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Umbrella Summer


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Umbrella Summer

  1. 1. Kaela ValdezMs. Roche-Reading Class 3rd period
  2. 2. Lisa Graff was born on 1981 in a town calledBig Bear, a tiny ski resort in SouthernCalifornia. She moved to L.A. and studiedLinguistics and Cognitive Psychology at ULCAbut changed and entered the MFA Programwriting for children at the New School inManhattan. She started an editorial job atSociety of Children’s Book Writer andIllustrator. She is also the author of anotherfamous “The Thing About Georgie.” Among herother books are “The Life and Crimes of BernettaWallflower,” and the latest, “Double Dog Dare.”Aside from writing, she loves reading andboard. She currently lives in Brooklyn with hercat, named Henry.
  3. 3.  Umbrella Summer is a story of a 10 yr old girl, named Annie Richards, who has an older brother named Jared. Jared died unexpectedly after he got hit by a hockey puck playing in Cedar Lake and they found out he had a rare heart condition called aortic dissection, which caused him to die. After her brother‟s death, she became extra cautious worrying all the time about her health. It affected her friends and family. Will Annie go back into a fun loving girl and start being happy again? Will she be able to close totally her umbrella? Read and find out.
  4. 4.  Annie Richards- a 10 yr old girl who is the main character of the book. She has a brother named Jared who died unexpectedly of heart disease. She used to be a fun-loving girl, but after her brother‟s death, she started worrying about her health. Rebecca Young- blonde hair, loves ballet, Annie‟s friend, whose dad is a doctor Mrs. Finch- Annie‟s new neighbor who bought “ the haunted house.” Mrs. Harper- Annie‟s next door neighbor. Tommy- Jared‟s best friend. Mr. and Mrs. Richards- Annie‟s parents
  5. 5. Introduction:Meet Annie Richards, her family and friends Setting Cedar Haven, CA Rising Action Annie‟s older brother died unexpectedly. Annie became extremely cautious about her health Annie stopped hanging out with Doug Zimmerman Annie stole a book called Preventing Everyday Illness Mrs. Finch moved to the haunted house. Annie refused to go to Rebecca‟s hamster‟s funeral. Mrs. Finch and Annie became good friends Mrs. Finch‟s husband also died recently.
  6. 6.  Mrs . Finch help Rebecca and Annie become friends again. Annie talked to her parents about her brother‟s death. Annie helped her mom finally go to Jared‟s room.
  7. 7. FALLING ACTION Mrs. Finch was able to hang her husband‟s fish pictures with Annie‟s help. Annie stopped reading Preventing Everyday Illness. They celebrated Jared‟s birthday by posting a paper and writing things Jared liked to do.
  8. 8.  Annie and her family was able to move on. Annie‟s mom is planning to give away some of Jared‟s clothes and finally cleaned up his room Annie started playing obstacle courses with her friends Annie and Mrs. Finch helped each other by closing their own “umbrella.”
  9. 9.  Despondent- in low spirits, from loss of hope or courage. Pg 49 “She looks despondent when she saw the result of her exam.” Cautious-adj; attentive to potential problems or dangers pg 49 “I am very cautious when I cross the street.” Gnawed-v; to bite, chew on, or erode with the teeth pg 73 “The mouse gnawed my little brother‟s new shoes.” Stupefied-v; make someone unable to think or feel properly, astonish or shock pg 170 “I was stupefied about the news of my friend‟s moving to another school.” indestructible-adj; not able to be destroyed pg 233 “I made a toy that is indestructible.”
  10. 10. Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven?I must be strong and carry on„Cause I know I don‟t belong here in heavenWould you hold my hand if I saw you in heaven?Would you help me stand if I saw you in heaven?I‟ll find my way through night and day.„Cause I know I just can‟t stay here in heaven.Time can bring you down, time can bend your kneesTime can break your heart, have you begging please,begging pleaseBeyond the door there‟s peace, I‟m sureAnd I know there‟ll be no more tears in heaven Repeat paragraph 1.
  11. 11. I gave my book a 5 star rating for Umbrella Summerbecause the characters are very realistic, and this storyreminded me of losing my grandfather a couple yrs ago,and it helps you learn to cope with sadness and grief oflosing someone. I recommend this book because I reallyenjoyed reading it and at the same time, it helped melearn how to deal with life‟s realities, like death.