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Acquirer Systems provides test and validation solutions for the payments industry. Our software allows issuers and acquirers get higher quality products to the market faster, reducing cost and improving competitiveness in a complex and changing marketplace. The company has a global reputation for excellence with Bank Card Issuers, Merchant Acquirers, Payments Processors, and Terminal Vendors. We count blue-chip institutions such as Bank of America, Bank of Ireland, First Data, SwissCard, and Standard Bank of South Africa, amongst a growing customer base. We have 80+ installations across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Acquirer Systems was founded in 1997, is privately held, and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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Acquirer Systems Company Introduction

  1. 1. Automated testing solutions for the global payments industry to help you to get higher quality products to your customers faster
  2. 2. What we do
  3. 3. Certification & Compliance Testing & Performance Systems change and technology Migration We help companies with…
  4. 4. We do this by replicating the entire payments value chain
  5. 5. And by allowing you to automate testing for any transaction over any protocol
  6. 6. The Problem
  7. 7. 10:30AM Your client just landed in a new town The Scene: Buying clients coffee in local cafe The Customer: Pays by card
  8. 8. The Dialogue Customer / I’d like to pay by card please Assistant / Sure, just enter your card here and type your pin Customer /Thanks Assistant / Sorry, sir, that card isn’t working Customer / Oh, I’m really sorry. Does someone have cash? Customer / No problem sir.Thank you. Customer /There must be something wrong with my card Customer / I won’t chance using it again on this trip!
  9. 9. You are no longer Front-of-wallet
  10. 10. Your customers have so many choices
  11. 11. More Payment Methods NFC, EMV, mPayments, mWallets, closed & open loop cards, virtual payments etc More Product Sources Banks and new entrants: Tesco, M&S, Virgin Money, Paypal, Google More Payment Channels ATM, PoS, Mobile, Internet, Contact, Contactless These choices are creating complexity
  12. 12. A perfect storm is coming
  13. 13. The market is more dynamic than ever. Competition is fierce. 1
  14. 14. It’s difficult to keep older Payment systems up to date with new technologies and market dynamics 2
  15. 15. Pressure is on the product development process to be faster than ever in this increasingly complex environment 3
  16. 16. Customer expectations for service and reliability must be met to stay competitive 4
  17. 17. So how can you weather this storm and delight customers with new products and a better payment experience while reducing risk and lowering costs?
  18. 18. Competitive Advantage is enabled by next-generation Enterprise-class testing
  19. 19. The role of testing
  20. 20. Good testing protects and differentiates your business
  21. 21. 2010 Bug Hits Millions of Germans “A 2010 software bug has left millions of German debit and credit card holders unable to withdraw money. About 30m chip and PIN cards–a quarter of those in circulation - are thought to have been affected. It is estimated [it] will cost €300m to rectify.”
  22. 22. London 2012: Visa Blames Wembley for Olympics card chaos “Thousand of Olympic fans left hungry and thirsty at Wembley as car payments are refused and only cash is accepted. Visa blames “Wembley Management”
  23. 23. A failure for the contactless Olympics holds a warning for mobile money “They couldn’t pay with their credit or debit card for any refreshments due to issues with the local IT system”
  24. 24. Certification Testing is less than 10% of “Good” Functional, Positive, Negative and Performance Testing Certification Testing
  25. 25. “Certification”Testing: • A small component of “good” testing • Not a QA cycle • A minimum test of conformance • Short and low effort Certification Testing
  26. 26. “Certification”Testing: • A small component of “good” testing • Not a QA cycle • A minimum test of conformance • Short and low effort “Good”Testing: Limited by time and resource. Needs to comprehensively replicate infield scenarios and test collaboratively to rigorously establish interoperability and infield performance of product Certification Testing Good Testing
  27. 27. “Good”Testing: Limited by time and resource. Needs to comprehensively replicate infield scenarios and test collaboratively to rigorously establish interoperability and infield performance of product “Ideal”Testing: Not limited by time and resource, can test for every scenario “Certification”Testing: • A small component of “good” testing • Not a QA cycle • A minimum test of conformance • Short and low effort Certification Testing Good Testing Ideal Testing
  28. 28. The Acquirer Systems Difference
  29. 29. A single platform that replicates your entire Payments environment–it can replicate any part of the payment chain for any participant You can emulate any payment transaction in any scenario, in no time, giving you greater test coverage and better quality, with less effort The power of a test platform architected like a production switch is that you can build automated test cases in a fraction of the time it takes to develop resource-intensive scripts. The Acquirer Systems Difference
  30. 30. Our platform is the fastest payment simulation engine in the market so you can test an entire system or discrete function in a fraction of the time. You can conduct full regression testing in hours rather than days. You can make your test platform available to all parties involved in product development, delivery, and live support allowing discrete testing at any stage through a common interface. The Acquirer Systems Difference
  31. 31. It’s not just better, It’s completely different. The Acquirer Systems Difference
  32. 32. Acquirer Systems delivers measurable competitive advantage
  33. 33. Regression test in Hours rather than weeks 1-Pass Certification (compared to 5 cycles typically) 42% Reduction in test project duration We help you to complete projects faster by helping you test & certify more products faster and more efficiently We help you to get new products to market faster
  34. 34. We lower your costs We lower your costs by improving test efficiency with our transaction- based testing 94% Test time saving through automation 34% Lower staff costs $1m spent in fixing bugs reduced to $40k
  35. 35. You can improve the quality of your product with our platform and reduce the risk of failure when live We reduce your risk and increase quality 80% Fewer problems entering production
  36. 36. Our product family
  37. 37. Acquirer Systems Product Family
  38. 38. A closer look at ASTREX
  39. 39. ASTREX: Your platform for emulating the Payments Chain Wherever you are in the payments chain, ASTREX provides all the functions needed to replicate the end-to-end environment
  40. 40. Market Success through next generation testing
  41. 41. Who uses Acquirer Systems?
  42. 42. Chosen by the global payments industry
  43. 43. Trusted by Global Leaders
  44. 44. Trusted around the world Trusted by Global Leaders
  45. 45. Trusted around the world Certified and confirmed by Trusted by Global Leaders
  46. 46. Get in touch
  47. 47. Get in touch with us today to find out how Acquirer and ASTREX can help you get products to market faster with improved quality to satisfy your customers. Or connect with us on social media Contact us at: +353 1 604 1980