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Mmrss Market Research Capabilities & Credentials


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Majestic Market Research & Support Services Ltd

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Mmrss Market Research Capabilities & Credentials

  1. 1. MMRSS Immediate Insights
  2. 2. Our Background MMRSS is India’s Largest Independent Marketing research firm specializing in Multi-Country Studies. It is Asia’s Largest Qualitative Research Facilities Service Provider with State of the Art Focus Group Suites across major cities in India and Asia, all of which are centrally located in their respective cities. It is also India’s largest primary Business Intelligence firm by Revenues It is India’s only research facility provider with one way mirror facilities across Asia. It is India’s only research facilities provider with usability testing services across all major cities.
  3. 3. MMRSS in India India’s largest Independent Market Research Firm ISO 9000 Certified Deep working relationships with some of India’s leading companies 50 CATI stations for Global and local studies Blue Chip references worldwide and across verticals 14 field offices across India 6 offices across the Asia Pacific including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
  4. 4. MMRSS Facilities State of the Art Focus Group Facilities in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Pune, Cochin and Ahmedabad State of the Art Focus Group Facilities in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) and Tahiland (Bangkok) All situated in easy to reach Central Locations in the City with ample parking On Demand Global Video Streaming services are available from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai , Kolkatta and Ho Chi Minh facilities. One Way mirrors available at all venues Spacious client lounge and backroom with room for 8-10 client observers
  5. 5. What we are capable of Qualitative. Quantitative. Data Collection. GLOBALLY Ensuring the right client interface on all occasions and the highest quality of fieldwork across Global locations Best in class Qualitative and Quantitative Researchers with decades of study- salient Experience Detailed knowledge of local customs and cultural nuances necessary to decode respondent attitudes and behaviours Completing studies within client timelines and budgets each time – Every Time !
  6. 6. Quantitative Apart from conventional quantitative data collection methods, we also have Face to Face CATI / CAPI Online surveys Online Survey
  7. 7. Qualitative Focus Groups Triads/Dyads Extended Creativity Groups Depth interviews Online Depth Interviews Online Focus Groups Ethnographic Approaches
  8. 8. In-house Capabilities MMRSS has a wide spectrum of in-house capabilities : 1. Innovative team of researchers and designers to develop questionnaires/ discussion guides on the basis of Client’s brief 2. In-house moderators and field personnel's to carry out qualitative or quantitative research fieldwork 3. In-house DP team, research analysts to analyze the collected data 4. Innovative and team of knowledge head researchers to prepare the final analysis and report of the projects.
  9. 9. Field Work Procedures Field work
  10. 10. Important aspects of Field work process Kick off meeting which gives the entire team the idea and the overall objective and research plan for a fieldwork. Security of the Survey. Briefing Supervisor Assistance Adhering to the Study Specifications Following all study procedures and Instructions
  11. 11. Confidentiality and Security of the Data Collected The Questionnaires and responses along with the materials used in the survey are kept confidential. Total Confidentiality is maintained on the personal details of the respondents. Confidentiality is maintained and so is the survey contents and results.
  12. 12. Briefings In Briefing, the entire job is discussed in detail, giving both the Supervisor and Interviewers an opportunity to study carefully the job specifications. Field instructions will be reviewed and practice interviews will also be conducted to familiarize the interviewers with the questionnaire Individuals will be assigned quotas and specific duties with the job.
  13. 13. Supervisors Assistance Each research project has a adequate supervision. Supervisor is a very important communicator between the project manager and the Interviewers. The Supervisor ensures mock calls / pilots before the actual interviews and makes sure that the Interviewers are well trained to go live on the project. Supervisor’s are qualified to do 30 % or a 100 % back check of the field responses before sending it to the Q.C team. The Q.C team checks them through all possible questions to ensure good and quality responses and sends the report to the project manager. The QC team reports to the upper management.
