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2012 oct

  1. 1. Catalyst THE MAGAZINE OFHAYES FREE CHURCH (U.R.C.) October 2012
  2. 2. HAYES FREE CHURCH 111, Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent BR2 7HU Sunday Services. 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. We are a member of the United Reformed Church. We believe in Justice and Peace.Principal ContactsMinister: Rev. Sue Powell Tel: 020 8462 2212Church Secretary: Mrs Mavis Righini Tel: 020 8462 1168Fabric Steward Mr. Chris Wood Tel: 020 8462 2444Treasurer: Mr. Bill Michie Tel: 020 8658 4167Lettings Secretary: Mrs Undine Connolly Tel: 020 8776 0108Caretaker: Mr. Ian Jones Tel: 020 8313 1556Church Website www.hayesfreechurch.comCatalystEditor: Mr Richard Brown Contents : - Items not covered by the diary of events.Sunday Services 2 Foodbank 13Preachers’ info 2 Lesson in Lying 13Church Notices 3 - 5 I asked God 14Women’s Fellowship 5 The way things once were 14Joke on a Notice Board 5 Words for teenagers 15What a good idea 6 Windermere Centre VIP holiday 15Catalyst needs You! 7 Website of the Month 16The Hayes Community Bus 8 Little eyes upon you 16Christmas Tree Festival 9 Laurie Hobbs... 17Notice Board 10 - 11 Church Organisations IBCThis month’s website: -Is for those who wish to find out more about the Christian faith and its founder, Jesus Christ. This is The Christian Enquiry Agency. Have a look at the website: - www.christianity.org.ukNow, turn to Page 16 for more details....... Ed Copy for the November 2012 edition needs to be handed in by Sunday, 14th October. Please submit items in good time. You can leave copy in the “B” Pigeon Hole for Richard Brown to collect, or hand it directly to him on a Sunday morning. You can also e-mail copy to richardmbrown6@gmail.comThank You. Editor
  3. 3. Letter from the MinisterDear FriendsHarvest is here, and we have the opportunity to give thanks to God for the variety of harvest we enjoy: from berries to bananas, carrots to courgettes, damsons to doughnuts! (Doughnuts? Well… wheat and sugar are crops after all!)We have so very much to be thankful for, and so often we forget to show our thanks.Our Harvest services, our table grace, perhaps even the smiles on our faces when we see our favourite meal – all remind us to say thank you to God for his generous providing.In Genesis 8:22 we find our first harvest promise from God: “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”Our New Testament tells us of a different harvest. In John 4:35 we are told to look around us and see how the fields are ripe for harvesting.And we know what this means. It is time to invite people, to encourage others into church – and we can begin with Harvest.So, ask for donations of food for the food-bank (list of wanted items elsewhere in the magazine (on page 13 - Ed) ), and then invite them to come to the service to hand them in; or perhaps mention casually that we are having a Harvest service, and see if there is a response!God has provided the harvest and now sends us to be those who reap, and will give us the courage to ask the question.Let each of us be brave enough to ask at least once! Sue 1
  4. 4. Sunday Services October 20127th 10.30 am - Morning Service - Major Cliff Kent 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The Minister14th Harvest Festival 10.30 am - Parade Service - The Minister 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister21st 10.30 am - Morning Service - Rev. Geoff Larcombe 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister28th 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Marion Bayley November 2012 10.30 am - Morning Service - Mary Beckingham4th (Bromley Food Bank) 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - Rev. Raymond Singh Some notes on the visiting preachers.v Major Cliff Kent belongs to the Regent Hall Branch of The Salvation Army (the only church in Oxford Street, London). He was formerly from the Thornton Heath branch of The Salvation Army. He has conducted Sunday worship at HFC on many occasions.v Geoff Larcombe is a local representative from the Bible Society. He spoke at the Bible celebration supper in the spring of 2011.v Mrs. Marion Bayley is a Lay Preacher and an Elder from our sister church in Beckenham. She regularly leads our services.v Mary Beckingham represents the Bromley Food Bank. The food bank provides emergency food supplies for those in need. HFC has a collection box in the front lobby of the church. Mary will explain more at the service which she will be leading.v Revd Raymond Singh, M.A. is the URC Minister at Bellingham and Catford and a good friend of HFC. 2
