Debating on Going Back to School? It’s Worth it!


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This is to help students get motivated to go back to school.

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Debating on Going Back to School? It’s Worth it!

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  2. 2.  Making the plunge into college can be a scary and daunting task. Many people start school strong and, for whatever reason, quit. Now, in our economy many people are debating on going back to school to try to improve their futures. If you are one of these people that are trying to decide what to do I’m here to tell you that going back to school is a step in the right direction. Here are a 3 reasons why getting your degree will benefit you in the long run.
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  5. 5.  Since the development of online college courses, people are running out of excuses not to go to school. In the past it was (understandably) almost impossible to get back into the college groove after having a family, or getting into the work force. People found that there was not enough time in the day to provide for their families and go to school. Not to mention the financial demands of colleges. It used to be hard to justify going back to school when: A. You would be cutting down on hours at work and making less money. B. Using the money that you were making to pay for tuition. And C. Never seeing your family.
  6. 6.  Thankfully, the times, they are a changing’. With online college degrees people all across the world can log on to the internet and earn a quality education. It will take added determination and effort on your part, but you can support your family, or be home with your children, or be in the military, or whatever, while earning your degree. As far as the whole financial aspect, online colleges are still expensive. There’s just no getting around that fact. School is always going to be expensive. That’s not to say however, that you can’t get funding or help. There are grants and scholarships out there to help you get your degree.
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  8. 8.  Yeah, school is hard. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort and dedication. The coursework is hard and you are responsible for your own success. There will be long hours of studying and you will want to give up at point or another... but DON’T! Hang in there. Studies show that students that earn their undergraduate degrees (associates or bachelors) earn significantly more than those who only have their GED’s or high school diplomas. Individuals that have degrees have steadier jobs, earn more in salary, and have more opportunity for growth in the work place than those who do not have degrees. Having a degree means having a financially secure future and a better life.
  9. 9.  Accredited colleges and universities can teach you more than what you will learn in books. College students end up discovering themselves in the process. College students become more educated about the world around them and therefore, become better members of society than can actively contribute to the future. And perhaps most importantly, college students learn how to follow through with long projects. Employers use degrees as a screening process. Not only because of the experience that you will gain but because they will see that you have the dedication to follow through and complete long projects.
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  11. 11.  Remember when you were a little kid and people would ask you: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Think about what you used to say. Are you working at your dream job? Have you become everything you dreamed that you would become? This is your life! If you have a dream you should make it happen and getting your degree is the first step to making that happen. With your degree you will be able to get your dream job. Opportunity will open up to you unexpectedly. You will earn more money, more education means more earnings. But most important of all you will be living your dream. Everyone is entitled to living their best life and you can do this with education.