  14. 14. Work Efficiency Quality in Research is paid utmost importance. Extra care is taken when addressing a Open ended responses as these are most valuable ones. Interviewers are trained so that they administer questions well. Many questions, particularly in-depth interviews are open ended and requires the Interviewer to gather maximum possible answers from the respondents. So, Probing is done skillfully. Voice files are submitted along with the data.
  15. 15. Field Work & kind of studies conducted Domestic ( India )
  16. 16. Kinds of studies conducted Quantitative • Face to Face • CATI / CAPI • SMS Surveys • Online surveys • Mystery shopping's • Store connects Online Survey Domestic ( India )
  17. 17. Kinds of studies conducted Qualitative Focus Groups Triads/Dyads Extended Creativity Groups Depth interviews Online Depth Interviews Online Focus Groups Ethnographic Approaches Domestic ( India )
  18. 18. Kinds of studies conducted Quantitative / Qualitative CATI SMS Surveys Online surveys Online Depth Interviews Online Focus Groups Online Survey International ( Globally )
  19. 19. Other Credentials contd… Store connects : There are numerous benefits to using camera based observation in-store. Video recording allows the same shopping behavior to be viewed repeatedly and in slow motion. All cameras film continuously so that the behavior of all shoppers can be captured. Shopping behavior analysis provides insights based on hard facts. This type of research causes little or no disruption to the normal running of the stores. Total supermarket or individual SKU analysis - Our effective solutions deliver for all. 95% of human behavior is managed and controlled by the sub-conscious part of the brain. Studying actual shopping behavior and shopper physiology taps right into it and Online Survey deeper, more powerful insights. so uncovers Domestic and International ( Globally )
  20. 20. Other Credentials contd… Mystery Shopping (MMS): Mystery shopping is a very effective means of learning the service and selling details that typical shoppers / customers would encounter at a point of sale or retail outlet. Mystery shoppers are trained to provide the objective feedback that customers can't provide. Mystery shopping is also known as Secret Shopping, Secret Audits, Mystery Audits, and Service Audits. A mystery shopping campaign will allow you to audit and discover issues that may be deteriorating your brand, sales, and service offerings. Insights of the current scenarios of market.
  21. 21. Other Credentials contd… SMS Research As response rates continue to fall you need an additional method of research to help you reach more people and one that delivers better results. By harnessing the power of mobile technology you can have the only research method that is instantaneous, direct, targeted and can be responded to at any time, and from anywhere. MMRSS has developed the first mobile survey application designed to give you another option when collecting certain types of data. This is particularly suitable for reaching young people and the SEC A1/2 and B's that are traditionally difficult to target, and when contacting a large number of respondents where costs can be prohibitive.
  22. 22. Other Credentials contd… Usability Engineering Making computer-based products (and services) more usable is smart business. Usability increases customer satisfaction and productivity, leads to customer trust and loyalty, and inevitably results in tangible cost savings and profitability. Because user-interface (UI) development is part of a product’s development cost anyway, it pays to do it right. Most software and Website development managers view usability costs as added effort and expense, but the reverse is more commonly true. The first 10% of the design process, when key system-design decisions are made, can determine 90% of a product’s cost and performance, usability techniques help keep the product aligned with company goals
  23. 23. DG/ Questionnaire development process Familiarize with background product , function and goals of study To identify key areas as per brief given by the Client Study Research objectives in house Frame questionnaire / DG which delves in to the subject Anticipate answers and optimize questions that will suitably answer our objectives On approval go ahead with Field work
  24. 24. Marketing Research Experience Uniqueness of MMRSS
  25. 25. Uniqueness of MMRSS Sole independent MR organization in India to offer wide range of unique features, capabilities and services Apart from conventional quantitative / qualitative over a period MMRSS have developed new range of services : 1. Store connects 2. Mystery shopping 3. SMS Surveys 4. Usability Engineering 5. Mpos, Point of sales ( Details shared on request )
  26. 26. MMRSS Thank You