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15 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Facility


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Learn the top 15 ways to implement these energy saving tips into your facility or warehouse.

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15 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Facility

  1. 1. 15 Ways an EAM/CMMS can increase energy savings
  2. 2. Best practices in building maintenance and operations reduce energy 10-20% across the U.S. while poor maintenance can cause increases of 30-60% Source: 0Retrofits/Fact-Sheet-IBE-Energy-Savings-from-Maintenance.pdf
  3. 3. The Chilling Effect of Using an EAM & CMMS
  4. 4. Facilities implementing proper HVAC maintenance will use 15-20% less energy Source: James Piper, P.E.
  5. 5. Source: The Aberdeen Group accounts for about 50% Energy consumption of HVAC systems in the tourism accommodation
  6. 6. will produce more than Maintenance done on A/C units every six months 50 percent in energy savings Source: UTS Carrier Business Unit Manager
  7. 7. Source: Show-HVAC-System-Maintenance-Saves-Energy.aspx in energy savings Maintaining refrigerant levels in HVAC units will produce up to 20%
  8. 8. Source: g%20Retrofits/Fact-Sheet-IBE-Energy-Savings-from-Maintenance.pdf Repairing a broken on an HVAC unit can save on energy savings 14-40% economizer actuator
  9. 9. Source: g%20Retrofits/Fact-Sheet-IBE-Energy-Savings-from-Maintenance.pdf Adjusting refrigerant charge saves 5-11% on energy savings
  10. 10. Source: Show-HVAC-System-Maintenance-Saves-Energy.aspx Leaks in HVAC units can cause a one degree increasein condenser temperature increasing energy consumption by 1.5%
  11. 11. Source: save-energy-how-to-save-money for each 1° Δ Save 2-4%
  12. 12. Hospitality and EAM & CMMS
  13. 13. The 47,000 hotels and motels in the United States spend about six percent of their operating costs on energy each year Source:
  14. 14. Commissioning can save a 100,000 ft2 hotel 10-15% of its energy costs or roughly $20,000 per year Source: EnergyStar
  15. 15. Source: EnergyStar Energy costs $2,198/room in the average hotel costing $439,200 annually for 200 rooms
  16. 16. Source: EnergyStar A 10% reduction in energy consumption has the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate by $0.62 in limited-service hotels and by $1.35 in full-service hotels
  17. 17. LED lights use up to 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs saving you at least $30 in electricity costs over the lifetime of a single bulb Source:
  18. 18. Source: Lighting retrofits reduce electricity by 50% and cut cooling requirements by 10-20 %
  19. 19. Source: EnergyStar owners-and-managers/small-biz/lodging Turning fluorescents off 12 hours/day extends their calendar life by 75 %
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