Marion County, KY - PD 360 Case Study


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Marion County, KY - PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA School Improvement NetworkLamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTYARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO Small Kentucky DistrictCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD Sustains Focus withHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY Convenience and ExpertsARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICOCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD Marion County Public Schools, KY “Foremost, I am interested in improvement and PD 360 provides everything for positive educational growth. It is handy, timesaving, and available all year while continuing to evolve by adding up-to-date pro- grams and features.” SOLUTION Diane Evans When MCPS Professional Development Coordinator Diane Professional Development Coordinator Evans came across PD 360, she was delighted to find the Marion County Public Schools, KY affordable online resource as well as its companion tools, Observation 360 and Common Core 360. DISTRICT PROFILE ABOUT PD 360 Marion County Public Schools (MCPS) is a small Kentucky district with eight schools and 3,226 students in grades PK through 12. Beginning with its first school in 1865, this PD 360 is an on-demand library of professional teacher county has long had a strong commitment to providing a development resources that leverages technology to make quality education for every student in its varied population. professional learning more effective, convenient, and sustainable. With over 200 hours of research-based video content, plus tools for follow-up, tracking, reflection, and FOCUS group training, PD 360 is the most comprehensive solution to your professional teacher development needs. MCPS administrators know that outstanding teacher profes- sional development (PD) is critical to student achievement. More than 700,000 educators across North America To advance teacher and student growth, district focuses already use PD 360 to access individualized support on include: the most relevant topics, like differentiation, minority student achievement, English language learners, classroom • All teachers will be trained in deconstruction of the new instruction that works, leadership, assessment, and many Common Core Standards in reading and mathematics. more. PD 360’s content is divided into hundreds of indexed and searchable segments that make it easy for teachers, • All professional learning communities will be focused administrators, aspiring leaders, coaches, mentors, on analysis of student work and improved instruction paraprofessionals, and professional learning communities based on identified student need. to find the answers they need. New content is continually added to keep teachers up-to-date. See a demonstration at • Student performance on state assessments will be improved enough to meet all targets identified on the No Child Left Behind, Adequate Yearly Progress Report for all schools. | | 800.572.1153
  2. 2. ABOUT OBSERVATION 360 “A few weeks in the planning, every teacher in our district saw and heard via PD 360 Rick Stiggins’ story about his own reading problems when he wasObservation 360 is the world’s only classroom observation in school as well as beginning to establish our owntool with prescriptive technology that automatically assessment beliefs. Everyone had the exact samerecommends training content based on observation results. training! It went off without a glitch! AccomplishingObservation 360 is fully integrated with PD 360, one of what we plan to accomplish in 4 one-hour sessions,the world’s largest on-demand professional development would have been disastrous if all 250 certifiedplatforms. This observation tool helps instructional leaders employees were in training in nearly any other way.share information and follow up with educators by sending This way, small group discussions went on and allthe report directly to a PD 360 account. Teachers can then principals facilitated the professional development. Inlog on and access the observation statistics, comments, one hour, all our teachers had the same informationand recommended training while leaders receive reporting and were on the same page district wide.information on the teacher’s progress. “I am looking forward to a wonderful success story.” ABOUT COMMON CORE 360 Diane Evans Professional Development CoordinatorCommon Core 360 is the first tool to help educators Marion County Public Schools, KYimplement the Common Core Standards and show howthey can be successfully taught at every grade level and Educators in MCPS are also successfully employing PD 360implemented for every standard. This is only the beginning in these other areas:of the most complete Common Core solution from the topexperts including curriculum mapping and will progressively • Classroom Evaluation Goalsadd new content featuring expert opinions, case studies, • New Teacher Training and Objectivesand classroom application in conjunction with PD 360 and • Recommendations for Individual Professional GrowthSchool Improvement Network’s suite of award-winning Plansproducts. • Individual Corrective Action Plans for Struggling Teachers