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110 years in Minutes: Meetings from 1690-1800


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A decade by decade record of meeting Minutes: check out changes in punctuation, spelling and vocabulary!

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110 years in Minutes: Meetings from 1690-1800

  1. 1. Tim Hitchcock, Robert Shoemaker, Sharon Howard and Jamie McLaughlin, et al., London Lives, 1690-1800(, version 1.1, 24 April 2012 110 Years in Minutes Meetings Minutes 1690 —1800
  2. 2. 1875
  3. 3. Minute taking snapshots Check out: spelling grammar punctuation sentence length vocabulary page layout writing style content.
  4. 4. May ye 19th 1690 At a meeting then of the antiant Inhabitants of the Parish whose names are heareunder written, it was then voted and agreed that the Renter Churchwardens by order of this Vestry doe take Care that the payment in Hounsdich belonging to the Church bee mended and made good and that the Charge bee allowed them in there account
  5. 5. May the 30th: 1700 At a meeting of the Antients of the parrish in the Vestry Roome, (belonging to St. Buttolph without Aldgate) whose names are Under Written, it was then Voted Ordered and agreed unto, that the Pavement of the Church be repaired and made good Item it was Agreed by the said Vestry that it should be done with stone Item it was Agreed then that Mr Ensor and Mr Ward, Masons doe Survey & Estimate the Charges of Doeing it, and leave their proposals Either with Depty. Coles or the Renter Church wardens
  6. 6. Att a meeting of the Inhabitants of the Parish of St Buttolphs without Aldgate London Summoned by the Clerk in the Church on Sunday the 18th: of June 1710 and held the same day by the said Parish in the Vestry Room The Church Wardens reported to the Vestry that Saunders and Linsey the Sextons of the said Parish who were suspendend the last vestry for severall abuses committed by them, had acknowledged their crimes and expressed their concern for their offences and were ready to ask pardon of the Vestry and humbly begged they might be readmitted into their former places promise ing a more strict and better behaviour for the future.
  7. 7. Whereas the Great Bill is frequently enng. for Prsons whose friends request the Burial ground free. Order’d that a Duty of two Shillings & Sixpence be laid On the Fifth Bell & Tenor as Passing Bells exclusive of the Sextons fees to Commence the 25th of the Inst. December . Order’d that the Parish Duties for the burial of Every Prson Inter'd in any of the Burial places belonging to the sd Parish from the Said 25th Decemb bei Receiv’d before the ground be broke up.
  8. 8. At a Vestry held for the whole parish in the Vestry Room in the [..] on Thursday the 24 day of September Anno Dom 1730 pursuant to given in the Church. Roger Jennings Esqr from Mrs. Honblon Executix of St. Houblon who was Excutor of Mrs. Ann Rich decsd Acquainted the Vestry Mrs. Houblon was willing to Surrender her Trust in respect to the Legacy of [..] Hundred pounds left by the said Ann Rich to the parish of St. Botolph Aldgate London where she was born into the hands of such Trustees as the Vestry [..] appoint she bring well and suffinently indempnified therefrom Whereupon It is Ordered and Agreed That the Two Renter Wardens and Mr. Bentham the Vestry Clerk Do wait upon Mr. Penny Mr. [..] Attorny in Order to settle the affair according to her request And that they Do [..] the same to the next Vestry. Present
  9. 9. Ordered that Mr. Hawkes and Mr. Atkinson's Renter Church Account be audited next Vestry and at the same time Mr. Jarvis [..] Atkinson's Renter Accounts Ordered that the Lease of the House in Leadenhall Street Executed at the same time At a Vestry held for the whole Parish on Monday the Third October 1740 In the Vestry Room in the Church Present Mr. Thomas Harvey Mr. John Mouse Mr. John Watts Mr. Joshua Harle Churchwardens
  10. 10. At a Genl. Vestry of the whole Parish held at the Vestry Room in the Church on Saturday the 12th. of May 1750 . Mr. James Elisha Mr Robert Hall Mr John Woolams Agreed that there be a Public Perambulation, next Ascention day, And that every Person who shall come to the Dinner on that day shall pay five Shillings And It is Ordered that the Beadles Collect the money from all Persons that then design to Dine with the Churchwardens on or before the Monday next Preceeding . Churchwardens
  11. 11. At a Vestry held for the Freedom and Lordship parts of this Parish in the Vestry Room in the Church on Tuesday the 29th. day of April 1760 Read and Confirmed the Minutes of the last Vestry The Assignment from the surviving old Feoffees to the new and the Deed of Trust from the new Feoffees to 12 Trustees on Behalf of the Parish were now laid before the Vestry and approved, and the same were executed by several of the Feoffees and Trustees present, and Ordered to be compleated Ordered that the Churchwardens execute a Bond of Indemnity to Mr John Forbes in the £60 on paying Do Reed's Legacy of £30 for the use of the Poor of this Parish
  12. 12. St. Botolph Aldgate London & Middlesex At a Meeting of the Feoffees for the Letting & Disposing of the Parish Estates at Mr Barrington's the Nag's Head in Hounsditch on Friday the 1st. day of June 1770 . The Feoffees then taking into Consideration Mr Clarke's Bidding at the last Meeting are of Opinion that it will be more Advantageous for the Parish, that the Premes for which he sobid be advertized to be Let on a Repairing Lease by the Feoffees for the Term of 18 Years from the 5th. Day of April last (at the End of which Term Mr Barrington’s Lease of the Nag's Head will Expire) - And Ordered that it be Advertized accordingly there in the Daily and Public Advertizer that a Meeting of the Feoffees will be held at this place on Thursday the Seventh day of June Instant at 4 o' Clock in the Afternoon for Letting the same
  13. 13. St. Clement Danes 10th. Febry 1780 Vestry met pursuant to Notice Given in the Church on Sunday last Present The following Inhabitants were this day Chosen Committee Men of the Pavement for the Year Ensuing A Motion made by Mr. Rainforth and seconded And the Question put whither it wod. be of Utility to have Straw or other [..] litter laid down every Sunday Morning to prevent the noise of Carriages &c during Divine Service And to take the same away every Monday Morning before the Opening of the shops The same was Carried by a Majority of three
  14. 14. At a Vestry held on Thursday the 8th. April 1790 . The Minutes of the last Vestry of the 25th. of August were read and confirmed The minutes were also read of the 8th. of October 6th. Janry, and 1st. of April, respecting Mr. Church- warden Lancaster's Account, and that the same had been examined and settled pursuant to Order of Vestry. Mr. Church Warden Lancaster acquainted the Gentlemen present that this Vestry was held pursuant to public notice given in the Church for the annual Election of Parish Officers, and on other affairs Mr. John Wm. Galabin was put up to serve the office of Upper Church Warden for the year ensuing and chose, and M. Mattw. Gibbs was put up and chose to serve the office of Under Church Warden. Church Wardens Church Warden's Account
  15. 15. At a Meeting on Tuesday the 19th. August 1800. Present Mr. John Shank Mr. Willm. Ball Mr. Robert. Scratton Mr. Hunter, Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Walton (Auditors) Mr. Scratton's General Account was audited at this Meeting when it appeared that there was a Balance in his hands £159..12..7 Together with Forty Pounds for Mr. Robert Hankey's Fine, to be paid over to Mr. Church Warden Shank }Church Wardens Church Warden’s Account
  16. 16. Minute taking Business WritingEfficient