Saritsa prepares visually impaired men & women at nab on 20 & 21st june 2014


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Saritsa Prepares Visually Impaired Men & Women at NAB on 20 & 21st June

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Saritsa prepares visually impaired men & women at nab on 20 & 21st june 2014

  1. 1. SARITSA FOUNDATION (SARITSA CHARITY TRUST) A Mobile University For Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change – Mission National Security. "Reach to People, Talk to People and Prepare People“ Builds capacity to reduce risks from disasters and climate change by advocating and practicing. People Centered, People Led, and People Owned Resilience – Investing in Life Saving Education.
  2. 2. Saritsa Foundation Prepares Visually Impaired Men and Women at National Association for Blinds, Worli Mumbai on 20 & 21st June 2014.
  3. 3. This workshop is announced as a training event on website of UNISDR – Visit the link - nglish/professional/trainings- events/events/v.php?id=37863
  4. 4. Lack of societal recognitions and discrimination of the necessity to mainstream 70 Million persons who are differently abled in India, especially visually impaired are highly vulnerable to disasters in Urban and Rural India. There is a need to have a positive change to make visually impaired men, women and children an inclusive part of plans and policies for empowering them to cope with disasters. Saritsa Foundation has been pioneering the mission to provide equal opportunities to disabled people including visually impaired to build their capacity with needed sensitivity for past 14 years to develop their skills for prevention, mitigation and preparedness for many kinds of disasters.
  5. 5. Disasters do not discriminate, human beings do. To make a small beginning to take care of above mentioned concerns, Saritsa Foundation has chartered an innovative practice to provide an opportunity to the persons with disabilities especially women since its birth on 05 June 2000. Saritsa Foundation has a distinction to put the Disaster Risks Reduction practice and preparedness on the map of India for the disabled. Saritsa Foundation has prepared and built capacity amongst 9700 disabled by organizing workshops and preparedness modules in disaster prone states of India.
  6. 6. The visually impaired participants are provided opportunity to learn to protect them and be self reliant to cope with disasters.  The Awareness, Education and Training are conducted with interactive participatory methodology.  The participants are encouraged to analyze risk and vulnerability to them under various scenarios of their houses, their working places and their movement and their areas.  They are encourage to raise awareness among themselves and their families and prepared to respond accordingly.
  7. 7.  Make use of local resources and local experience and expertise.  Participants are provided practical training with mock drills with live scenarios of disasters.  Develop buddy system (Jodi system) to respond to disasters.  Practice to cope with different emergencies as trained by practical training and mock drills.
  8. 8. Please Contact/Donate OR, Mob- 09323157377, Tel- 91 22 24366370 Fax - 022- 24370138 Website- (Mozilla Firefox) Donation/Support by donors/supporters be sent on name of Saritsa Foundation(Saritsa Charity Trust) by Cheque/Draft to Corporation Bank, Mumbai Worli Branch India. SB Account No. 017400101011299. IFSC : CORP0000174. OR
  9. 9. Foreign Donors may donate to the following account: Account Holder Name - Saritsa Charity Trust (Saritsa Foundation) Bank Name- Corporation Bank, Worli Branch, Mumbai. SB Account number – 017400101020490 IFSC Code - CORP0000174 National HQ – Flat No.-3, Pankaj CHS, S R Keer Marg, Bhandar Lane, Mahim West, Mumbai – 400016. Email for information - Tel. – 91 22 2436 6370 Mob - 91 9870008717
  10. 10. Please Visit following links: YouTube : Goodness TV link for Saritsa Foundations video Slide Share: der&q=saritsa COPE - Barake Foundation - Australia tsa+foundation Word press: reliance-prepare-for-disasters-24-05-2013/