The winning way handbook[2]


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The winning way handbook[2]

  1. 1. A HANDBOOK FOR YOUR JOURNEY ® Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  2. 2. 2 ®The Winning Way is a state of mind in which the decision to win, and the resulting action, isspontaneous and overrides the automatic need to be right and/or the instinctive reaction to survive. Itis experiencing and dealing with the reality of our lives, rather than living out an unreal projection ofour minds.Our interest does not lie in providing a set of rules to be followed, nor in selling a contrived “gameplanfor success”, but rather in unleashing the immense power of the human spirit that comes with thediscovery of one‟s unique purpose, supported by the experience of a deeper meaning to life and theautomatic manifestation of one‟s uniqueness. ®The Winning Way is a programme that facilitates genuine integration and mutual co-regard for one-another in the workplace, and beyond. It extends to customers, suppliers, all stakeholders andultimately friends, family and society at large.We recognise that responsibility for improving the quality of our outputs and ultimately our lives, restswith each of us, individually. ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  3. 3. 3COMPONENTS OF THE WINNING WAY ®There are three components of The Winning Way . These are discussed individually below.Part One – SELF AWARENESSBeliefs, Attitudes and BehaviourAs human beings we spontaneously react either out of our instinct to survive or from our point of view.We are born with our instinct to survive. Our point of view is created by our belief system (our corevalues). This is a product of the combined effects of our upbringing and our environment.The effect on our spontaneous behaviour can be depicted as Figure 1.Our beliefs (core values) are those closely held views we have about who we are, how we fit in, whatour place is in life and what we deserve. It takes into account all aspects of our human existence,including how we ought to be treated by others and what rights we have in regard to others, societyand nature.Our beliefs give rise to a very personal range of attitudes that we have towards the events andcircumstances of our lives. Our attitude determines the way in which we interpret, or judge the thingsthat happen to us in life.Our attitudes, in turn, give rise to our behaviour. For our behaviour is nothing more or less than theexternal expression of our inner attitudes.So, our beliefs give rise to our attitudes, and our attitudes in turn bring about our spontaneous(unconscious) behaviour. Actions supported by our beliefs are comfortable and we develop a comfortzone range of behaviours. Beyond this comfort zone we do not boldly act because the behaviour itselfis unsupported. ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  4. 4. 4 Figure 1: Diagrammatic representation of our Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviour ultimately our point of view Comfort Zone B ehaviour A ttitudes B eliefsResponsibility - The starting pointModern day society robs us of the opportunity to take responsibility for ourselves. We have grown upbelieving that we can‟t control our own feelings. Anger, fear and hate, as well as love, ecstasy and joyare things that happen to us.We believe that we don‟t control these things, rather we simply accept them. This is what life is. Whensorrowful events occur, we naturally feel sorrowful and hope that some happy event will come alongso that we can feel good again real soon.One of the greatest gifts in all the world is knowing that we are in fact totally responsible for the waywe feel. Our feelings (emotions) are a direct result of our interpretation (judgement) of the events orcircumstances of our lives. ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  5. 5. 5An event occurs in our lives. We perceive this event through one or more of our five senses. Now wehave a conversation with ourselves about this event. Is it good or bad, happy or sad? In other words,we interpret (judge) the event.Based on our judgement of this event we then evoke the feeling (emotion) associated with the event.Now we act and react automatically out of our state of emotionality. Our automatic (spontaneous)response to the events of our lives is based upon our feelings towards such events. This entireprocess can take milliseconds but it occurs each and every that time we react to an event.This process can be illustrated as shown below. Often we have responded to a situation (acted)automatically without being aware that this process has even taken place. Figure 2: Diagrammatic representation of our internal dialogue as cause of our emotionality and ultimately our spontaneous reaction 4. AUTOMATIC RESPONSE 3. EFFECT / FEELING / EMOTION 2. INTERPRETATION / SELF-TALK/ JUDGEMENT 1. EXTERNAL STIMULUS / EVENT ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  6. 6. 