essenpee business solutions sn panigrahi gst #snpanigrahi #essannpee business solutions export e-invoice essannpee business solutions agile life cycle adaptive life cycle incremental life cycle iterative life cycle predictive life cycle msme india pmi pmp dgft supply chain msme ppdc import # by sn panigrahi foreign trade policy supply chain management #essannpeebusinesssolutions #pmpexamprep #pmptraining #pmpcertification #predictivelifecycle #hybridlifecycle exports procedure : customs clearance selection of chas / freight forwarders / shipping 4pl 3pl 2pl role of logistic intermediaries : chas / forwarder incoterms – 2020 : key considerations to avoid ris basic understanding of exports #gst #quality #pmpexam project life cycle 2020 project closure project execution project planning project initiation quality sprint team product owner sprint retrospective sprint review daily scrum user stories sprint backlog sprint planning product backlog sprint waterfall method what is agile methodology project integration by sn panigrahi exports under gst export documents how to start export business in six simple steps reverse charge mechanism 2017 generation and quoting of document identification gst violators can be arrested without fir no anticipatory bail non-filing of gst returns - attachment of bank acc sop for tax officers on dealing with non-return fi powers of officials to block credit under rule 86a new alert for tax payers – cgst rule 86a 20% / 10% itc restriction e-waybill blocking 2018 penalty liquidated damages risk audits & corrective measures types of contractual risks – contractual breach & introduction to risk & contractual risks ppp contracts & project specific contracts introduction to contracts & contract management. lean practices fidic types of contracts what – where & how to export essenpee knowledge series agriculture histograms transport 8 wastes epcg scheme demand forecasting – time zones international trade #sn panigrahi# cost reduction ni msme gst composition scheme rbi # sn panigrahi # composition scheme gstr 9a gst audit agriculture export tma #business #gstoneducation sae automobile 8 types of wastes in scm wastes in scm value stream mapping value chain introduction to customs act & customes procedures exports & imports foreign trade #government schemes & programs# #msmeexports #exports #msme #supplychainresilience #supplychaindisruptions #supplychainmanagement #materialsmanagement #iimm #aepc #apparelexports #westbengalgovt. #iift goods & services tax scm what is lean? understanding lean principles by #sn.panigrahi #toyotaproductionsystem #essannpee #tpm #tps #leanprinciples #8wastes #lean cbic effective rodtep scheme risk profile enterprise risk assessment process enterprise risk - categories understanding risks in an organization risk pmbok of project management institute (pmi) iso 9001:2015 defines risk what is risk? era enterprise risk assessment re-export of warehoused goods to nepal & bhutan #gigeconomy success factors for managing gig workers gig economy: scm challenges decision to engage in gig - saas model© engagement – income dependency gig model gig economy – the concept role of scm professionals in a gig economy - iimm #projectfundamentals #pmpcommunity #pmp2021 #pmpcertificationexam #agilelifecycle #agileprojectconcepts agile metrics scrum team : rolls & responsibilities estimates – story points – velocity – no. of sprin user stories - product backlog & release planning understanding agile concepts – scrum methodology agile mindset - values & principles understanding project lifecycle agile fundamentals & concepts - by sn panigrahi #agilelifecycle #pmpexam 4. largely agile approach with a predictive compon 3.  predominantly predictive approach with some ag 2.  combined agile and predictive approaches 1.agile development followed by a predictive model characteristics of hybrid life cycles hybrid life cycle types of project life cycle understanding project phase & project life cycle hybrid project life cycle - by sn panigrahi resources cost schedule scope project monitoring & control role of project manager progressive elaboration - rolling wave planning - project process groups project phases project management office (pmo) portfolio – program - projects basic understanding of project management fundamentals of project management - by sn panigr logistic risks - marine insurance export contract – key delivery terms export costing & pricing international maritime organization (imo) regulati types of ships & shipping companies types of containers port operations export mode of transport – selection – cost factor hyderabad branch webinar organized by iimm export logistics- a critical analysis by sn panig #sn panigrahi choosing right cha & freight forwarders - by sn pa valuation rules tariff value - section 14(2) customs tariff act 1975 customs act 1962 customs act - introduction role of customs in shipment clearances - by sn pan not urgent and not important urgent but not important not urgent but important urgent and important #urgentimportant #eisenhowermatrix #stepsinprioritizing #prioritizing #managingconflictingpriorities #priority matrix eisenhower’s importance & urgency make better project decisions amid conflicting pr #continuousimprovement #productivity #kaizen #nationalproductivitycouncil kaizen project initiatives:success factors kaizen mindset kaizen tools - implementation