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TWTRCON DC 09 Tweet Mixx


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TWTRCON DC 09 Real-Time Business Tools presentation by Chris McGill, CEO of TweetMixx. TweetMixx lets you create branded channels of Twitter content.

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TWTRCON DC 09 Tweet Mixx

  1.<br />
  2. Thank You to Our Sponsors<br />OFFICIAL NETWORK SPONSOR<br />SPONSORS<br />BOOTSTRAP SPONSORS<br />
  3. Follow Our Tweets<br />
  4. Real-Time Tools TweetMixx<br />Chris McGill, CEO, TweetMixx | @mixx<br />
  5. TweetMixx Channels<br />Your Brand on Twitter<br />
  6. WHY ARE WE HERE?<br />Answer: Twitter is not a phenomenon…. It is an institution<br /> -You need to leverage it <br /> - You don’t know how<br /> You are not alone!<br />
  7. Where Is The Hub?<br />YouTube..... Channels<br />Facebook….. FanPages<br />Twitter…… ?????<br />
  8. TWEET?<br />
  9. TWEET <br />
  10. TWEET!<br />
  11. Introducing TweetMixx Channels…. Your Twitter Tree<br />Built off the infrastructure of TweetMixx (launched last month to rave reviews on Mashable, Techcrunch, The Washington Post and more)<br />TweetMixx Hubs bring together: <br /><ul><li>Your brand’s current presence on twitter
  12. Tweets and updates from your brand’s fans
  13. Links to relevant content about your brand, vertical or organization
  14. It is branded
  15. Can sit on your URL
  16. Content is UNPACKED and pretty (no shortened URL’s)
  17. You control the voice and presence of the channel
  18. You can bring a sponsorship the Hub
  19. Comes with a branded and distributable widget.</li></ul>It is your TREE- complete with fruit and seeds!<br />
  20. LAUNCH PARTNER EXAMPLES<br />TWTRCONDC09<br />Discovery<br /><br />HighGearMedia<br />Duke University Basketball!<br />Fretbase<br /><br />
  21. Ridiculously Easy<br />3 Easy Steps<br />A Piece of Art<br />Twitter “handles” of your “Insiders”<br />Relevant Search Terms<br />
  22. I CAN TAKE CONTROL OF MY TWITTER STRATEGY ON MY OWN TERMS?!?.... How Do I GET STARTED!?!?!?<br />See us at our table right outside<br />Contact us at <br /><br />THANK YOU!<br />
  23.<br />