  5. 5. News of the Church FamilyAnnouncements are welcome :- BMD - Changes of address, etc.Baptisms booked for this year: -28th October – Sophia Jopson (sister of Holly – from Pickhurst Pre-School)Your prayers would be appreciated for: -Tony and Kay Atkinson , Marjorie Curry, Doreen Hobbs, Linda Jennings, Ruth Rees, and Pat Rumble.Change of Address: -During September, Mike Duke changed his email address to michael.duke34@btinternet.comChurch MeetingsThe next Church meeting will be on Sunday 25th of November at noon, after the morning service.The next Elders’ meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th October at 8.00 pm in the small hall.Womens Contact GroupThe Contact Group will meet at 8.00 pm on Monday 1st October at Jean Ritchie’s home - 25 Burford Road. We will then meet on Monday 5th November at Barbara Jones’s home - 133, Pickhurst Lane.Sylvia MackTuesday Prayer Meetings for OctoberHeld at 10.00 am at the following homes:- 2nd Martin Nunn’s. 9th Betty Coster’s. 16th Brenda Cordingley’s. 23rd The Church. 30th Martin Nunn’s.Then on 6th November at Martin Nunn’sPlease address any queries to Martin Nunn.Saturday FellowshipWe will not now be meeting in October. We will next meet at 2.30 pm on the 3rd of November at 7, Sedgewood Close. Martin Nunn leads the discussions. 3
  6. 6. Mens GroupThe next meeting is on Thursday 18th October for a Bingo Evening, starting at 8.00 pm in the Small Hall.Ministry of FlowersThanks are due to those who will be providing flowers in October.7th - Win Browne 14th - Mr McCracken - I.m.o. Jeanne21st - Undine Connolly - 28th - Elizabeth & Alistair Wilson I.m.o. MotherA big thank you to those who kindly arrange the flowers when needed.After the Sunday evening services, the flowers are distributed tomembers and friends, bringing joy to the recipients.Mavis RighiniHayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ ClubWe welcome all babies and children under school age, accompanied by their parents, grandparents or carers, to our club on Friday afternoons between 2 and 4 pm during term time. The fee is £1 per family – tea, squash and biscuits are provided.This is a time when adults can meet up, while the children in their care are busy playing with toys and activities in the company of other children.Please note that the photographer, Sue Fitzgerald will be at the club on October 26th (not Oct 19th as previously announced). We look forward to seeing you all.Judith Stoner - Secretary.Bible Study GroupThe Bible Study group will be meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 2.30 pm in the small hall.Worship GroupThe Church will be open for Quiet Meditation & Prayer every Wednesday - 6.00 - 7.00 pm. 4
  7. 7. Notice Sheets - October - 1st Sunday in November 7th & 14th Daphne Cummings 8777 2487 21st & 28th Brenda Cordingley 8462 3867November 4th Pam Collison 8658 0748If you require items to be included in the notice sheets, please contactthe appropriate person by the previous Tuesday.Womens FellowshipM eetings are in the small hall at 2.00 p.m., unless otherwise stated, on Tuesdays and finish about 3.30 p.m.The October meetings will be: - 2nd Talk by George Housego MBE of the Far East Prisoner of War Charitable Trust 9th at 2.30 pm Anniversary Service in the Church conducted by the Minister. 16th Quiz Afternoon. 23rd Hayes Ladies’ Choir. 30th Invitation from Coney Hall Baptist Church to their Anniversary Service.MINI-AMBULANCEMembers who use the mini-ambulance are asked to phone Jessie Martin on 8462 5621 by 9.00 am on any Tuesday when they are unable to come to the meetings.As always, we welcome all ladies to our meetings . Please come along for a pleasant afternoon. We do have a very varied programme with plenty to interest everyone. Linda, Marion and Sylvia 5
  8. 8. What a good ideaApparently this is a standard procedure all paramedics follow at the scene of an accident when they come across your cell phone. ICE - In Case of EmergencyWe all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldnt know who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored but which one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this ICE (In Case of Emergency) Campaign, The concept of ICE is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact during emergency situations.As cell (mobile) phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name ICE (In Case Of Emergency).The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they didnt know which number to call. He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognized name for this purpose. In an emergency situation, Emergency Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialling the number you have stored as ICE.For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc. A great idea that will make a difference!Lets spread the concept of ICE by storing an ICE number in our mobile phones today!Please share this. It wont take too long before everybody will know about this. It really could save your life, or put a loved ones mind at rest. ICE will speak for you when you are not able to. 6