kaizen principles understanding productivity:factors of productivity what is kaizen : introduction & history speaker sn panigrahi webinar organized by national productivity council productivity improvement through kaizen #4pl #3pl #marineinsurance #typesofcontainers #portoperations #incoterms2020 #imo #logistics #export #fieo #exportlogistics western zone organized webinar on export logistics fieo #goldplattinginprojects #scopecreepvsgoldplatting #10waystoavoidscopecreep #scopecreepprojectfailures #reasonsforscopecreep #whyscopecreephappens? #100%rule #projectscope what is scope creep in project management? by sn #ftcci​ #exportimport #eximgst​ an overview & implications of gst on foreign trade #costofnonconformance #snpanigrahi #costofpoorquality #costofconformance #costofgoodquality #cost #costofquality cost of quality - by sn panigrahi #feigenbaum #edwarddeming #ishikawa #josephjuran #philipbcrosby #johnoakland #americansocietyforquality #americanheritagedictionary #groocock #is0-9000 #iso-8402 #definition-quality #qualitymeaning #what is quality? - by sn panigrahi #econonmic risks #ecgc #politicalrisks #countryrisks #currencyrisks #internationaltrade #traderisks #risks #exportrisk webinar organized by ni-msme #export risk & ecgc cover - by sn panigrahi #foreigncurrency #pcfc #exportfinance libor #rbi #forfaiting #factoring #eximbank #post-export finance #pre-exportfinance webinar on export finance organized by ni-msme #export finance by sn panigrahi #customsimport #customsclearance #customs #cbic #facelessassessment #turantcustoms organized by fieo western region #turant customs : a faceless assessment by sn pani #samplingtypes #sampling #datacollection #data collection & sampling - by sn panigrahi #authorisedtrainingpartener #atp #pmi #pmp pmp exam new pattern - by sn panigrahi new export promotion scheme rodtep : implemented w commission agent – principal relation treatment of sending samples for export promotion - by sn panig pdca model beckhard and harris's change model mckinsey 7s framework force field analysis adkar analysis the lewin change theory model kotter’s 8 step change model #changemanagementmodels #change initiated projects & change management mod #incoterms-2020 #icc-international chamber of comm customs assessment 1962 customs act national assessment centres (nacs) and turant suvi port assessment group (pag) faceless assessment groups (fags) functions of the fags faceless assessment trade facilitation turant customs – a faceless assessment is this a m procurement management expected monetary value (emv) risk management communication management quality management evm method earned value management cost baseline pmp formulae -cost management free float float or slack three point estimate time duration estimates pmp formulae - schedule management depreciation sunk cost opportunity cost project selection methods #pmp formulae @ a glance by sn panigrahi essannpee #fundamental understanding of agile - by sn panigr pmp pass @ first attempt pmp summary notes integration management india pmp sure hit pmp @ first attempt - chapter wise summa keynote speaker : sn panigrahi & fieo indore on 27th oct'2020 jointly organized by msme di web conference on import substitution di & iip hyderabad on 22nd oct’2020 sn panigrahi webinar organized by msme import substitution & packaging requirements export promotion project management framework sure hit pmp @ first attempt pmp exam chapter wise q & a’s project management pmp – rapidex pass @ first attempt project manag linkage like articles margin of dumping safeguard measure countervailing measures anti-dumping duty # directorate general of trade remedies legal framework wto gatt anti-dumping on 30th sep’2020 & fieo indore webinar jointly organized by msme di anti-dumping duties & trade remedies - by sn panig remission of duties or taxes on export products rodtep rosctl meis certain taxes / duties / levies not being refunded #new scheme of export incentive rodtep - by sn pan certificate of origin general rule vs product specific rule (psr) process rule method change in tariff classification (ctc) method goods wholly obtained (wo) preferential tariff claim filling of bill of entry notification no. 81/2020-customs (n.t.) dated 21st carotar flouting of ‘rules of origin’. south asian free tr india free trade agreements purpose of ‘rules of origin' 2020' 'customs (administration of rules of origin under free trade agreements preferential rate of customs duties ‘rules of origin' essepee business solutions #new ‘rules of origin' to check misuse of fta prov qci control chart scatter diagram cause & effect diagram pareto diagram check sheet flowchart 7 qc tools #the 7 basic quality tools for process improvement approved change request change control board change log change request baseline change management control change management system change management change perform integrated change control (picc) #perform integrated change control (picc) process import & export under gst third country exports #third country exports under gst - by sn panigrahi problems of problem solving organizational problems - root causes definition of business problem #problems of problem solving - by sn panigrahi export opportunities from kerala building atmanirbhar bharat strong domestic manufacturing base accelerates exp self-reliance encash anti-china sentiments export strategy india’s 15 