Integricall mind power


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We don't need to be instructed as much as we need to be reminded

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Integricall mind power

  1. 1. The real value lies inside …
  2. 2. In The End Sword Is Always Conquered By The Mind
  3. 3. “Tis the mindthat makes the body rich”
  4. 4. A mind is itsown place and in itself canmake a heavenof a hell and ahell of heaven
  5. 5. Everything…streams to you from yourown heart and mind Imam Al Banna
  6. 6. Thinking?The Operating System that runs the Mind Machine We are what we think. With our thoughts we make our world. Buddah
  7. 7. Form follows idea Idea
  8. 8. You are a Mind with a Body You are a Mental being Mental power __ your ability to control your own thoughts You are the creator of your own destiny
  9. 9. “Thought means life, since thosewho do not thinkdo not live in anyhigh or real sense. Thinking makes man.”
  10. 10. “Few people think morethan two or three times a year. I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week.”
  11. 11. Thinking is thehardest work there is, which is the probable reasonwhy so few engage in it.
  12. 12. The Genie inside you The serpent power The other “you” The Subconscious Mind
  13. 13. Commanding the Giant Within Visualize Verbalize Emotionize Prayerize Actionize
  14. 14. Mind isnever idle
  15. 15. Analogy =… and you are the programmer.
  16. 16. Garbage InGarbage Out
  17. 17. Law of Attraction Human Energy is MagneticS “Energy of a certain quality or vibrationE tends to attract energy of a similar quality and vibration”CR You are a living magnetET Like always attracts like
  18. 18. Law of FocusWhat you think upon, … Grows
  19. 19. You are what you thinkmost of the time William James The father of Applied Psychology
  20. 20. What you resist, …persists
  21. 21. „I knew it! It‟s going to be another bad day‟„We could do with some rain – it‟ll help the flowers to grow‟
  22. 22. Left and Right BrainEvaluation ProductivityJudgment InnovationCritical Analysis DreamingProblem Identification Problem Solving
  23. 23. Half empty or half fill?
  24. 24. Dysfunctional Ways of Thinking 1 2 3 4Cognitive Repeated Intrusive Unrealistic OthersDistortions Thoughts AssumptionsArbitrary Assumptions Low self-regardSelective Abstraction Excessive Self-depreciationOver-generalization Excessive Self-blame “I must be perfect”Magnification Scapegoating “Everybody must like me”Minimization Ideas of deprivation “I cannot be happy unless Irrational Injunction I have a lot of money”
  25. 25. Type of Fear Action1- Embarrassment because Improve it. Go to barbershop orof personal appearance beauty salon. Shine shoes. Get clothes cleaned and pressed.2- Fear of things totally Switch your attention to somethingbeyond your control totally different.3- Fear of being physically Pray / turn your attention to helpinghurt by something you can‟t to relieve the fear of others.control4- Fear of what other people Make sure what you plan to do ismay think and say right. Then do it. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized.5- Fear of people Put them in proper perspective. Remember, the other person is just another human being pretty much like yourself.
  26. 26. How am I thinking? Check list1- When I worry Would an important person worry about this? Would the most successful person I know be disturbed about this?2- An idea What would an important person do if he had this idea?3- My appearance Do I like someone who has maximum self- respect?4- My language A m I using the language of successful people?5- What I read Would an important person read this?6- Conversation Is this something successful people would discuss?7- When I loose my temper Would an important person get mad at what I‟m mad at?8- My jokes Is this the kind of joke an important person would tell?9- My job How does an important person describe his job to others?
  27. 27. Situation: The petty thinker‟s The big thinker‟s Approach: Approach:Conversation Talks about positive Talks about positive qualities of … qualities of …Progress Believes in Believes in expansion. retrenchment or at best the status quoFuture Views the future at Sees the future as limited very promising.Work Looks for ways to avoid Looks for more ways work and things to do, especially helping others.Competition Competes with the Competes with the average best.Mistakes Magnifies minor errors. Ignores errors of little consequences.
  28. 28. Phrases which Create Small, Phrases Which Create Big,Negative Mind Images: Positive Mind Images:It‟s no use, we‟re whipped. We‟re not whipped yet. Let‟s keep trying. Here‟s a new angle.I‟ve tried but the product wont So far I‟ve not been able to sell thissell. People don‟t want it. product. But I know it is good and I am going to find the formula that will put it over.Five years is too long a time to Five years is not really a long time.spend before I‟ll get into the top Just think, that leaves me 30 yearsranks in your company. Count to serve at a high out. In its present form, it may not beNobody will ever want that saleable, but let‟s consider someproduct. modification.I‟m too young/old for the job Being young/old is a distinct advantage.
  29. 29. Positive Management PracticesBe cheerfulBe a positive speakerAccentuate the positiveUse positive words to outline plans to othersPractice positivityDevelop “I can” attitudeOpen the lines of communicationAlways play fairMatch the skill to the task at handEncourage workers to figure it out on their own
  30. 30. Good/Bad Thoughts Good/Bad Life Thinking Beliefs Values Principles Behavior CharacterThe choice is yours … Life
  31. 31. Law of Control Do you act or react?If you don‟t control it, someone else will …
  32. 32. We can‟t always controlevents, but we can controlthe way we react to them
  33. 33. How you respond toadverse circumstances?Positively or Negatively Peaceful Life Stressful Life
  34. 34. They can becausethey think they can
  35. 35. Law of Cause and Effect Thoughts Conditions
  36. 36. The Echo of Life Life is a mirror of …Life gives you back what …
  37. 37. As you sow, so shall you reap!
  38. 38. Know thyself!
  39. 39. Unleash the strength within!
  40. 40. Think Big!
  41. 41. Performance?P = ( Knowledge + Skill ) Attitude Productivity, Progress, Personality