  9. 9. Catalyst needs You.This page will be kept for YOUR contributions - NOTHING ELSE will go on this page.It would be great to receive items from Leaders - please encourage your charges other groups - Mothers and Toddlers, the to be creative. Catalyst has wonderful cubs, brownies, Sunday Club. Also, material from the adult members and family members are most welcome to friends, but this magazine should be for all submit material. of us to enjoy. Also, isn’t it nice to see yourUniformed groups - can your members message or creation in print? earn a badge for contributions to this Surely, an important aspect of our lives is to page? encourage the youngsters to develop - toPictures, poems, letters or thoughts are all be creative. So, this page is here to helpwelcome. with this. Our niece and her family were with us for their holidays last month. Their 8 year old daughter was a joy, and kept the house alive with her quick wit and talent for drawing, amongst other things. One day, she was telling us about identical twins who were her friends. I asked her, “ How do you tell them apart?” Her instant reply was “I call their name!” Editor Those stories, photos and artwork for this, Your page! 7
  10. 10. The Hayes Community BusI have been asked by a number of members of the Church to explain how the use of the bus is organized.Firstly, I notice that the bus is referred in Catalyst as the mini- ambulance. This vehicle was sold in June 2008 for £175.00, after giving 19 years of service, and was only available for the frail and elderly.A new charity was formed in June 2008 to enable the bus to be available for all ages, and its use has steadily grown, and in fact has been booked well into 2013 by certain groups.The original committee of 12 was reduced to 4, and is as follows: - John Moren Chairman Les Mollison Secretary and Treasurer Allan Evison Driving Instructor Alan Farrar other Committee MemberAll bookings should be made via the Chairman, and it is intended that all groups should provide their own drivers.The cost is 50p per mile. With a full coach, this works out at less than 4p per mile per person.Because of more restrictions regarding age by our insurance company and some drivers leaving the area, and some not being medically fit, the charity has lost the services of 15 drivers during the last year.We do now urgently require more drivers. If you feel you could offer your services, please contact myself.One of the drivers who had to retire through age was Martin Nunn, who drove the bus for over 16 years.This service was recognized at the recent AGM, when I was pleased to present a book to him as a token of appreciation from the Committee. John Moren. 8
  11. 11. Hayes Free Church Christmas Tree Festival In aid of The Chartwell Cancer Trust From Friday 30th November to Sunday 9th December 2012 The Festival will be open each day from 2.00pm from November 30 to December 8The church will be open at service times each Sunday (10.30am and 6.30pm)Programme of Entertainment for the FestivalFriday 30th November Opening Concert by Members 7.30pm and Friends of Hayes Free Church Saturday 1st December Rock Choir * 7.45 for 8.00pm *Ticket £5.00 from Margaret Tannock 020 8325 6264 or Alistair Wilson 020 8402 0026 or on the door Sunday 2nd December Pickhurst Junior Academy 6.30pmMonday 3rd December Bishop Justus School 7.30pmTuesday 4th December The Christmas Story 7.30 pm by Adult performersWednesday 5th December The Wandle Ringers 7.30pmThursday 6th December Bromley Boy Singers 7.30pmFriday 7th December An evening of Songs and Poems 7.30pm by Just Voices and The Shortlands Poetry CircleSaturday 8th December Beckenham Concert Band 7.45pm Sunday 9th December Churches Together in Hayes with 6.30pm the Musicians from Hayes School All the money raised will go to Christmas Craft Fair in the Church Hall Saturday 1st December from 10.30am to 2.30pm Lots of stalls full of Christmas Goodies Hayes Free Church, 111 Pickhurst Lane, Bromley BR2 7HU web site: hayesfreechurch.com 9
  12. 12. NOTICESaturday 20th October 2012 10 am to 2 pm Refreshments Available ************* Hayes Free Church Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent The Harvest Lunch Further details etc from Pamela Collison Will be in the Large Hall on Sunday 14th October after the Morning Service. Put the date in your diaries and Sign the list at the back of the church. Barbara IMPORTANT! Brenda Cordingley will be at the church on 6th October from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm for the usual collection of articles for the Whitechapel Mission. 10
  13. 13. BOARD The Hayes Community BusWe do now urgently require more drivers.If you feel you could offer your services, please contact John Moren.Either: - At Church or - Tel: 020 8460 6726 or - Email john.moren@btinternet.com. Forthcoming Concert On the 5th of January 2013 There will be a concert at Hayes Free Church of Martin & niece Jenny Nunn’s music in aid of the Westminster College, Cambridge Appeal 11