top trading partners 2019 india’s top 10 exports - 2019 export opportunities & threats tapping on emerging opportunities export opportunities for msme covid 19 thrissur di #webinar on export opportunities for msme on 4th a project monitor & control greycampus #project management fundamentals - by sn panigrahi cost performance indices (cpis) delivery performance indices (dpis) quality performance indices (qpis) cost (qdc) delivery procurement performance indices (ppi’s) # procurement performance indices (ppi's) - measur project life cycle #agile methodology - fundamental principles & basi input-tools & techniques-output (itto) project stakeholder management project procurement project risk project communication project resources project quality project cost project schedule project scope project framework chapter wise key topics # sure hit - pmp @ first attempt part - 1 chapter guiding principles of procurement failing to abide to ethical practices use of power in procurement ethics in procurement procurement – 10 r’s what is procurement #guiding principles of procurement - by sn panigra co-chairman ms priyanka mohanty iiiem founder & director mr. dilip sudhir manohar iift kolkata campus head center for msme professor dr. k rangarajan jspl csr legal group head corporate affairs vp cii odisha panelists: mr manish kharbanda cii odisha i was one of the panelist in cii - odisha panel d inventory reduction – inventory kpi’s inventory measurement tools - analysis inventory management - fundamentals warehouse best practices : 5s & kaizen in warehous warehouse safety - warehouse kpis warehouse management system (wms) types of warehouses – smart warehouses - consolida warehouse & warehousing functions govt of india agra #warehousing & inventory management by sn panigrah logistic challenges incoterms shipping and supply chain management international logistics lean logistics management services provided by 4 pl services offered by 3 pl 4 pl 3 pl 2 pl effective logistics management- best practices total cost approach to logistics logistic service quality factors for logistics decision making 5 v's of logistics 7r's of logistics logistics functions origin logistics logistics vs supply chain #logistics management challenges & strategies & be success factors of lean six sigma advantages of lean six sigma six sigma tools what is mean by six sigma lean tools lean six sigma #basics of lean six sigma - by sn panigrahi msme agra procurement & quality balanced score card e- sourcing target costing cost avoidance cost control power of procurement strategic sourcing negotiation & contracting purchase sourcing procurement #procurement strategies & strategic sourcing : cos supply chain analytics balancing supply and demand value addition at each supply point management of flow acquisition of goods & services #fundamental of supply chain & supply chain analy turn a negative gripe session into a positive brai reverse brain storming – examples of idea reversal reverse brain storming - process understanding reverse brain storming #reverse brainstorming - a creative group proble reverse charge mechanism (rcm) under gst #rcm under gst - a complete analysis# by sn panigr inaugural address at cii annual session 2020 pm speaking @ cii : 5 things to build a self-relia instilling hope & confidence through mann ki baat mudra shishu loan cabinet decisions on 1st june’2020 2020) tranche 5: government reforms and enablers (may 17 tranche 4: new horizons of growth (may 16 tranche 3: agriculture (may 15 including migrants and farmers (may 14 tranche 2: poor tranche 1: business including msmes (may 13 msme in a new awatar five announcements on the aatmanirbhar bharat abhi call for atmanirbhar bharat abhiyan or self-relian real leaders rise and become visible during a crisis #atmanirbhar bharat abhiyaan# - a call to the nati vac tcpi etc eac spi cpi cost variance (cv) scheduled variance (sv) actual cost (ac) earned value (ev) planned value (pv) budget at completion (bac) earned value analysis (eva) #measuring project performance earned value manage itc - input tax credit composite supply & mixed suppply rcm- reverse charge mechanism hs code rate of tax transaction value place of supply time of supply levy of gst supply direct & indirect taxes tax provisions in constitution of india session : "financial management" - taxation# online training program women entrepreneurship platform (wep) #association of lady entrepreneurs of india (aleap gst rates for some of the handicraft products gst is a value added tax understanding gst e-sanchit risk management systems (rms) self-assessment of imported and export goods sea cargo manifest sea cargo manifest & transhipment regulations customs valuation levy of customs duty customs clearance procedure itc hs codes for handicraft products organizations supporting to exporters epch this presentation is on behalf of export promotion customs procedures & formalities for export of han #"project management concepts - ready reckoner" by #some relief to exim - daunting challenges ahead railways ecgc exim difficulties. customs corona sn panigrahi export - import export without payment of tax under bond / lut (o exports under gst – two options zero rated supply treatment of export & import under gst registration under gst rcm – import services gst rate classification composite supply & mixed supply scope of supply four aspects