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Hack 101 at IIT Kanpur

  1. Sudar Muthu Hacking 101
  2. What is a hack?
  3. “Hacking” is a constructive term. “Cracking” is destructive
  4. “Altering a system to do what you want it to do, using what is at your disposal”
  5. What is HackU?
  6. 24 hours of un-interrupted, unrestrained coding and innovation
  7. Hack
  8. Eat
  9. Get Help
  10. Recharge
  11. Have Fun
  12. Hack Fix
  13. Present
  14. Win
  15. Where do I start?
  16. A good hack starts with an idea…
  17. Build something you will use yourself
  18. Show us what can be built using the systems we (and others) offer.
  21. To build a typical web hack you need data, access and an interface
  22. Yahoo! has opened up its data
  23. Search (BOSS), Flickr, Geo, Social, Mail, Messenger …
  24. And so have others
  25. Programmable web lists 9810 APIs in their API directory Twitter, Facebook, Google, …
  26. To access these you can use YQL
  27. YQL is a SQL-Like Language that lets you …
  28. … filter, combine, tweak data across hundreds of Web Services.
  29. Data however is not enough.
  30. You also need working interfaces
  31. Technologies are easy: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  32. Making it work on all browsers and OS is tricky
  33. YUI
  35. Presenting your hack
  36. Do not show us slides about your hack
  37. Instead show us what you have done
  38. Technical glitches happen
  39. Have a plan-B
  40. Have a Plan B • Record screencast • Do not depend on the internet • Keep your stuff ready in the browser • Rehearse the demo with atleast one crew member before hand
  41. And once you are done
  42. And once you are done • Keep your hack live for others to see • Show other hackers what you have done • Publish your code in Github • Let us know and we can help you to take it even further!
  43. Don’t limit yourself to your favorite toys
  44. A good hack doesn’t need to be a big thing
  45. Don’t look for features. Concentrate on one thing Don’t look to solve everything
  46. You only have 24 hours
  47. Find things that already work And put them together
  48. Innovation has no limits
  49. Go Hack !!! Have Fun
  50. Thank You Sudar Muthu @sudarmuthu
  51. Hack Resources • • • • • •

Editor's Notes

  1. Introduce Crew on Stage
  2. How does this word resonate with you?
  3. Often misrepresented in the media
  4. Jargon File
  5. So what is a hacker?
  6. Hack U - Bring the concept from our internal Hack Days and Open Hack days to Universities
  7. Find something that always annoyed you with systems you use... ...and build a workaround.
  8. Random Hacks of Kindness
  9. Everything that yahoo does for developers is located. With documentations, code examples
  10. Everything that yahoo does for developers is located. With documentations, code examples
  11. Record screencastDo not depend on internetKeep your stuff ready in browser
  12. Tell us about your progress
  13. Be ready to play with new technologies
  14. Hacks need not be complex. It need not be the next big thing. You don’t need to have a product out in 24 hours.
  15. Don’t try to solve everything in your hack..
  16. You have only 24 hours.
  17. Mashup or Shutup.