  14. 14. ROTARY CLUB OF LANGLEY PARK & DEAF ACCESS rd Saturday 3 November 2012 10.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. AT HAYES FREE CHURCH PICKHURST LANE HAYES KENT LUNCHES & REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE Interested table holders – tables available D P Connolly. Tel: 020 8776 0108. ENTRANCE £1.00Sponsored by: - Ennis-Webb & Co. Solicitors, Wills, Probate, Tax & Trusts Elite House, 155 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3JP tel. 01959 577000 12
  15. 15. These are the items we regularly need to keep the stocks up in the centre. Please keep an eye on your church notices to keep in touch for our urgent needs. · Milk (UHT or powdered) · Sugar (500g) · Fruit Juice (long life carton) · Tomatoes (Tinned) · Instant Mash Potato/tinned potatoes · Tinned Meat – corned beef, spam, ham, mince, meat stew · Tinned Fish Tuna, preferred · Tinned Fruit · Coffee - 100 grams · Tinned Vegetables (NO PULSES they are not generally eaten) · Rice (smaller bags) · Pasta Sauce · Ladies sanitary wear · Toilet Rolls Please put your donations in the box at the back of your church. Thank you for your support! 6 Ranmore Path, Orpington, Kent, BR5 2HP 01689 638 194 / 07774 526562 info@orpingtonfoodbank.co.uk www.orpingtonfoodbank.co.uk Lesson in LyingA minister told his congregation, "Next week I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17."The following Sunday, as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up.The minister smiled and said, "Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying." 13
  16. 16. I asked God for all things that I might I asked God to make my handicapped enjoy life... child whole…God said, "Rather, I will give you life so God said, "Rather, the childs spirit is that you may enjoy all things." whole, and its body is only temporary."I asked God to give me wisdom… I asked God to grant me patience…God said, "Rather, I will give you God said, "Rather, patience isnt granted, problems to solve so you may become its learned through tribulation." wise." I asked God to give me happiness...I asked God to give me strength… God said, "Rather, I give you blessings.God said, "Rather, I will give you difficul- Happiness is up to you." ties to make you strong." I asked God to give me favours…I asked God to give me courage… God said, "Rather, I will give you choices."God said, "Rather, I will give you danger I asked God to make my spirit grow... to overcome." God said, "Rather, your faith will give youI asked God to give me prosperity… growth, and I will prune you to makeGod said, "Rather, I will reward you with you fruitful." the fruits of your labour." I asked God to give me love…I asked God to take away my pain… God said, "Rather, I will send to you thoseGod said, "Rather, It is not for me to take in need for you to give your love to." it away, but for you to give it up." I asked God to help me love others, asI asked God to spare me pain... much as He loves me...God said, "Rather, Suffering draws you God said, "Now you understand! Your apart from worldly cares and draws you love will shine through as you fulfil My closer to me." Law."Women’s Contact Coffee Morning 10.00 am - 12.00Our next coffee mornings will be on the 13th of October. We are continuing to raise monies to contribute to disaster relief funds in different parts of the world.We hope to see you there, and why not bring a friend. Barbara JonesThe Fairtrade Sunday StallWe will be holding a fair trade stall after the morning service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. So, in October the stall will be held on the 14th and 28th.The message is please buy Fairtrade. Every purchase helps in a good way.Please continue to support your fair trade stall. Thank you. Richard and Barbara. The way things once were From The Nottinghamshire Almanac for October 1841. New harmony pervades the solemn wood, Dear to the soul and healthful to the blood: For bold exertion follows on the sound Of distant sportsman and chiding hound. 14 Passages transcribed as shown Ed
  17. 17. Words for teenagersNorthland College principal John Tapene has offered the following words from a judge who regularly deals with youth. "Always we hear the cry from teenagers, what can we do. Where can we go? "My answer is this: Go home, mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook, build a raft, get a job, visit the sick, study your lessons and after youve finished, read a book. Your town does not owe you recreational facilities and your parents do not owe you fun."The world does not owe you a living; you owe the world something. You owe it your time, energy and talent so that no one will be at war, in sickness and lonely again. In other words grow up. Stop being a cry baby, get out of your dream world and develop a backbone not a wishbone. Start behaving like a responsible person. You are important and you are needed. It’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and that somebody is you!" Your VIP Half-Board Holiday at the Windermere Centre 16-19 October 2012 Why not treat yourself to a 3-5 day VIP break at the Windermere Centre? As