of gst gst : dual taxation system gst is a destination based tax gst is a value added tax - a multipoint levy tax understanding how gst works understanding basics of gst #gst fundamentals foe export - import# by sn panig loans and subsidies for commercial beekeeping in i nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance) screening techniq need for certification challenges faced by beekeeping sector integrated beekeeping development centers 5 largest honey export partners of india list of honey exporters in india growth size share indian honey market: industry trends natural honey exports by country large-scale employment areas of honey production major varieties of natural honey produced in india #honey making a sweet business : huge export poten liquidated damages - ld government contracts works contract payment on rcm reversal of credit ongoing projects affordable housing residential real estate project - rrep & real est new scheme w.e.f 1st apr’2019 real estate notifications issued by cbic effective gst on real estate after 1st apr’2019 gst on real estate before 1st apr’2019 sale of undivided portion of land value on which gst applicable sale of land / plots : applicability of gst supply of service #gst on real estate & works contract - a complete some of the software interface providers e-invoice : important links workflow of e-invoice qr code process to generate an e-invoice under gst critical aspects of e-invoicing type of documents to be reported to  gstn system e-invoice notifications e-invoice : advantages e - invoicing is a form of electronic billing #e invoicing w.e.f. 1st ap'2020# by sn panigrahi mobile app would be made available for both androi upload scanned copy of invoice / bill prize amount : rs 10 l to 1 cr for b2c transactions only chance of winning upto rs 1 crore reward scheme for honesty gst lottery scheme #gst lottery scheme : are you ready to win rs 1 c mixed supply composite supply gst job work gst invoice filling returns gst - tax collection how gst works what is gst? why gst? #gst made easy for freshers# by sn panigrahi cost impacts regulatory impact of imo 2020 imo is not responsible for enforcing their policie what must ships do to meet the new imo regulations what is the "carriage ban" and how does it work? what does imo 2020 go into effect? how can vessel operators comply with the imo 2020 cleaner air in 2020 international maritime organization (imo) number about international maritime organization (imo) #carriage ban for fuels non-compliant with imo 202 the european market potential for dried ginger exports of indian ginger export analysis for ginger from india top exporters of ginger global ginger & ginger processing market ginger : world export & import following are some hs codes corresponding to ginge ginger consumption habits – world wide ginger processing and ginger value added products consumption ginger products - health-consciousness growing usage of ginger in various food products #add value for export of ginger# by sn panigrahi overview global banana market first banana container train sent to jnpt for expo india’s banana exports to middle east world’s import & india’s export of banana india’s exports of banana banana global market world banana consumption indian production of banana #explore opportunities for export of banana# by sn 2020? can i still use incoterms® 2010 after january 1 how to use incoterms ® - 2020 what incoterms ® - 2020 do not define? incoterms@ 2020 rules classification what are the main changes in incoterms ® 2020? international sales transactions what do incoterms ® do? history of incoterms incoterms ® - 2020 #changes in incoterms ® 2020 : how to use the term tax authorities & intelligent system watching you fraudsters & defaulters beware! implementing lean six sigma lean – 7 / 8 wates lean defined – 5 principles of lean six sigma – tools & techniques six sigma – methodology - dmaic six sigma - introduction lean - six sigma #an introduction to lean six sigma (6σ)# by sn pan local authority government #gst on penalties & liquidated damages levied by g services attracting gst services exempted services attracting rcm services provided by / to government / local autho what is mean by govt. or local authorities? #supplies of services by / to government or loca demurrage or detention charges bus) train cancellation charges for cancelling travel ticket non compete fee for agreeing not to compete compensation to termination of contract forfeiture of security for damages done penal / default interest in case of delay in repay liquidated damages & other penalties like mileston advance ruling on liquidated damages ("ld") section 7(1) (d) of the gst act #whether gst applicable on liquidated damages? by rule 43. manner of determination of input tax cred rule 42: manner of determination of input tax cred how to apportion credit under sec 17 of cgst act #common credit for taxable & exempted supplies : availing itc by the recipient reporting rcm details in gstr – 3b reporting rcm details in gstr -1 availing input tax credit (itc) on reverse charge manner of payment of gst under reverse charge understanding reverse charge mechanism (rcm) #gst invoice under reverse charge & other complian gst grievance redressal committee waiver of late fees job work provisions new returns filling #gst : updates - recent changes in gst & challenge aggregate turnover > rs 