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Classified website Development in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


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Segment web Industries offers classified website development in affordable cost. We develop full dynamic managed classified websites. Our solution is one of the best managed solution, it's user interface is very easily. A non technical person also can manage admin panel.

Get your own full dynamic perfect classified website in 9999 Rs only.

Offer is for limited time only.

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Classified website Development in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

  1. 1. Full Dynamic website for Classified Greetings! We’re excited to share Classified Portal development proposal with you which is one of the best full dynamic classified portal solution, and fully managed solution using admin panel. We provides classified portals development services and digital marketing solutions with focus on maximize your revenue potential. Classified Portal Development A classified solution is a fully managed solution where admin can manage ads categories, ad listings, premium ads, user accounts, sub admins etc. Classified portals are very useful when you want to make platform where users can post , search, and view advertisements and admin can generate revenue through premium ads and third party ads. We offer fully managed classified portals.
  2. 2. Classified Portals website Details - Portal cost – 10,000 Rs Android App - Free Linux 1 Gb Hosting (for 1 year) - Free Domain (.com for 1 year)- Free Features – Fully dynamic classified portal features such as - 1. Ads Listings by category 2. Statistics (New listings & Total number of listings) 3. Manage listings. 4. Bulk Actions (Listing delete, activate, deactivate, block, unblock, premium, spam etc) 5. Manage Reported listings & Bulk actions for the same. 6. Manage Media 7. Manage Comments 8. Manage Listing Custom fields 9. Manage Listing Settings 10. Statistics (New listing, Listings' views, New alerts, New subscribers) 11. Report Statistics 12. User Statistics (New users, Users per country, Users per region, Latest users on the web) 13. Comment Statistics (Comments, Latest comments on the web) 14. Portal Settings (General, Categories, Comments, Locations, Email Templates, Languages, Spam, Currencies, Media etc) 15. Manage pages & Bulk actions for Pages 16. Manage users & User Settings 17. Manage admins 18. Locations stats 19. Manage alerts 20. Manage ban rules Portal having many more other important features. Project Timing- 10 Days Project need less than 10 days for fully completion once start.
  3. 3. Payments Please pay 10,000 Rs for start project. For any kind of payment please use following Paypal link details - Paypal E-mail - (Note – Payment Link available on our website’s footer section - ) Please feel free to get in touch with us for any kind of assistance. Visit for more details or call at +91-8952023657 for discussion.