6Awareness – the keyIf we are responsible for our feelings (emotions) and our feelings in turn affect the way we respond tosituations – then the key to change is an awareness of our feelings.When we are aware that we are feeling a certain way about something we become greatlyempowered. In fact we hold onto or take back our power. Often we act out of our state of emotionalitywithout ever realising that what we are doing is responding to how we feel about a situation, ratherthan reacting appropriately to the situation itself.As our beliefs are firmly rooted in our psyches, this process of judging the events of our lives, whichgives rise to our feelings, is going to be automatic. And it will always be with us – we cannot turn it off.The secret is to gain an awareness of the way we feel. Then, understanding that this is a naturalhuman process, one that will always be with us, we are able to respond intellectually with anenlightened – SO WHAT!We can‟t change the feeling! But no longer do we have to automatically act out of the effects of ourthinking. We can change the automated behaviour by realising that it can be different - we do not haveto replay the old tapes – we can make a new choice!Make a new choice – WINHaving interceded in the cycle that leads to automatic response you are now empowered to revisit theevent or circumstance. Take a fresh look at it for what it is. Step outside of your judgements. Let go ofyour point of view. Now decide anew what to do. Decide to win.Decide to win even if it means that you have to admit that you are wrong. You do not have to be rightto survive! Your point of view will severely limit you if you let it.By acknowledging how you feel you can get beyond that emotionality and make a new choice aboutwhat to do, what action to take. The choice to win.The Self–Awareness ComponentThis system of awareness, enlightened response, look again, choose to win - is the “self-awareness ®component” of The Winning Way and can be depicted as in Figure 3. ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  7. 7. 7 Figure 3: Diagrammatic representation of the self-awareness component of The Winning Way® SO WHAT!!!The cycle of automaticresponse is broken 3. EFFECT / FEELING / EMOTION 2. INTERPRETATION / SELF-TALK/ JUDGEMENT 1. EXTERNAL STIMULUS / EVENT Take a fresh, objective look at the event 4. Make a new choice - WIN! Part Two – ACTION The great end of life is not knowledge but ACTION! Conditions will never be perfect and the perfect plan is yet to be devised. In order to achieve anything at all - we must ACT! We will not attain perfection, nor is perfection required. Nor must we allow ourselves to be immobilised by our state of emotionality. We can choose to WIN by continually taking action in the following way. We don‟t wait for conditions to be perfect (they never will be). We don‟t wait until we feel up for it (procrastination is the thief of time). We commit absolutely to our goal. We simply jump in and take action using everything that is available to us right now. And we operate from a level of our personal excellence. Which means we simply do the very best that we can! ® Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  8. 8. 8We begin to trust ourselves more and more as we develop the action habit. Operating out of our ownpersonal excellence we become impeccable.The quicker we act (respond) the greater the quantum of results (feedback) we create. And theseresults are the building blocks of our success.Feedback, not failure!When we are motivated to achieve something we generally have some specific goal or vision in mind.Any endeavour to achieve our goal will require some action. Now, whenever we embark upon acourse of action, we will obtain a result.These results obtained by acting towards achieving our goals are events in our lives. If we view theseresults (events) as feedback, we will always have the building blocks of our success. An objectivereview of our results will show us what to do next. We have the opportunity to correct (adjust) and actagain.The crucial point is that we view these results as feedback, not failure. This is only possible if we takeresponsibility for our results and do not blame others. This, in turn, is possible if we are „at cause‟ – ®which is a state of being fostered by the self-awareness component of The Winning Way .Integrity – keeping on trackThe greatest cause of stress in today‟s world is the condition we call “being out of integrity”. If youwant a stress free life, and you wish to avoid wasting time doing things you shouldn‟t – then simplymaintain your integrity.Our integrity starts with intention. Whenever you are about to commit an act of omission orcommission, allow your conscience to be your guide as to the appropriateness of your intent.Thereafter simply keep what you think, say and do in alignment. Figure 4: Diagrammatic representation of INTEGRITY an important element of the action component of The Winning Way® THINK SAY DO ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  9. 9. 