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  • Some of you may follow blogs of some of our developers. That's just a hint of the productive product development ferment that goes on inside IBM. The speed of our engineers is dramatically accelerated by their ability to build with code and components built by their colleagues. Add Crowdsourcing! IBM developerWorks was honored with the Forrester Groundswell award in 2010 The community today receives 4 million unique visitors per month who have access to a library of 30,000 articles, podcasts, and tutorials. It is estimated that more than 70% of site visitors come from outside IBM. Of these visitors, 41% are application developers, 18% are IT project managers, 17% are network and system administrators, and 10% come from academia (faculty or students). The high degree of the high level of engagement and interaction among our community members, who support one another through answering questions in discussion forums, sharing tips and ideas in articles and tutorials as well as blogs and wikis, pointing one another to helpful resources via tags and bookmarks, and otherwise lending a hand while they learn and solve their own problems. The impressive growth also reflects our success, with a half million new developerWorks member profiles since we launched our enhanced set of community features built on IBM Connections in May 2009. In addition to blogs, our online community includes user profiles, forums, wikis, groups, and an integrated iPhone application, and users can also pull in Facebook and LinkedIn content to their developerWorks profile, and publish their developerWorks activities to Facebook via Facebook connect. developerWorks stands alone in that it is a vendor-produced site that focuses on more than just that vendor's products, and dedicates a huge portion of its focus and resource to technologies, techniques, and concepts to help all developers and IT professionals worldwide. The focus on open, cross-platform standards and technologies (Linux, Java, XML, etc.), independent of commercial products, is driven by a decision to prioritize the wants and needs of the community and is unique for a corporate site. This bold move has been fundamental to our success in building a thriving online community.
  • Coffee break crowdsourcing v2

    1. 1. Get BOLD Social Business Agenda Sandy Carter | VP, Social Business Evangelist IBM Corporation Follow me @ sandy_carter Subscribe to my blog
    2. 2. What is Crowdsourcing? Tapping Collective Intelligence - Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to generate new ideas and to refine ideas that exist, as well as vote on the “best” idea.
    3. 3. Value of Crowdsourcing for R&D and New Product Development McKinsey & Co. Global Survey, 2010, “The Rise of the Networked Enterprise” ValuesJam in 2003 Realized benefit - median improvement % Increased number of successful innovations Reduced time to market
    4. 4. Considerations for Crowdsourcing Private/Internal or External/Public Exclusive or All-Inclusive Focused on a Particular Issue Open-ended Brainstorming
    5. 5. IBM – Crowdsourcing Since 2001 2003 - ValuesJam (Internal crowdsourcing) Result: New crowdsourced Core Values Statement <ul><li>July 2006 – IBM Worldwide Jam (External Crowdsourcing) </li></ul><ul><li>150,000 participants, 104 countries </li></ul><ul><li>Result: 10 new companies formed , seed funding from IBM </li></ul>
    6. 6. Crowdsourcing with Social Analytics