Why MentorMe?MentorMe is a formal mentoring program. It is designedspecifically to assist Mentees in finding a suitable Me...
Benefits of Joining the ProgramWhether you’re a mentor or mentee, the benefits of joiningMentorMe are personally and profe...
Assigned Coordinator                                                          How toYou will be assigned a Coordinator at ...
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Mentor Me Brochure


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Mentoring program for legal professionals.

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Mentor Me Brochure

  2. 2. Why MentorMe?MentorMe is a formal mentoring program. It is designedspecifically to assist Mentees in finding a suitable Mentor withthe experience and expertise to guide them through a structuredprogram. A structured program is vital in assisting the Menteeto realise and achieve their goals.A Mentor is someone who provides you with the time, support,encouragement and positive reinforcement to assist you inachieving your aspirations and goals. A Mentor is someoneyou can rely on for guidance based on their own professionalexperience and expertise.A good Mentor is rare and difficult to find. Legal Networkis dedicated to matching up the ideal Mentor and Mentee,ensuring a tailored program is followed and the appropriateguidance is applied, which ultimately makes for a successful,long-term relationship.AimThe aim of MentorMe is to match Mentors and Mentees withsimilar fields of interest or similar roles in order to assist inprofessional development and career opportunities.ObjectivesThe objectives of MentorMe are as follows:Ensuring the Mentee’s desired goals and aspirations of theprogram are metIdentifying and enhancing the Mentee’s professionaldevelopment and growth areasAssisting the Mentor in achieving further mentoring skillsincluding the provision of feedback, communication andinterpersonal skillsAssisting the Mentor in achieving personal and professionalsatisfaction by contributing to the profession
  3. 3. Benefits of Joining the ProgramWhether you’re a mentor or mentee, the benefits of joiningMentorMe are personally and professionally rewarding.As a Mentor, you will be contributing to the legal professionwhilst further developing your mentoring, interpersonal andcommunication skills. In addition, you will be keeping abreastof emerging issues relevant to the less experienced legalprofessionals.As a Mentee, you will enjoy learning new skills and identifyingprofessional growth areas. You will also improve your goal settingand enjoy working towards achieving those goals. You will beexposed to a more senior, role model whom you can rely on forprofessional guidance and support.The MentorMe program will provide both Mentors and Menteeswith several networking opportunities in the form of social eventsand workshops which is another benefit if you’re looking to expandyour legal network.Design and StructureMentorMe is designed to achieve the objectives outlined above andas such, a structured agenda will be implemented.FormatMentorMe is a one-on-one meeting. A structured agenda will beimplemented for the first 6 sessions of the program. Thereafter, itis up to the Mentor and Mentee to decide on whether or not theywish to pursue the program and if continuing, to decide on thefuture format.The sessions will take place on a monthly basis for approximatelyone hour and the Mentor is responsible for ensuring the agendais followed. Each agenda will be tailored in accordance with thedesired criteria of both Mentor and Mentee. If the Mentee haselected to include their behavioural assessment results, these willalso be used to design the agenda.VenueIt is up to the Mentor and Mentee to decide on a suitable time andvenue for their monthly session.
  4. 4. Assigned Coordinator How toYou will be assigned a Coordinator at the commencement of theprogram. The Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the efficacy of the Registerprogram and ensuring the objectives of the program are being met. The To register your details, simplyCoordinator will follow up with the Mentor and Mentee after each session register online atto discuss the progress of the program. For Mentees, a one-offThe Selection Process registration fee of $160.00 inclusive of GST is applicable which includes the cost ofOnce a Mentee has registered their details, an assigned Coordinator administration, search andwill meet with the Mentee to discuss the criteria in more detail. Once a consultation advice.specific set of criterion has been determined, the Coordinator searchesthe MentorMe database to select a suitable mentor. If a suitable mentor Contact Detailsdoes not appear on the search list, the Coordinator is responsiblefor finding a Mentor by other means including searching the market, Selina Allamreferrals and networks. If, after pursuing these avenues, a Coordinatoris still unable to select a suitable Mentor, the Mentee is advised and a Phone: (03) 9670 1118watching brief is put in place for the Mentee until a suitable Mentor can selected. The Coordinator will provide regular updates to the Menteeon the status of the watching brief.Changing Mentor/MenteeIf, within the first 6 months you are not happy with the Mentor/Menteeselected, your assigned Coordinator is responsible for selecting a newMentor/Mentee. Once a new Mentor/Mentee has been selected, a newagenda will be designed and you will re-commence the program at thebeginning of the new agenda.Behavioural Assessment to Assistin Achieving your GoalsAs an added service, we are offering Mentees an opportunity toundertake a behavioural assessment to determine strengths and areasfor development. This assessment will greatly assist you in achievingyour goals and striving towards career development.The Behaviouralassessment is a formal testing process conducted by one of our partners,Psylutions, a boutique psychology consulting firm. After completing theassessment, a professional psychologist will consult with you on yourresults and provide you with a comprehensive written report. The resultsof the assessment will be used in conjunction with your desired criteria toform a tailored agenda.If you wish to undertake a behavioural assessment to assist you furtherin the MentorMe program, please do not hesitate to ask your assignedCoordinator. For further information relating to the behavioural testing orpsychometric testing in general, visit our website which has a direct linkto Psylutions. Alternatively, visit