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Software Advice IndustryView: iPad POS Report


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As the adoption of iPad POS software increases, it’s imperative for restaurant professionals to understand the effects these systems have on tipping.

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Software Advice IndustryView: iPad POS Report

  1. 1. Software Advice IndustryView: iPad POS Report Trends and best practices from the industry
  2. 2. The adoption of mobile, iPad-based POS systems is changing the way servers and restaurants interact with their patrons. This is especially true for the evolved tipping process that’s a result of these systems. We surveyed consumers familiar with tipping on these iPad POS systems to determine their preferences when using this software to tip. Abstract
  3. 3. Exactly 86 percent of respondents prefer to input the tip themselves rather than have to tell it to a server or cashier and let them type it in. Strongly prefer to input myself 66% Moderately prefer to input myself 20% Moderately prefer server to input 12% Strongly prefer server to input 3% Customer Preferences for Server Inputting Tip
  4. 4. Forty-one percent of respondents indicated a close proximity of the server or cashier would encourage them to tip more than they usually would. Definitely increase tip 12% Probably increase tip29% Would tip either way41% Probably decrease tip 14% Definitely decrease tip4% Effect of Server Proximity on Customer Likelihood to Tip
  5. 5. Nearly 90 percent of respondents find tipping on iPad POS systems to be “not at all” or only “minimally difficult.” Not at all difficult51% Minimally difficult38% Moderately difficult10% Very difficult1% Extremely difficult1% Perceived Difficulty Tipping With iPad POS Systems
  6. 6. Almost 30 percent of respondents said they’d be more likely to tip if they had to select a “no tip” or opt-out button in order to not tip and complete the payment. Definitely increase likelihood to tip 7% Probably increase likelihood to tip 22% Would tip either way50% Probably decrease likelihood to tip 14% Definitely decrease likelihood to tip 5% Wouldn’t tip either way 2% Impact of Opt-Out Button on Customer Likelihood to Tip
  7. 7. Nearly a quarter of respondents indicated they’d give higher tips if the server inputs the tip into the iPad as opposed to themselves. Tip much more2% Tip somewhat more22% Tip about the same55% Tip somewhat less11% Tip much less5% Wouldn’t tip at this establishment 4% Tipping Amount when Server/Cashier Inputs
  8. 8. Although other data shows customers prefer to input their tips themselves, 35 percent of female respondents would tip more if the server typed in the tip. Tipping Amount when Server/Cashier Inputs, by Gender Male Extremely satisfied1% Satisfied18% Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied61% Dissatisfied13% Extremely dissatisfied7% Female Extremely satisfied5% Satisfied30% Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied52% Dissatisfied10% Extremely dissatisfied3%
  9. 9. Percent of sample A majority of respondents prefer to use these iPad tipping systems at either typical casual, sit-down or fast casual restaurants such as Panera or Chipotle. Preferred Restaurant Type for Using iPad POS to Tip Casual Fast casual Fine dining Fast food None of the above 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 9% 28% 43% 50% 68%
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