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Lets make robots

  1. Let’s make Robots Sudar Muthu (@sudarmuthu) Research Engineer, Yahoo! Labs
  2. Why hardware for a software hacker? Fun! #asimijs @hardwarefun
  3. Let me show you how fun it is.. Demo #asimijs @hardwarefun
  4. Participate in the demo  Visit #asimijs @hardwarefun
  5. Control the bot at stage #asimijs @hardwarefun
  6. Isn’t that fun? Now let’s see how you can build one #asimijs @hardwarefun
  7. Anatomy of a Robot Sensors Motors Processor #asimijs @hardwarefun
  8. Sensors (Input) #asimijs @hardwarefun
  9. Motors (Output) #asimijs @hardwarefun
  10. Processor (Brain) #asimijs @hardwarefun
  11. Arduino  Visual Basic for hardware  Treat it like a computer  Sensors are inputs  Motors are output #asimijs @hardwarefun Photo credit Arduino team
  12. Demo Let there be LIGHT #asimijs @hardwarefun
  13. Code void setup() { pinMode(13, output); } void loop() { digitalWrite(13,HIGH); delay(1000); digitalWrite(13,LOW); delay(1000); } #asimijs @hardwarefun
  14. Hardware setup #asimijs @hardwarefun
  15. Demo 2 - Reading sensor data What you need? A Light sensor and a LED #asimijs @hardwarefun
  16. Reading sensor data void setup() { pinMode(13, OUTPUT); } void loop() { int val = analogRead(A0); if (val > 50) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); } else { digitalWrite(13, LOW); } } #asimijs @hardwarefun
  17. Exotic uses of Arduino  Making YQL (REST) calls  Parsing JSON  Interacting with USB devices  Interacting with Android phones  … and lot’s more #asimijs @hardwarefun
  18. Simple Moving Robot  2 DC Motors and H-Bridge  2 wheels and a body frame  Battery #asimijs @hardwarefun
  19. Teaching robot to crawl Move Forward Both motors rotate in the forward direction Move Backward Both motors rotate in the reverse direction Turn left Left motor stops. Only right motor rotates forward Turn Right Left motor moves forward. Right motor stops #asimijs @hardwarefun
  20. Teaching robot to avoid strangers  Two IR LED’s. One receiver, one transmitter  Both face the same direction  Keep transmitting IR waves  If receiver receives waves, then there is a obstacle  Otherwise keep moving … same logic applies for Ultra sound as well. #asimijs @hardwarefun
  21. Putting everything together You have your first fully autonomous robot ready. Now take her for a walk  #asimijs @hardwarefun
  22. What’s Next? Do join us upstairs. We are going to implement Machine Learning Alogo to Asimi  #asimijs @hardwarefun
  23. BTW, this is how the demo worked Node.js Server Node Client Admin page User page User page User page #asimijs @hardwarefun
  24. Links  Arduino –  AsimiJS – The demo that I showed initially  Asimi – A simple bot using Arduino  Getting started with hardware programming hardware-programming  Getting started with Arduino and-avr #asimijs @hardwarefun
  25. Questions Thank You Sudar Muthu (@sudarmuthu) #asimijs @hardwarefun