Customer engagement and social media


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Customer engagement and social media

  1. 1. Customer Engagement and Social Media August 3 rd 1020, Singapore Chris Tew SVP Asia Pacific Alterian
  2. 2. What we do Alterian (LSE: ALN) enables organizations to create relevant, effective and engaging experiences with their customers and prospects through social, digital, and traditional marketing channels.
  3. 3. Alterian Customer Engagement Framework
  4. 4. Consumers no longer trust advertising and traditional corporate channels.
  5. 5. Consumers have found ways to tune us out.
  6. 6. People are talking and listening to each other about your brand.
  7. 7. Perhaps it is time you started understanding listening and participating too?
  8. 8. There are tools to help brands listen Social Media Monitoring Tool
  9. 9. WARNING:You are not required to Blog or Tweet to use an SMM tool
  10. 10. How does it work? Collect Store Social Media Warehouse Analyse Engage
  11. 11. Social Media - Engagement Cycle
  12. 12. Engagement Cycle - LISTEN
  13. 13. Marketers have never had it so good Marketing Holy grail = understand what your customers want Collect Store Social Media Warehouse
  14. 14. Engagement Cycle - LEARN
  15. 15. Is anyone actually talking about us then?
  16. 16. Volume of conversations What happened?
  17. 17. Drill into the actual conversations
  18. 18. Are they being nice?
  19. 19. Sentiment and Tone
  20. 20. And how influential are they?
  21. 21. “ We did not put the customer first” Toyota, Sunday Times 28 th March
  22. 22. Who are these people who have the time to talk about us online?
  23. 23. Demographics
  24. 24. Where do they hang out?
  25. 25. Auto Domains
  26. 26. The communities that advocate your products <ul><li>Join communities that advocate your products </li></ul><ul><li>Join that of your competitors </li></ul>
  27. 27. Create community “ We monitor in excess of 1,500 discussion threads a day on very specific topics where we think we can add value to the conversation . It’s not possible to participate in all of the threads, but there are ways to identify which conversations are the most influential , which ones have the greatest reach , and those are the one in which we’re most likely to participate. We've also created a consumer advocate community as well as a platform that we’ll be launching in a few weeks to support their activities.” Marty Collins, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Live, Microsoft
  28. 28. What are the trends in what people are saying?
  29. 29. Word and Author Tag Clouds
  30. 30. Understand the geographic spread of conversations – find new markets
  31. 31. But what is the competition up to?
  32. 32. Compare with competitors
  33. 34. Engagement Cycle - UNDERSTAND
  34. 35. Alterian Customer Engagement Framework
  35. 36. Engagement Cycle - SPEAK
  36. 37. Its not just a choice of platforms
  37. 38. Business Outcomes Market awareness Lead generation Community growth Increase traffic to website ????????? .
  38. 39. Degree of Control Uncontrolled Social Media Influenced Social Media Controlled Social Media Your Website .
  39. 40. Case Study – Telstra – CALL MUM .”Designed to tug at the heart strings of Australia’s youth”
  40. 41. SM Insight “ The “guilt” proposition of “Call Mum” wasn’t resonating with the audience anymore. But while few people were talking about ‘Call Mum’ online, there were literally thousands conversations about how parents were connecting online .” The Power of Six Degrees – Lucy Jameson DDB London .
  41. 42. Case Study – Telstra – DIGITAL MUM 2.0
  42. 43. Case Study – Telstra – DIGITAL MUM 2.0
  43. 44. Positive Response “ The total number of unique visitors to the website. hit 125,000+ in the first few months (150% more than the previous campaign that ran for 7 months)..” The Power of Six Degrees – Lucy Jameson DDB London .
  44. 45. Positive response I find this new Facebook centric approach much stronger than their previous efforts. Where as the previous campaign all felt like a dead end this has some long term thinking involved. Also the strategy of targeting mums who are new to online is much better than guilting kids to call their mum. .
  45. 46. Case Study – Telstra – Customer Twitter support
  46. 47. Case Study - T-Mobile – T-Mobile Dance
  47. 48. Next Steps Come and have a chat over drinks Use the tool Learn more Read the book
  48. 49. Thank You