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A tour of our stress free bookkeeping services and an introduction to online accountancy software. Many people don't realise the opportunities online bookkeeping software gives their businesses, this gives an outline.

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  • And, in terms of Verticals - Xero has huge appeal across a broad range. Xero has a wide range of case studies which can be found at -

    We have customers using (and loving Xero) from Trade (eg: plumbers, Peter Jackson Plumbing) to Freelancers (eg:photographers Eva Bradley) to Franchisees (eg: Subway) to Franchisors (RedHotCamera), even retail suppliers (Made4Baby).
  • At a glance, Xero’s dashboard lets you:
    View a summary of all your bank accounts’ details & balances
    Quickly see how much money you have coming in and going out
    Keep a watchlist of all your favourite accounts you like to monitor
    Keep an eye on outstanding staff expense claims
    The ability to drill down to see transaction details
    Everything you need is there – at the click of a button
  • “Don’t take our word for it – here are what some of our customers are saying about Xero”
  • StressFree Bookkeeping Services

    1. 1. Stressful Becomes StressFree Free yourself from the burden of bookkeeping
    2. 2. Stressful Becomes StressFree Does bookkeeping give you a headache? Do you wish you could spend more time with your loved ones than with your invoices? Welcome StressFree Bookkeeping works with Xero to help your small business increase its profits and decrease its taxes, leaving you with more time – and money – to enjoy yourself.
    3. 3. Stressful Becomes StressFree Allowing you to notice the finer things in life.
    4. 4. Stressful Becomes StressFree Our Mission StressFree Bookkeeping makes this possible! At StressFree Bookkeeping we passionately believe that small businesses need and deserve •up to date financial information at their fingertips •financial information in a clear and easy to understand format •easy access to their cash flow and any outstanding payments
    5. 5. Stressful Becomes StressFree Keep a grip of your finances
    6. 6. Stressful Becomes StressFree • Secure web-based access to your accounts anytime, anywhere… even from your smartphone! • No software to install so no need to upgrade, ever. • User friendly system designed to be as simple and convenient as possible. • A simple solution to managing your finances, with no specialist knowledge required. • Quick and easy to setup with StressFree Bookkeeping – we do it for you. • Affordable packages tailored to suit your needs, from just £19 per month. • Safe and secure service recommended by thousands of users worldwide. • Real-time collaboration with advisors We offer
    7. 7. Stressful Becomes StressFree Giving you relaxation overnight.
    8. 8. Stressful Becomes StressFree Who are we suited to? Small Business  Information services are critical to success.  Accessibility to services is key. Entrepreneurs  Businesses that are about growth, competitiveness, innovation and success.
    9. 9. Stressful Becomes StressFree Spend time with what really does matter
    10. 10. Stressful Becomes StressFree A clear overview so you can know exactly where you are all the time.
    11. 11. Stressful Becomes StressFree Giving you opportunity to focus on building bridges to success.
    12. 12. Stressful Becomes StressFree Accounting - sexy, fun, addictive?
    13. 13. Stressful Becomes StressFree Give yourself time to catch those special moments
    14. 14. Stressful Becomes StressFree Under Control All this from as little as £19 a month - now that is StressFree! With StressFree, suddenly you are in total control of your finances and able to understand your financial position today, and not just at the yearend. The information is available 24/7 from a computer or your smart phone. We all know that this is the key to success of any business!
    15. 15. Stressful Becomes StressFree Packages aimed to guide, so you don't get lost in the water.
    16. 16. Stressful Becomes StressFree Please keep in contact with us: Email: Website: Twitter: @stressfreebooks Facebook: LinkedIn: Thank you for your time