100 cr b2b transactions mandatory from 1st april’2020 for certain category #e-invoice : transforms business transactions rela option - 2 : issue of credit note option - 1 : returning as fresh supply circular no. 72/46/2018-gst dated 26th october procedure in respect of return of time expired dru #sales returns procedure under gst# by sn panigr understanding fundamentals of project management a quick refreshing guide for pmp exam based on pmb psu contracts government or local authorities tax deducted at source #comprehensive guide on tds under gst# by sn panig changes in erp system 20% itc restriction returns filling e-waybill #recent changes in gst# by sn panigrahi itc model contract for the international commercia unidroit principles of international commercial co export contract essentials elements of a valid contract international sales contract #how to draft international sales contracts# by sn ppp public-private partnership or misrepresentation fraud 6. termination for instances of mistake 5. termination by convenience or mutual agreement 4. termination due to breach of contract 3. termination due to frustration of purpose 2. termination due to impossibility of performance 1. termination by notification #how to terminate a contract# by sn panigrahi contract administration risks need to be analyzed on four aspects : sqsc contract risk audit process. types of audit risk audit enterprise risk management (erm) #contract risk audit# by sn panigrahi team collaboration committee based contract finalization delegate authority with controls creation of clause & template libraries standardize specifications / item codifications standardize clauses standardize formats based on categorization categorise the contracts tips to simplify contracting process by sn panigra time is of essence breach of contract occurs #liquidated damages vs penalty# by sn panigrahi 11. disposals 10. evaluating the procurement process 9. managing the contract 8. negotiations 7. selecting the successful tenderer 6. evaluating offers clarifying and closing offers 5. inviting 4. solicitation documents 3. procurement method 2. developing & writing the specification 1. identifying the need and planning the purchase #risks in procurement# by sn panigrahi institute cargo clause c institute cargo clause b institute cargo clause a institute cargo clauses in marine insurance by sn actual breach of contract anticipatory breach of contract minor breach of contract #breach of contract# by sn panigrahi. material bre #contract risk management part - 2# by sn panigr #contract risk management part -1# by sn panigra kaizen 5 lean principles 5s: before & after what does 5s stand for? 5s definition of quality what is meant by quality? why quality why small businesses scare of quality why business need for quality quality is everywhere & in everyday life #how to manage quality in your small business# by #goods taken out of india for exhibitions - treatm exhibitions #goods taken out of india for exhibitions# by sn p gst forms #gst all forms @ a place @ a glance# str 3a gstr 2a gstr 3b gstr -1 #last opportunity to rectify any error in filling gst rates gst annaual return rcm gst council 37th gst #council meeting held on 20th september finance only design construct manage finance (dcmf) operation license lease renovate operate transfer (lrot) build-lease-operate-transfer (blot) build lease transfer(blt) buy-build-operate (bbo) build own operate transfer (boot) build operate transfer (bot) build-own-operate (boo) design build operate (dbo) design build finance operate manage (dbfom) design-build-finance-operate (dbfo) design-build-finance (dbf) operation & maintenance contract (o & m) design-build (db) #public-private partnership (ppp) contract models# it has become the tradition that fidic contracts a fidic: rainbow suite standard contracts essential characteristics of its general condition fidic golden principles fidic contract obligations and responsibilities of the main parti general provisions of the fidic forms of contract introduction to fidic #fidic understanding basics# by sn panigrahi # fidic payment flow charts # by sn panigrahi contract management project management # project & contract management basics # by sn pan iec how to start export business six simple steps #what where & how to start export business# by sn list of india’s most valuable export products india’s top 10 export product groups world’s top 20 export countries world merchandize trade india’s exports - 2018 india’s exports - april-july 2019 positive growth india’s foreign trade: july 2019 #know what india exports# by sn panigrahi food retailing and food supply chain contracts management in supply chain & contract ma cluster development agri-warehousing agriculture government schemes agri-supply chain @ green fields institute of agriculture #integrated agriculture supply chain management # agriculture contingency plan pradhan mantri krishi sinchai yojana (pmksy) neem coated urea (ncu) national mission for sustainable agriculture (nmsa soil health card scheme #government schemes & programs in agriculture# list of identified agri-horti production clusters program management agency (pma) project execution agency (pea) pradhan mantri kisan sampada yojana #agro processing cluster development# by sn panigr scatter diagrams control charts pareto charts check sheets flow charts cause and effect