a member of the United Reformed Church, you qualify not only for a stay at the discounted price of £50 per day (instead of the usual price of £54) but you also get the full VIP treatment: a glass of Bucks Fizz on arrival, complimentary chocolates, wine with your evening meal, a full English breakfast and the choice of three main courses each evening. After dinner, relax as you will or watch one of the movies that we’ll be showing.Let us look after you, while you spend your time exploring the Lake District, shopping or simply ‘being’ at the Windermere Centre. You will also be able to order a packed lunch (£7) to take out with you, and afternoon tea with home-baked cake or a Lakeland cream tea (£5).To qualify for the VIP break, you need to be a member of the URC (or friend of a member!) and stay for a minimum of 3 nights during the period 16-19 October 2012.Call 01539 444 902 or visithttp://windermere.urc.org.uk 15
  18. 18. Website of the Month The Christian Enquiry Agency (The following is taken from the website.)The information provided is reliable, objective and given confidentially.It does not just give a version of Christianity adhered to by one particular group of Christians (‘denomination’ or ‘tradition’). Instead it attempts to explain and explore what Christians of all kinds believe.CEA tries to respond to all enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. It takes steps to ensure that no one is given information unsolicited. It does not seek to take the place of local churches.Under the Find out More section: -You are invited to choose from the following optionsq Please send me the story of the life of Jesusq I have a question about Christianityq Please pray for meq I would like to start an email conversationq I would like to find a discussion group or a churchq I want to strengthen my faith ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do take a look at this website. You should be glad that you did! Editor LITTLE EYES UPON YOU There are little eyes upon you and theyre watching night and day. There are little ears that quickly take in every word you say. There are little hands all eager to do anything you do; And a little boy whos dreaming of the day hell be like you. Youre the little fellows idol, youre the wisest of the wise. In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise. He believes in you devoutly, holds all you say and do; He will say and do, in your way when hes grown up just like you. Theres a wide-eyed little fellow who believes youre always right; And his eyes are always opened, and he watches day and night. You are setting an example every day in all you do; For the little boy whos waiting to grow up to be like you. Author Unknown 16
  19. 19. Laurie George Edward Hobbs 1930 - 2012Laurie was born in Bickley on 1st August 1930, the only child of George and Grace. Sadly, he picked up poliomyelitis at the age of 5, while on holiday. He was lucky to regain the use of his right side. Though, after twisting his ankle many times he had a foot reconstruction and fused ankle in his 20s.Laurie enjoyed school at Bickley Park, being evacuated for 6 months with the school to a remote Welsh valley, and then went to Eltham College. He took a BSc Econ at Southampton University and spent most of his working life at the Port of London, first in berthing and latterly, after becoming an Associate in Personnel Management, in personnel work at the Port.Doreen and Laurie met on holiday in Ireland and married in 1969. Having lived for some years in Hassocks, West Sussex, Laurie returned to his childhood area. He loved singing, and especially enjoyed the Bromley Male Voice Choir, which at that time had a national reputation.Laurie was a devout Christian. He helped form a satellite church from his church in Keymer, assisting with the choir and playing for services. He had the skill of hearing a piece of music and then being able to pick it up on the piano. He also challenged himself by buying and playingthe piano scores of many well known concertos.He was very keen to watch sport, and had played cricket in his youth. He also had a passion for transport; especially for steam railways. His knowledge was vast.Although developing diabetes in his early 40s and, a few years ago, non Hodgkins Lymphoma of the bone marrow and spleen, Laurie lived for the day. He also looked forward to, and enjoyed, some exciting holidays.Laurie was a quiet participant in life around him He took seriously his Eldership and being a choir member. He also enjoyed helping Doreen at Coney Hall School and Nash College when she was head.Laurie passed away on the 13th of August 2012, shortly after his 82nd birthday. He led a good, full life and will be greatly missed by relatives and friends. Doreen Hobbs. 17
