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Synergy Digital


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Synergy Digital designs and delivers digital marketing campaigns and creative that compel your customers to call, click and convert. From Search to Social, Desktop to Mobile, Synergy Digital offers marketing solutions for your business that are measurable and memorable.

Our digital marketing and design agency uses the perfect blend of art and analytics to partner with forward-thinking, growth driven small to mid-market companies who are ready to expand their reach, increase their revenue and enhance their relevance in their industry.

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Synergy Digital

  1. 1. Seamless Integration. Endless Innovation. synergy digital
  2. 2. About Us Synergy Digital designs and delivers digital marketing campaigns and creative that compel your customers to call, click and convert. Synergy Digital From Search to Social, Desktop to Mobile, Synergy Digital offers marketing solutions for your business that measureable and memorable. Our digital marketing and design agency uses the perfect blend of art and analytics to provide targeted online advertising and stylish creative design that create the reach and generate the response take our client’s vision and turn it into reality.
  3. 3. “Innovation Distinguishes Between A Leader And A Follower.” – Steve Jobs
  4. 4. Digital Advertising allows for a continuous, cross channel and personal experience to reach and appeal to your core audience in real time. Digital Advertising Go beyond Do-it-Yourself and templates with custom, interactive, responsive, stylish websites and mobile apps that covert clicks into customers. Design & Development Create cutting edge video, animation and digital graphic that engage your customer. Digital Media Seamless Integration. Endless Innovation. What We Do
  5. 5. digital advertisingsynergy digital
  6. 6. SearchOptimization. Marketing. Plan, Set Up, Launch and Manage paid digital search and display campaigns and optimize search engine results and rankings. Strategy. Publishing. Establish authority, share your story and craft messaging to control your narrative. Engagement. Management. Create awareness and engage your customer through targeted strategy and promotional campaigns Content Social
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization A dynamic program delivering improved rankings output and long terms results. Search Engine Marketing Deploy targeted and effective pay-per-click campaigns to drive traffic to your site. Display Advertising Develop visual ad campaigns through retargeting during the buyer journey Social Media Management Cross platform social media strategy and management to increase engagement Email Marketing Effective email marketing to nurture prospects and increase retention SMS/MMS Marketing Stay top of mind and close the sales loop through Mobile Marketing Competencies
  8. 8. “What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
  9. 9. Complete Marketing Funnel Management MarketingAutomation Marketing is a time consuming task and if a business is not careful the time and money invested may not yield the results to make the effort worthwhile. Synergy Digital marketing automation software increases our clients return-on-investment (ROI) in time and money spent by providing measureable results and automating workflows.
  10. 10. Lead Generation. Customer Acquisition. Client Retention Automation Benefits Better Leads Meaningful Marketing automation generates better quality leads reaching out to people at the right point in the sales funnel Real Time Reporting Measureable The success of a marketing campaign is supported by measurable data through precise tracking and monitoring. Lead Nurturing Memorable Marketing automation personalizes relationships with every customer through lead qualification, nurturing, trigger campaigns. Automated Workflows Manageable Systemize activities, processes, and documentation, allowing for a smoother marketing workflow.
  11. 11. design & developmentsynergy digital
  12. 12. First impressions in relationships. Curb appeal in real estate. Website for a business. All three illustrate the importance of appearance when attracting your target audience. We ensure that your audience first digital impression of your business elicits a meaningful response. Custom. Modern. Flexible. Word Web Design
  13. 13. A website credibility is 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics. (Source: InvisionApp) Custom: Great web design is original and memorable. Although DIY websites have their usefulness, they lack the functionality and originality. Your business is unique. Your website should be too. Modern: Promote a look and feel that is sleek, attractive and incorporates the latest trends in web design and development. Challenge your competition to keep pace with you web presence. Functional: WordPress powers over 25% of the internet. To do so, WordPress sites have more flexibility and functionality of any Content Management System. If your business needs it, our team can do it. Design Features
  14. 14. “Design is creativity with strategy” - Rob Curedale
  15. 15. DISCOVER Understand Your Business. Audit current website. Assess competition. DESIGN Create brand identity through look and feel of site. DEPLOY Website migration, installation and listing. DEFINE Establish deliverables. Determine target audience. DEVELOP Add functionality, user interface design. DATA Data analysis and tracking through automation. Creative Collaboration. Our Process
  16. 16. digital mediasynergy digital
  17. 17. VideoProduction. Video marketing increased prevalence requires business to produce relevant and engaging content of the highest quality. Applications. Cross platform continuity to enhance brand recognition and conversion through mobile application development Development. Whiteboard and explainer videos are proven strategies to increase awareness and reinforce brand identity. Mobile
  18. 18. “A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way” – Jeff Bezos
  19. 19. Globally as of 2015, desktop has been surpassed by mobile as the preferred device for digital use. For businesses, mobile apps have gone from “nice to have” to “have to have” to create a direct connect to your core audience. Synergy Digital can deliver a mobile app solution from design and development to publishing in both IOS and Android app stores. Functional Application Development Cross Channel Marketing Apps
  20. 20. Bring Your Story To Life. Video Marketing Its estimated that by 2020 over 90% of digital content will be in the form of video. (source Facebook) Stay ahead of the trend, expand your social reach and bring your business’ story to life through video content production and promotion
  21. 21. Thank You For Watching Synergy Digital