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Smart ATM Testing for Smaller Teams (webinar slides)


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A live webinar (February 2016) specifically for ATM operators who have limited QA resources and want to get the most out of their existing ATM testing infrastructure.

Presenter Colin Fraser from FIS explained how to implement a methodology that fits the needs of small to medium-size ATM operators.

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Smart ATM Testing for Smaller Teams (webinar slides)

  2. 2. Open Test Solutions > Branch Transformation > EMV > Mobile and Contactless > New revenue streams like DCC > Convergence of channels 2
  3. 3. Open Test Solutions 3 What we test ATMs HSM On Us Off Us Monitoring Server Visa Mastercard Telco Top-up Advertisement Server Antivirus & Security Settlement/ Journaling CUSTOMER CONFIG CARDS ACCOUNTS HOST VENDOR ATM APPLICATION
  4. 4. Open Test Solutions 4 What we test ATMs And everything else… HSM On Us Off Us Monitoring Server Visa Mastercard Telco Top-up Advertisement Server Antivirus & Security Settlement/ Journaling CUSTOMER CONFIG CARDS ACCOUNTS HOST VENDOR ATM APPLICATION
  5. 5. Open Test Solutions >Customer experience >Business risk >Quality >Performance >Security 5 Reasons for testing…
  6. 6. Open Test Solutions 6 When are we finished? Tested Not tested Tests executed in a typical cycle 10% 90%
  7. 7. Open Test Solutions 7 But how do you know if a change has affected an unrelated area?
  8. 8. Open Test Solutions 8 Often, scope is the only variable Squeezed Quality Assurance Time Cost Scope QUALITY
  9. 9. Open Test Solutions 9 How we test… Manually Offshore Outsourced No Testing
  10. 10. Open Test Solutions Manual Testing Challenges 10 >Needs dedicated staff >Slow: 25 tests per day typical >Limited test coverage based on risk assessment >QA time often squeezed: overtime or unsociable hours >Leaves ATMs unused 60% of time
  11. 11. Open Test Solutions Outsourced Testing Challenges 11 >Lack of visibility >Loss of in-house capability >Need to provide test environment >Staff churn >Cost effectiveness
  12. 12. Open Test Solutions Automated Testing Challenges 12 >Up front investment >Takes time to build tests >May need different skills >IT infrastructure impact
  13. 13. Open Test Solutions Comparing test approaches 13 Time % of test plan executed per cycle with fixed number of staff Outsourced Manual Automated 100% 0%
  14. 14. Open Test Solutions 14 ATM Test Automation
  15. 15. Open Test Solutions 15 Test Automation: obvious benefits >Shorten test cycles >Increase test coverage >Reduce risk
  16. 16. Open Test Solutions 16 Unexpected benefits >Improve vendor management >Improve staff engagement >Increase agility >Build a valuable asset
  17. 17. Open Test Solutions Before: 800 manual ATM tests took 23 man days A real-world example >UK bank >Complex ATM migration project >ATM software migration >Switch migration 17 After: 4,500 tests in less than 12 hours
  18. 18. Open Test Solutions 18 So far, the time savings from applying this new model have been worth over £1m compared to the projected manual costs of testing. Subsequent annual savings, in the maintenance cycle, is predicted at around £1m per annum. Major UK Bank Executive
  19. 19. Open Test Solutions Implementing test automation >Identify a project >Build the business case >Define achievable success criteria >Plan the automation project >Plan the follow up >Implement
  20. 20. Open Test Solutions 20 Automated testing for the ATMs in your test room ATM TestBench Payment Network ATM Payment Host Host comms ATM TestBench: an FIS solution Automation
  21. 21. Open Test Solutions Enable ATM TestBench on the ATM and automate tests you run manually today > Unattended test execution at real ATMs > Automatic analysis > Negative testing > Reporting > Minimal IT infrastructure > Toggle ATM between manual and automated testing 21
  22. 22. Open Test Solutions In short
  23. 23. Open Test Solutions 23 Small QA teams face specific challenges Teams need to become more efficient Test automation is a good way to become more effective ATM TestBench is a cost effective solution for test automation
  24. 24. Find out more 24