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Introduction to Taplause feedback management app


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Taplause is a feedback management cloud app for HR, restaurants, and recreational services. This material introduces how Taplause helps you to listen to customer and improve employee satisfaction

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Introduction to Taplause feedback management app

  1. 1. Better Service Please
  2. 2. When is Taplause needed You don't work with customers directly Your business runs in multiple locations You use resellers or delivery
  3. 3. Why? We all need feedback to understand our customers better. Yet, our customers are less and less interested in filling out forms with multiple questions. Customers don’t see any reward in that. There is an easier way.
  4. 4. Customer sends feedback Feedback is received in company’s private dashboard Email notification is sent to company’s manager
  5. 5. What? Taplause™ - an efficient tool for real-time customer satisfaction monitoring • Easy-to-use and cost-effective • Brings real interaction to your customer relationship • Works anywhere and all the time. • Captures the feedback during consumer’s visit, or immediately after the visit.
  6. 6. How? • By smartphone, portable devices, etc. • You can follow up on the feedback where ever you are • Viewing the feedback is easy, fast and real-time • You can react immediately - if needed • All data is automatically saved to a database. – No lost paper forms – No need to enter the data manually to the computer • Always easy • ”Do not tease your customer” attitude • Any time – anywhere
  7. 7. Taplause addresses are typically promoted in • print materials, • emails, • receipts, • company web site • qr-codes
  8. 8. Group Line 1 Line 2 Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Question page 1 QP 2 … QP 599 QP 600… Group manager has an all- access monitor: view and drill-down all feedbacks Line manager can see and drill-down into all feedbacks sent to their own lines Unit managers can see own unit’s feedbacks Site manager can see only his/her site’s feedback Each organisation level can have a separate monitor. Thus upper management can have their own monitors with an ability to drill-down and compare units For large organisations, addresses can be organised hierarchically.
  9. 9. Case: Sodexo Finland • Multi-national food service chain • Country management uses Taplause for listening customers and evaluating service level • Enhanced retention rate by being able to fix issues on service and offering on daily basis
  10. 10. Case: Euro Oil Estonia • Leading petrol station chain in Estonia • Brand management uses Taplause to identify possible problems in franchise stations • Increased chain sales by being able to monitor and keep service quality consistent in all locations
  11. 11. Case: Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa • Leading consumer chain in Finland; petrol stations, super markets, retail brands (i.e. Marks & Spencer) • Uses Taplause to listen to feelings of both customers and employees • Highly efficient management by understanding employee and customer satisfaction on daily basis
  12. 12. Case: Tana machinery • Global machinery OEM, customers in 120+ countries • Customer service uses Taplause to get feedback directly from vehicle drivers and field personnel • More efficient lifecycle management and rapid feedback for in-house R&D
  13. 13. Taplause in daily life: Company is having a management meeting 1) Anyone from the meeting opens the private monitor view web link 2) Monitor view is opened on presentation screen - Everyone can see what kind of feedback has been received - Operational manager can briefly tell how was the feedback reacted to - Everyone learns from the feedback and the corrective actions 3) Alternatively, an Excel report is downloaded from the monitor view and opened on presentation screen - Comments and notes from the meeting are saved directly in the Excel report next to the feedback - Excel can be sent after meeting as a memo Operational managers react on feedbacks during weeks as a part of their day-to-day work – feedbacks are sent and received real-time