Catching fire


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Catching fire

  1. 1. By: Suzanne Collins Noel Griffith Reading-Ms. Roche Period 3 May 11, 2012
  2. 2. • Suzanne Collins was born August 10, 1962, in Hartford, Connecticut. She is thedaughter of a U.S. Air Force officer. She attended the Alabama School of FineArts, and later graduated from Indiana University with a double major in dramaand telecommunications. She then got another degree in dramatic writing in NewYork. She is currently married to Cap Collins. They have an 11 year-old girl, and a17 year-old boy. They live happily in Connecticut. In 2008, The Hunger Games wasreleased. In 2009, Catching Fire was released. Last, but not least, Mockingjay wasreleased in 2010.
  3. 3. • Life is very different for Katniss back in District 12 after winning the Hunger Games.Gale works full time as a coal miner and Katniss is left alone hunting for Gale’s family.During the Victory Tour in the Capitol Peeta proposes to Katniss (she accepts). Gale getswhipped 40 times by a very mean Peacekeeper for poaching a wild turkey. Uprisingsoccur in the Districts first starting with District 8. Katniss is put in the 3rd Quarter Quell.In the Games Katniss and Peeta form an alliance with other tributes Finnik and Mags.Mags dies in just a few days after the Games start. Then tributes Johanna, Beetee, andWiress join them. Wiress soon dies. Plutarch, the head Gamemaker saves Katniss andmost of her Allies. Out of anger, the Capitol drops a bunch of firebombs on District 12completely destroying it! At least Prim, her cat, Buttercup; Mrs. Everdeen, Gale, and afew others escape to District 13; which is abandoned due to a rebellion there a longtime ago which the Capitol destroyed like District 12. The worst part is—they couldn’tget Peeta out of the arena. Will they ever get Peeta back? Will They make it to District13? Read Catching Fire and find out.
  4. 4. • Main Characters1. Katniss Everdeen-16 years old, from District 12, former Hunger Games champion.2. Peeta Mellark-16 years old, from District 12, former Hunger Games champion, a baker’s son.3. Gale-18 years old, long-time friend and hunting partner of Katniss.4. Cinna-Katniss’s stylist and good friend.5. President Snow-The cruel dictator of Panem.6. Haymitch-Former Hunger Games champion, alcoholic, mentor for Katniss and Peeta for the Games.7. Plutarch-Head Gamemaker, saves Katniss.8. Finnik-Allie of Katniss and Peeta, from District 4.9. Beetee-Allie of Katniss and Peeta.• Supporting Characters1. Prim Everdeen-Little sister of Katniss, 12 years old, was chosen four the 74th annual Hunger Games but Katniss volunteered as tribute for her.2. Mrs. Everdeen-Katniss and Prim’s mother, husband died in coal mine accident, owns an apothecary shop.3. Effie Trinket-District 12’s coordinator, chaperone for District 12’s tributes.
  5. 5. • Introduction-Gale starts working full time as a coal miner, and Katniss hunts for Gale’s family, butgets lonely.-President Snow comes personally to Katniss and tells her to get people to believe thewhole “star-crossed lovers” thing between her and Peeta; so a rebellion doesn’t occur.• Rising Action-During the Victory Tour, in district 11, people get shot due to Katniss’s and Peeta’sactions (they don’t really talk about the other districts).-Peeta proposes to Katniss at the Capitol during the Victory Tour (she accepts).-Gale gets whipped for poaching a wild turkey.-Katniss finds out about uprisings in the different districts first starting with District 8.-Planning on escaping, but does not.•Climax-Katniss is put back in the Games for the 3rd Quarter Quell.•Falling Action-Both Katniss and Peeta get 12’s as their skill level (on a scale of 0-12.0=weakest, 12=deadliest). No one has ever gotten a score of 12 before.-For the final interviews before the Games began, Cinna put Katniss in her wedding
  6. 6. dress that changed into a Mockingjay dress. Cinna was in grave danger for designing thisdress like a sign of rebellion.-As Katniss is in the glass tube leading to the arena, she sees Cinna getting beat by guardsin the preliminary room.-She and Peeta form an alliance with Finnick and Mags from 4. At the cornicopia, they allget weapons.-Mags dies.-Johanna, Beetee, and Wiress join up with them.-Wiress dies.-Beetee and the others set up his special wire so they can practically kill their enemieswith the lightning strike at the beginning of the “arena clock”.-As Johanna and Katniss run to the beach to set it up and run back to the others, Johannadeeply cuts Katniss and runs away.• Conclusion-Katniss is saved by Plutarch and his team along with almost all her allies.-Johanna wasn’t saved, but worst of all—Peeta wasn’t saved.-Katniss was being brought to District 13. Which may be secretly rebuilding itself.-Gale was in the hover craft with them along with Haymitch and told Katniss that District12— has been destroyed, but that her family was safe in 13.
  7. 7. 1. Gourd- A type of squash. “When I get to Greasy Sae’s stall, I boot myself up to sit on the counter and order some soup, which looks to be some kind of gourd or bean mixture.” Pg.112. Provocation- To arouse a feeling or action. “You’ve seen what they did here, and that was without provocation.” Pg.1683. Histrionics- Deliberate Display of emotions or effects. “After the usual histrionics about the deteriorated state of my beauty, they get right down to business.” Pg.1644. Deteriorated- To make inferior in quality or value. “After the usual histrionics about the deteriorated state of my beauty, they get right down to business.” Pg.1645. Spile- A spout inserted in a tree to draw off sap or water. “Yes, there. Have you got the spile?” Pg.308
  8. 8. • Katniss played by: EmmaRoberts. •Peeta played by: Jamie Knox Gale played by: Taylor Lautner.
  9. 9. Cinna played by: MichaelEaly President Snow played by: Nicholas Cage Haymitch played by: Nathan Fillion
  10. 10. Plutarch played by: LukeEvans Finnick played by: Grant Gustin Beetee played by: Nathan Cress
  11. 11. Prim Everdeen played by:Ciarra Bravo Mrs. Everdeen played by: Challen Cates Effie Trinket played by: Leigh-Allen-Baker
  12. 12. 1. The scene when the allies run to safety from the fog and Katniss is helping Peeta along the way. “Heavy In Your Arms” by Florence and the Machine I was a heavy heart to carry My beloved was weighed down My arms around his neck My fingers laced to crown. I was a heavy heart to carry My feet dragged across ground And he took me to the river Where he slowly let me drown My love has concrete feet My loves an iron ball Wrapped around your ankles Over the waterfall Im so heavy, heavy Heavy in your arms Im so heavy, heavy Heavy in your arms
  13. 13. Catching FireI give Catching Fire a 5 out of 5 star rating. It was action-packed, dramatic, and justgreat! I deeply enjoy the series. I can’t wait to start reading Mockingjay, the 3rd and sadly last book of the series.
  14. 14. Other books I would recommend: Other books in The Hunger Games Trilogy•The Hunger Games•Mockingjay Different books and series•The Harry Potter series•Percy Jackson Series•The Penderwicks series•Red Pyramid