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Visual Content Rule The World


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Visual Content Rule The World

  1. SATURDAY’S CONTENT SOCIETY VISUAL CONTENT RULEs THE WORLD Stefanos Karagos : XP : Design-Lo bb y Forum 2013
  2. hello! Who Stefanos Karagos Information Alchemist XPLAIN The Leading Content Marketing Agency @karagos
  3. I love facts
  4. nowadays
  5. a recession
  6. Brands are Suffering* *Humans too…
  7. Info-noise world
  8. Internet vs web
  9. tech vs humans
  10. usability vs aesthetics
  11. Original vs clopy
  12. designers vs develo.designo.Imdo ingevrything.uwant
  13. The Long Story,Shrt
  14. A World Full of Choices
  15. The game Has changed
  16. C onsumers’ behavior Ha s changed
  17. Consumer s’ behavior Has changed Tv no longer commands our full attention
  18. r Consumers’ behavio Has changed
  19. r Consumers’ behavio Has changed
  20. Web is all about Content!
  21. User g enerated Conte nt! 95%
  23. Attention span time dropped Fro m 12’ to 5” in the Last 7 years! Source: Media Bistro 2011
  24. They are Scanning…!
  25. We are full of Cra p content
  26. Content’s impact Customer Experience Satisfaction & Recommendation Visual Content Engagement Conversation
  27. 81% of consumer purchase decisions primarily influenced by WOM (McKinsey, 2011)
  28. New me nt al mmarkeel od g tin Of Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth Pre-shopping | At shelf Experience In-store | In-home In-store Which becomes the next person’s ZMOT
  29. Content is the King!
  30. 90% Of information transmitted to the Brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text IT’S A VISUAL WORL D! Source: Forester CSO Insights 2012
  31. visual Content is the King! Only if You Treat it Like a King
  32. The MEDIA The BRAND
  33. And now what?
  34. un derstand
  35. 3f rule IT’S A F-WORLD!
  36. 3f rule forthem funtastic Fuckingawesome
  37. un derstand
  38. What mot ivates ppl even Key I Su gg est Focusing On These S Process Motiva tors During The Design
  39. What motivates ppl Social norms & social approval We do things that we think will be accepted by, and acceptable to, our community and social groups.

  40. What motivates ppl identity We do things that are aligned with our sense of identity, 
 or how we perceive ourselves.
  41. What motivates ppl Morals & ethical beliefs We tend to do things that are aligned with our moral judgements and how moral we perceive ourselves to be.
  42. What motivates ppl reciprocity We tend to do things for others in response to receiving a gift or a favor from them.

  43. What motivates ppl Task enjoyment We may do a task simply because we enjoy doing it.
  44. What motivates ppl Present bias We do things that result in immediate gratification rather than waiting around for future benefits.

  45. What motivates ppl Loss aversion We do things that allow us to avoid the pain of losses, or at least delay losses so they occur in the future.

  46. My t wo cents advice
  47. Design With motivation in mind havior it’s import ant to make sure the be gage or activity you’re asking them to en otivators. in aligns with these key m
  48. if Want to survive
  49. if Want to success
  50. go if
  51. go unique
  52. 80% of CEOs Believe that Users have Great Experience with their Products. Source: BCG 2011
  53. 80% of CEOs Believe that 
 Users have Great Experience 
 with their Products. 8% Only 
 of the Users believe so. Source: BCG 2011
  54. go Out of the noise
  55. isual Under the right context
  56. Thank u! Contact Us: UK | Germany | Switzerland | Greece | Cyprus | Romania | Turkey | Bahrain