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  1. 1. SHUDDHI Ideas towards swachhata
  2. 2.  Shuddhi is an innovative step towards creating ideas and action plan for making Swachch Bharat Initiative more efficient in your own city. Shuddhi event is the first time that the idea of cleanliness is mooted for the city of Raipur. I guess a lot of schools and colleges have taken up several clean-up drives in Raipur for promoting awareness among the city. The initiative “Clean Raipur Green Raipur” will be given a great boost in accordance with the project Shuddhi. WHAT IS SHUDDHI?
  3. 3.  Lack of awareness.  Irregularity in collecting waste from houses.  Less numbers of dustbins throughout the road.  No strict rules for culprits.  No proper system to take measures for cleanliness. CURRENT ISSUES
  4. 4. SOLID WASTE (CURRENT STATUS) Soil(Dust) 65% Garbage 15% Leaves waste 5% Man made waste 15%
  5. 5.  Swachhata police department.  Surroundings Cleanliness  Smart communication with citizens.  Solid waste management.  Closing all open gutters.  Greenery department.  If 1 tree is cut the 5 tress should be planted against 1.  Plastic bags strictly prohibited.  Sewage plants on rivers at needed places.  Bio gas plants in public toilets.  It is always better to prevent waste than to clean it up later. PROPOSED IDEAS
  6. 6.  Penalty on creating waste.  New roads shall be constructed in the directions of wind so the waste is driven out with and in the direction of wind  Dustbins to be installed at required distances.  Public awareness as well as public campaigns should be conducted periodically in order to create an awareness regarding swacchata.
  7. 7.  There should be new roads constructed all over India according to the wind direction of a particular place.  The best example is our very old Indus valley civilization.  Due to wind the garbage can be collected at a particular place and it can be carried off very easily and cleanliness can be maintained. 1.NEW ROADS ACCORDING TO WIND DIRECTION.
  8. 8.  Public awareness can be created by super hero advertisements, serials episodes, documentary films, animation films.  Swachhata Mahotsav in schools and colleges for awareness in youth .  Hoarding AND POSTERS CAN BE PUT UP WITH INSPIRING SLOGANS TO KEEP CLEALINESS.  Lessons or chapters should be included in the curriculum like…  Importance of SWACHHATA for health  What are the adverse effects of dirty nation, dirty class rooms, dirty schools, dirty public places?  How clean India can attract foreign tourists?  What should we not do to keep our prosperous heritage and public places like railway stations, bus stops, hospitals SWACHHH?  One should not spit on building’s wall  One should not throw waste on ground What are the legal punishments to spoil our heritage or public places? 2.PUBLIC AWARENESS
  9. 9.  An area ( 5 kms. radius) wise team of 5 should be appointed to keep their area clean.  The team should consist of 3 youngsters, 1 women and 1 person above 60 years.  They have to submit report of their work every month to the local governing body.  The best team working should be awarded so they get encouragement to work further. 3.SWACHHATA TEAM
  10. 10. i. SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT  The solid waste should be accumulated and it should be recycled so that it can be reused and the land pollution is reduced and we regain our raw materials.  Cigarette butts collected from the roads can be used for making of tar and construction of road by boiling them.  Plastic waste can be used in construction of roads because plastic, the bonds between the bitumen becomes very good and so the rains cannot damage the road and as a result maintenance cost is lowered.  Aluminum rappers from medical waste should be recycled so that the metal is not wasted and land is not polluted.  Rotten food or veggies should be accumulated and transferred to villages so that the farmers can get manure at lower cost or can be buried in land so that the land gets fertile. 4.RECYCLING
  11. 11. ii. E-Waste Management  E-waste should be exchanged with the new electronic products and discount should be rewarded in return of exchange.  E-Waste collection drive should be carried out by the students.
  12. 12. iii. Water Management  Water used for washing utensils and vegetables should be utilised in toilets.
  13. 13.  Government should start a yojna in which businessmen or industries adopt a village or a city and making it a cleaner and greener region and maintain it.  The individual or a group which works best should be rewarded by the government by income tax rebate.  School & colleges should adopt their own area to clean.  We know that the outskirt area of any city is not developed so by giving charge to private companies will be beneficial to government as well as citizen to live in a clean city. 5.ADOPTING VILLAGE/CITY
  14. 14.  Swachhata portal should be made where people can upload pictures of anyone littering the streets.  The portal should be linked with social media websites.  The person who uploads maximum number of picture in a month should be awarded with 10% of fine taken from the person caught.  All the culprits caught in the photo should be caught by the Swacchata police and fined if the act is repeated 5 times in a month, the person would be jailed for a day. 6. SWACHHATA PORTAL
  15. 15.  Government have to create Swachha department in every police station of city.  In that police station Swachha officer will be recruited .  Swachha police will patrol the allotted area and collect fine.  Police have to make database of every citizen in city  In this database information of Adhaar card will be saved.  When police have to take penalty from any citizen , shop , office etc. they only have to enter their name and address as they entered, a particular person window will be opened on police smart phone and they have to enter penalty amount.  This amount will be directly deducted from the Subsidy account of that person.  Everything will be online so there will be no corruption. 7.SWACHHATA POLICE DEPARTMENT.
  16. 16.  Main step for cleanliness is, government has to be take penalty from shop, home, office, complex etc. whose surrounding is not clean.  The surroundings should be kept at a limit of 50 mts. radius.  Good news is that, by taking penalties government do not have to advertise for Swachha Bharat Mission (going practically) because when shopkeeper have fear of giving penalty he will keep telling to his customer please use dust bins. 8.SURROUNDING CLEANLINESS
  17. 17.  This department will look after the tree plantation in the city and to maintain the cleanliness by developing gardens.  There is a necessity of greenery in the city so, we have to develop a greenery department which will consist of gardener’s , botany architectures etc.  They will together with company and municipality can design a road map of where to grow trees , plants and their types as well as grass where plants and tree can’t be grown.  They will together with company and municipality can design a road map of where to grow trees , plants and their types as well as grass where plants and tree can’t be grown. 9.GREENERY DEPARTMENT
  18. 18. 10.FLOW OF MONEY Central Government State Government Municipality Contractor PRESENT FLOW OF MONEY
  19. 19. Central Government State Government Private Company Company Own Employees Swachhata police MODIFIED FLOW OF MONEY
  20. 20.  Two decades of economic growth since 1990 has changed the composition of Indian wastes. The quantity of waste generated in India is increasing rapidly due to increasing population and change in lifestyles. Land is scarce and public health and environmental resources are precious. The current waste crisis in India should be approached holistically; while planning for long term solutions, focus on the solving the present problems should be maintained.  We hope the ideas purposed in this Presentation would help to build a Clean India. CONCLUSION