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Transfering data using audio signal in android

  1. Transferring data using Audio signal in Android Sudar Muthu
  2. Yes you heard it right It’s possible
  3. Basic Idea In any data transmission system, data flows from Transmitter to Receiver Transmitter Receiver
  4. Basic Idea Android Audio Player Plays audio and becomes Transmitter Plays audio Audio Player
  5. Basic Idea Android Audio Recorder records audio and becomes the Receiver Receives Audio Audio Player
  6. Basic Idea So now the data (audio) flows between Audio Player and Audio Recorder Audio Audio Player Audio Recorder Data
  7. Data inside Audio Sound/Audio is Analog Your data is Digital (0 or 1) Data and Audio are combined using Frequency Shift keying (FSK) Android has a built in analog to digital Convertor
  8. What is FSK?
  9. Code Sample – Audio Recorder
  10. Code Sample – Audio Track
  11. So why would anyone want to use it? Zero power transmission Less battery usage, when compared with WIFI or Bluetooth Can work with any audio device Very simple to plug into your phone
  12. Commercial projects Process credit cards – Tata sky – Converts your mobile into a remote Audio cassette interfaces to mobile
  13. Project Ideas Communication between multiple audio devices like your PC, iPod/iPad/iPhone Hide data inside an audio file Broadcast data as a music file. Imagine what happens if your radio station does that Hook up your Arduino and control robots (and that’s what got me interested in this ;) )
  14. How to get started? Things you need Android Phone Audio cable (4 pole 3.5 mm) SoftModem – Any additional device (another phone or even an Arduino)
  15. Libraries/Projects to check out Androino - AndroinoTerminal - minal Arms22 -
  16. Demo
  17. Thank You Sudar Muthu