging  Subject matter expertise How much influence does [your org] have within [your jurisdiction] online?
  34. 34. @epimetra #UTPIO17 How do we identify influencers or potential partners?  Start with WHY  Quantify/qualify level of influence  Establish a game-plan
  35. 35. @epimetra #UTPIO17 A well-rounded analytics strategy •Word of Mouth •“Buzz” •Website •Blog •Podcasts •Media •Partnerships •Influencers •Advertising •Banners •Billboards Paid Earned SharedOwned
  36. 36. @epimetra #UTPIO17 “Not everything that COUNTS can be counted… . …andnoteverything that CANbe countedcounts. -ALBERT EINSTEIN
  37. 37. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Q&A Session ASK ANYTHING YOU’D LIKE!
  38. 38. @epimetra #UTPIO17 Christopher Tarantino, MEP CMCP CHEC-III CEO – Epicenter Media & Training @Tarantino4me | (585) 210-3011 THANK YOU!