  20. 20. October 20121st Mon 8.00 pm - Women’s Contact Group Page 32nd Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 53rd Wed 6.00 pm - Worship Group Page 44th Thu5th Fri 2.00 pm - Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club Page 46th Sat 10.00 am - Whitechapel Mission collection Page 107th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Major Cliff Kent 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The Minister8th Mon9th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 2.30 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 510th Wed 6.00 pm - Worship Group Page 411th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 412th Fri 2.00 pm - Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club Page 413th Sat 10.00 pm - Women’s Contact Coffee Morning Page 14 10.30 am - Talents Exhibition Page 20 Harvest Festival 10.30 am - Parade Service - The Minister14th Sun Followed by Fairtrade stall Page 14 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister Catalyst Press Date I.F.C.15th Mon 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 316th Tue 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 8.00 pm - Elders’ Meeting Page 317th Wed 6.00 pm - Worship Group Page 418th Thu 8.00 pm - Men’s Group Page 419th Fri 2.00 pm - Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club Page 420th Sat 10.00 am - Charity Card Christmas Fair Page 1021st Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Rev. Geoff Larcombe 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister22nd Mon 18
  21. 21. October 201223rd Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 524th Wed 6.00 pm - Worship Group Page 425th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 426th Fri 2.00 pm - Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club Page 427th Sat BST Ends28th Sun 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister Followed by Fairtrade stall Page 14 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Marion Bayley29th Mon30th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 531st Wed 6.00 pm - Worship Group Page 4 November 20121st Thu2nd Fri 2.00 pm - Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club Page 43rd Sat 10.00 am - Antiques Fair Page 12 2.30 pm - Saturday Fellowship Page 3 10.30 am - Morning Service - Mary Beckingham4th Sun (Bromley Food Bank) 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - Rev. Raymond SinghDATES FOR YOUR DIARY10 November CHRISTMAS FAIR11 November REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY and CHURCH PARADE25 November CHURCH MEETING 12.00 noon30 Nov-9 Dec CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL (NB. The dates are EARLIER this year). 1 December CRAFT FAIR 9 December CHRISTMAS GIFT SERVICE and CHURCH PARADE15 December COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS SERVICE16 December CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT 6.30 pm 5 January CONCERT of MARTIN & JENNY NUNN’S MUSIC12 January NEW YEAR SOCIAL 19
  22. 22. 75th Anniversary - Events Calendar Date Event Page October13th Talent Exhibition This page Talents Exhibition Saturday, 13th October ----------------------- Please bring your exhibits before 9.00 am or on Sunday 7th October. Please make sure everything is named. The Exhibition will be open from 10.30 am - to - 3.00 pm Adults £1, children free. During the day there will be music and poetry to listen to. Do please join in, as we give thanks for our God-given talents. Mavis Righini. 20
  23. 23. CHURCH ORGANISATIONSDay Organisation Contact PhoneSunday10.25 am Sunday Club Mike Duke 8462 5103Weekdays9.15 - 12.00 pm Pre School Group Jayne Carvell 07913 299773Monday2.30 & 7.30 pm West Wickham Carol Crouch 8462 3642 Arts Association5.45 pm Brownies Sarah Humphrey 8249 99826.30 pm Cubs Brenda Petts 8325 39568.00 pm - 1st Womens Contact Sylvia Mack 8462 1938 Mon monthly GroupTuesday2.00 pm Womens Fellowship Linda Jennings 07778 2385876.00 - 8.00 pm Weight Watchers Area Office 0845 345 15007.15 pm Scouts Paul Hasling 3236 0083Wednesday5.00 pm Rainbows Tania Venables 8462 97596.00 pm Beavers Brenda Petts 8325 39566.30 pm Worship Group Bill Michie 8658 41676.45 pm Slimming World Val 0750 60150647.30 pm Explorers Tom Strachan 07745 813 295Thursday5.30 pm Brownies Stevie Blair. 8325 34697.15 - 8.45 pm Rangers Georgina Chappell 07983 4713088.00 pm - 3rd Mens Group Bruce Tannock 8325 6264 Thu monthlyFriday9.00 - 12.00 pm Coffee morning during term times2.00 pm Mothers & Toddlers Judith Stoner 8462 30236.30 pm Guides Teresa Cheyne 8777 60427.30 pm Choir Martin Nunn 8462 5918Saturday2.30 pm Saturday Fellowship Martin Nunn 8462 5918
  24. 24. Final ThoughtGod our Father,make the door of our churchwide enough to receive all who need human love and fellowshipand a Father’s care,and narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and lack of love;here may the tempted find help,the sorrowing receive comfort,the careless be awakened to repentance,and the penitent be assured of your mercy;and may all your children renew their strengthand go on their way in hope and joy;through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.