PD 360 IMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVING BENEFITS USAGE MCPS is experiencing many benefits from PD 360,Ms. Evans has stated that PD 360 made all the difference including:when she organized an outstanding Common Core training Recognized Expertsfor teachers. Learning from the very finest authorities is no longer an “Implementing PD 360 to be used district-wide in an infrequent or costly event for MCPS. PD 360 features effective manner was bumped up a huge notch with over 120 esteemed experts such as Michael Fullan, Rick this plan. Stiggins, Gayle Gregory, Rick DuFour, and many others that are available at every teacher’s fingertips. “Kentucky, along with many other states, is working on getting ready to roll out the new Common Core “PD 360 gives us the opportunity to learn from re- Standards, based on Kentucky’s work with Rick spected, well-known experts that we couldn’t afford Stiggins. Some of us have had trainer days, etc. previously. Actually seeing and hearing them makes to provide a foundation for the work and as you a real difference in teacher growth. It is cost-effective can imagine along with the book and all the extra professional development at its best.” materials, the trainers have learned a lot, but needed a quicker more concise roll out of foundation Diane Evans (Stiggins’) work for ALL certified employees in our Professional Development Coordinator district. I decided we could do this by using PD Marion County Public Schools, KY 360 as our organizing tool, adding on appropriate Real Classroom Examples text from the Classroom for Assessment book and appropriate activities from our training. . .write our It is an advantage for teachers in MCPS to see real own script, train our principals as ‘experts’ in the classroom examples showing how the strategies are area of Classroom Assessment, and have a district- implemented. Examples of a variety of classrooms, from wide training at the same time at every school in our across the country, are essential as teachers actually district. observe how to incorporate best practices into their own classrooms. | | 800.572.1153
  3. 3. Job Embedded efficiency and achievement in MCPS. PD 360 is sustaining focus goals with uncomplicated convenience and realPD 360 is able to meet the diverse needs and abilities experts. Observation 360 is supporting classroomof MCPS teachers, not as a one-time, one-size-fits-all evaluations. Common Core 360 is launching the Commonexperience but a process that is focused on job-embedded Core Standards. Moreover, the dedicated MCPS PDresponsibilities. department has an effective agenda and is generating a winning environment for everyone. Accessibility ABOUT SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT NETWORKMs. Evans is pleased with the anytime, anywhere availabilityof PD 360. Teachers can log on at home as well as at work,allowing them control of PD on their own time schedule. School Improvement Network is the leading provider ofEducators also have unlimited access to view segments teacher education and teacher training, specializing inand programs as many times as they wish and as often as on-demand, research-based professional developmentthey require. anytime, anywhere. As the home of The Video Journal of Education, PD 360, Observation 360, and the Learning “Pulling teachers out of classrooms to attend pro- 360 Framework, School Improvement Network’s education fessional development activities with the resulting training resources focus on the most relevant topics, such employment of substitute teachers is disruptive as classroom management, minority student achievement, to student learning and expensive. It becomes a English language learners, and more. The resources also trade-off of professional gain vs. expense and loss feature top experts such as Michael Fullan and Douglas of classroom time. The easy access and availability Reeves, and show how to put theory into practice. With its of PD 360 limits the time teachers are away from focus on long-term improvement, sustainability, and greater students.” internal capacity, School Improvement Network helps its clients close achievement gaps, meet high standards, and Diane Evans increase student learning for both elementary education Professional Development Coordinator and secondary education. To learn more about School Marion County Public Schools, KY Improvement Network’s dynamic resources, visit Elementary and Secondary Program OptionsMCPS teachers are delighted to have a PD resource offeringboth elementary and secondary programs that providerelevant instruction geared to each classroom level. Student AchievementA good fit within the MCPS PD program, PD 360 has provento be an aid to proficiency score improvement. »» Marion County Public Schools, KY Student Proficiency Scores »» 2007-08 »» 2008-09 »» 2009-10 »» Math »» 63% »» 67.32% »» 68.9% »» Reading »» 71% »» 72.62% »» 74.79% To read more case studies, scan this QR code with a smartphone or visit www. Common Language and PracticePD 360 usage encourages consistency in commonlanguage and practice throughout MCPS. CustomizingFocus Objectives with district goals drives a more efficient,centered commonality and an ongoing collective vision. CONCLUSIONOnline, on-demand professional development is | | 800.572.1153