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Prof. Smita Kadam 
Dear Friends and Supporters,  
Greetings from Saritsa Founda...
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Prof. Smita Kadam Honoured by a Global Award. Makes Women Proud.


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Dear Friends and Supporters,
Greetings from Saritsa Foundation.

I write this to share that Prof Smita Kadam, Executive Director of Saritsa Foundation receives an international recognition for her outstanding devotion to prepare communities, to minimize loss of lives in disasters, especially, women, girls and the persons with disability. She has been approved for induction in to the "2014 International women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame- Texas – USA," where her citation of the award and her portrait shall be displayed permanently. She will be the 4th Lady to receive this honour internationally and FIRST Indian.

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Prof. Smita Kadam Honoured by a Global Award. Makes Women Proud.

  1. 1.                                          Prof. Smita Kadam    Dear Friends and Supporters,   Greetings from Saritsa Foundation.    ‘SARITSA FOUNDATION MAKES WOMEN OF INDIA PROUD INTERNATIONALLY’.  I  write  this  to  share  that  Prof  Smita  Kadam,  Executive  Director  of  Saritsa  Foundation  receives  an  international recognition for her outstanding devotion to prepare communities, to minimize loss of  lives in disasters, especially, women, girls and the persons with disability. She has been approved for  induction in to the "2014 International women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management  Hall  of  Fame­  Texas  –  USA,"  where  her  citation  of  the  award  and  her  portrait  shall  be  displayed  permanently. She will be the 4th Lady to receive this honour internationally and FIRST Indian.  Saritsa Foundation moves forward in its mission humbly and adds to its recognition globally.   Dr. Jacqueline McBride, CEM, CPM, CBI, CVM President and Founder, International Network of women  in  Emergency  Management  and  Home  land  Security,  Pleasant  ville  New  Jerssy,  USA  wrote  to  Prof  Smita Kadam, "Congratulations, Trailblazer !! I salute you. Your induction in to the 2014 International  Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Hall of Fame has been approved by the jury.  The  4th  Annual  Gala  Reception  and  Induction  ceremony  of  “the  2014  International  Women  of  Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hall of Fame” will be held on Saturday, November 15  2014, dyring IAEM­ USA­62 Annual Conferenc and EMEX Exhibit, at the Grand Hayatt, and Henry B,  Convention Center, San Antonio TEXAS, USA.  The  International  Network  of  Women  in  Emergency  Management  (inWEM),  USA,  is  a  National  Preparedness  Coalition  Member  and  is  comprised  of  a  network  of  international  men  and  women  leaders  with  a  passion  to  create  global  emergency  management  systems  and  partnerships,  which  promote  safer,  resilient,  sustainable,  and  prepared,  diverse  communities  and  elevate  the  status  of  women.  Its  shared  Vision  is  –“Women  leaders  creating  global  emergency  management  systems  and  partnerships, which promote safer, resilient, sustainable, and prepared, diverse communities.”  I share this with a great sense of satisfaction.  I as NOMINATOR and Director General of Saritsa Foundation have been invited as guest of honour.  This  achievement  of  Saritsa  Foundation  has  been  possible  with  support  of  people  like  you.    With warm regards and best wishes    Colonel N M Verma