9If you maintain your integrity you will always be clear. This creates space for the release to greaterspontaneity. You will never end up resentful of doing things for others you never wanted to do.You will reclaim your power and discover the ability to say no when you mean no. Your time will be farmore effectively managed. Your energy more productively invested. Ultimately, you will be morefocussed upon winning.The Action ComponentThis system of acting excellently, stopping, looking, correcting and acting again - is the “action ®component” of The Winning Way and can be depicted as Figure 5. Figure 5: Diagrammatic representation of the action component of The Winning Way ® 1.ACT 2.STOP 3.LOOK RESULT (FEEDBACK) 4.CORRECT ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  10. 10. 10Part Three – A DEEPER MEANING TO LIFELiving on purpose!The earth moves when you discover your purpose, your meaning to life, your reason for being here.The only person, who knows what it is, is you. Nobody else can or will tell you. You have to discover itfor yourself.Your unique purpose discovered, life takes on a whole new meaning. No longer do you value yourselfin terms of what you do. Rather in terms of who you are! You accept yourself totally andunconditionally, just the way you are.You are automatically confident and infinitely more powerful. Your goals are now not set aiming atmoving away from the things you don‟t want. Rather you are moving at your self-determined pacetoward the things you do want.Immediately you find a way of aligning yourself favourably with the work you do. For it slipscomfortably into your own context.Success for you now is very much the journey. It becomes the participation, the learning, theaccumulation of achievements. So much more meaningful than the life you previously allowed yourself– forever striving and slogging away towards a destination at which you would never arrive.Being all you can beGiven its genetic make-up, a rose can be no more or less than what it becomes – a rose. With nothingadded and nothing taken away. The rose simply becomes what it is.It does not judge who may gaze upon its beauty, marvel at its splendour or shy away from its thorns. Itsimply is what it is, for all to see.What valuable lesson for us as humans. If we stopped resisting what we knew we were becoming wecould be like the rose – simply our true self, always, with nothing added and nothing taken away.With an awareness of our human functioning and our new-found ability to act we can certainly be whowe are, and who we are not, more of the time. We will be surprised to find that this is ultimately whatpeople respond to anyway.There is enormous freedom in allowing ourselves to be who we are – rather than acting out who wethink we should be.When we allow ourselves to be who we are, and who we are not, we create a space in which otherscan likewise be who they are, and who they are not. Any interaction is genuine. You can agree todisagree and embrace a different point of view because you are truly comfortable with where you arecoming from. There is no need to defend or to be right. You simply allow others to be whom they are,without expectation of how you think they should be. ®Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  11. 11. 11 Figure 6: Diagrammatic representation of the True Self ACTThis is normally the self thatwe allow the world to see TRUE SELF ACT This is who we are and who we want to be A deeper meaning to life This system of living on purpose and being all you can be is the “deeper meaning to life component” of ® The Winning Way . Part Four – The Winning Way® in action The three components blend into your life naturally and begin to work together to build faith in 1 yourself. Your discovery of a deeper meaning to life keeps you centered and peaceful, giving you a solid base to work from, and return to for replenishing your strength. Your self-awareness keeps you always at cause and in charge – you direct proceedings. Your ability to act purposefully continually builds your confidence, allowing you to take more action, more often. This accelerates your progress and your learning – you become able to achieve a lot more, a lot quicker. 1 Faith is made up of Desire, Belief and Expectancy. You establish a burning desire to win that is strengthened each day. You begin believing that you can win, and this belief grows stronger with every experience. You now begin to expect to win every time. Your faith in who you are and what you can achieve grows continuously. ® Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved
  12. 12. 12 A process is triggered that continues in your actual experience of life even after you leave the seminar - you are continually growing with each new experience. This process is depicted in figure 7. Figure 7: The Winning Way® in action Comfort Zoneincreasing ability to act B ehaviour A ttitudes B eliefs Total of all possibilities ® Copyright The Winning Way 1998 to 2009 All rights reserved