diagrams seven quality tools #seven basics tools of quality# by sn panigrahi evaluate the outcome implement the solution select a solution develop alternative solutions determine the root causes(s) define the problem define the problem determine the root causes(s) de #6 steps problem solving model# by sn panigrahi returns on investment on quality investment on quality #the deming chain reaction# by sn panigrahi lean concepts lean project management coir board organized by coir board training workshop on lean project management to p schedule compression critical chain critical path activities milestones network diagrams cpm pert #project scheduling - network diagrams : pert & cp export promotion capital goods capital goods igst exemption export obligation #complete analysis of epcg scheme# by sn panigrahi 8 forms of waste excess process movement inventory non-utilization of talent wait over production defects toyota production system (tps). down time lean concepts "8 forms of waste cause & effect : h production and post-production at zero customs dut epcg scheme allows import of capital goods (except #epcg scheme# by sn panigrahi #epcg scheme# epcs in ftp #export promotion council # #export promotion council # by sn panigrahi ehtp eou advance athorisation scheme seis secheme meis scheme #export promotion schemes# #export promotion schemes# by sn panigrahi international chamber of commerce (icc) #incoterm -2010# #incoterm -2010# by sn panigrahi bond lut export without payment of gst export on payment of igst definition of export under gst definition of export export under gst two options for export refund export refund refund of igst for exporters #no automatic refund of igst for exporters# by sn centralizing inventory performance rating lower inventory holding costs eliminate obsolete inventory impose budget limits in the system reduce variety & standardize tips for inventory reduction inventory reduction #a-z practical tips for inventory reduction# by sn inventory performance inventory reduction strategies why do we hold inventory? types of commercial cycles influence of product life cycle choosing a forecasting technique elements of a good forecast supply chain optimization inventory optimization# #demand forecasting #demand forecasting & inventory optimization# by s gems & jewelry gst on gems & jewelry #gst on gems & jewelry : a detailed analysis# by s sec 9(3) of cgst act or sec 5(3) of igst act credit of rcm credit under gst gst itc #gst invoice invoice under rcm #gst invoice under rcm# by sn panigrahi merchant exports #merchant exports – a complete analysis# by sn pan export : buy & sell leads how to find overseas buyers offline how to find overseas buyers online #how to find overseas buyers# by sn panigrahi presenting shipping documents to bank & realizatio executing & fulfilling export orders get export order & exercise due diligence how to get contact details of overseas buyers select & find export markets select a export product export business setup #how to start an export import business# by sn pa establish an organization & register your business why import / export business balance of trade exchange rates – trade surplus trade deficit goods or services exchange of capital why countries export & import comparative advantage #introduction to international trade#by sn panigra export promotion councils how to get export contacts export for beginners tips for starting exports how to start exports methods of payments export finance export refunds export & import under gst #export & import management : a complete guide# kerala floods gst cess kerala flood cess #kerala flood cess# by sn panigrahi gst sales promotion schemes commercial discouts gst - trade discounts sales promotion schemes trade discounts #gst : trade discounts - sales promotion schemes# service exports - payment in indian currency export of services to nepal/bhutan-payment in inr payment received in inr exports export of goods to nepal & bhutan #export to nepal & bhutan# by sn panigrahi eoq minimum ordering quantity safety in stores materials management functions value engineering materials handling flow of risk flow of value flow of money flow of information flow of materials training to executives of nmdc nmdc materials management #ni msme materials management# by sn paniigrahi project auditing financial auditing project financial auditing #managing project financial auditing# by sn panigr gst normal registered rule 80(2) of cgst and sgst rules 2017 proviso to rule 80(1) of cgst and sgst rules 2017 sec 44(1) of cgst act  rule 80(1) of cgst rules gst returns gstr 9c gstr 9 audit gstr 9c # annual returns – gstr 9 & 9a service export definition exporter of services outsources a portion of the s payment in foreign currency export from india export out source export of services gst & export # export of services # annual return annual return for composition dealer gstr 9a itc for banking sector gst payment & returns filling maintenance of books of accounts value of banking transactions audit bank gst on banking sector.\ banking sector bank audit from gst angle #transport and marketing assistance (tma) : an inc #agriculture exports# chapter 7a of ftp ftp 2015-20 financial assistance for transport and marketing o incentive scheme for agricultural exports transport and marketing assistance (tma)
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