Jack lapean the genius files never say genius


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Jack lapean the genius files never say genius

  1. 1. The Genius Files: Never Say Genius By Dan Gutman Jack Lapean Reading-Roche Room 62 5th period May 10, 2012
  2. 2. About the Author Dan Gutman Dan Gutman was born on October 19, 1955 in New York City. Dan Gutman attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey and got a degree in psychology. He wrote many articles for magazines before he wrote books. Dan Gutman writes many kid‟s fiction books. He now lives in Haddonfield, New Jersey, with his wife Nina, and two kids, Sam and Emma. http://www.dangutman.com/
  3. 3. Summary of Book• The two main characters in the story are Coke and Pepsi McDonald.• Some of the people who are after them are Archie Clone, Bowler hat dudes, and Mrs. Higgins.• The book starts off with Coke and Pepsi traveling on the road to their aunt‟s wedding.• While on their way there, they visit one of the first McDonalds and nearly get killed by being lowered into a pot of boiling oil.• Later in the story they almost get frozen to death by being in an ice cream truck with freezing ice cream falling on them.• Next, they almost get killed by being stampeded by angry Cubs fans.• Then, they make it to Washington D.C. and find all there enemy‟s there trying to steal one of America‟s most prized possessions.• What could it be? What will happen? Read the book to find out!
  4. 4. Description of CharactersMain CharactersCoke- Has brown hair and has a photographic memory which means he basicallyremembers anything he sees. Very quick on his feet and can basically solve anyproblems you give him. He and his sister just turned thirteen years old. They arestrong and clever in intense situations.Pepsi- Also has brown hair, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to basicknowledge or figuring out ciphers. Just turned thirteen on June 25. Gets nervouswhen she is in tight and death threating situations.Archie Clone- Enemy to Coke and Pepsi. He has red hair, freckles, and is aroundthe age of six-teen. He is also part of the Genius Files but is trying to kill everyoneso he can win the one-million dollar prize at the end. He is very evil and will doanything basically for money.
  5. 5. Description of Characters (continued)Supporting CharactersMrs. McDonald- Coke and Pepsi‟s mom who is really clueless in the book. Sheowns a popular website called Amazing but True. She probably is in her mid-forty‟s, late thirty‟s. For her website, she is always wanting to stop atinteresting, but useless places like the National Mustard Museum or the biggestball of twine.Dr. McDonald- Coke and Pepsi‟s dad who is also kind of clueless in the bookbecause when Coke and/or Pepsi try to tell them what happened, they think it is ajoke. Also probably in his mid-forty‟s. He is trying to find a topic for his new bookbecause he is having a writer‟s block.Mrs. Higgins- Evil person who is not only set out, but determined to kill and wreckCoke and Pepsi‟s life. She traps them and locks them in the worst possiblesituations like leaving them in a sound both with extremely loud music that wouldliterally make their heads explode.
  6. 6. Plot DiagramIntroduction- Coke and Pepsi are traveling to their aunt‟s wedding and on the way are lowered in to a pot of boiling oil but escape unharmed. People are constantly trying to kill them. Meets the evil Archie Clone.Rising Action- Coke and Pepsi are facing new and more difficult challenges on the way to Washington D.C. They are getting ciphers that have secret messages in them that they have to figure out. They then go to a Cub‟s game and because of Mrs. Higgins say when they are singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” that there is a bomb in the Cub‟s dugout.Climax- Coke and Pepsi are nearly frozen to death by bone chilling ice cream. Coke and Pepsi nearly have the ears blown out because in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mrs. Higgins plays really loud music.Falling Action- Coke and Pepsi are led to Washington D.C. and find that Archie Clone, the Bowler hat dudes, and Mrs. Higgins are trying to steal Abraham Lincoln‟s hat! Coke and Pepsi are going to get dropped on the Washington Monument to their death but they survive.Conclusion- The evil people are trying to get away in their helicopters, but Pepsi throws an exploding frisbee at it and the helicopter explodes. Coke and Pepsi save the day and return Abe Lincoln‟s hat. At the end of the story, they make it to their aunt‟s wedding and find out that their aunt is marrying someone who they thought they killed…. Dr. Herman Warsaw!
  7. 7. Five New Vocabulary TermsUncanny – adj. - Strange or mysterious, esp. in an unsettling way. “Uncanny isn‟t it?”(page 126)Lingering – adj. – Lasting for a long time or slow to end. “That is so much morehumane than a long, lingering death, don‟t you think?” (page 141)Emerge – verb. – Move out of or away from something and come into view. “Peoplewere starting to emerge from their tents and RVs to begin their day.” (page 151)Primitive – adj. – Relating to, denoting, or preserving an early stage in theevolutionary or historical development of something. “It turns out that in 1907 a janitornamed Murray Spangler invented a primitive vacuum cleaner because his asthmaflared up whenever he swept the floor with a broom.” (page 188)Illuminated – verb. – Light up; to provide or brighten with light. “The attack lastedtwenty-five hours, and explosions illuminated („the rockets‟ red glare, the bombsbursting in air‟) a huge American flag, which inspired Key to write the lyrics to hisfamous song.” (page 242)
  8. 8. Movie – CastingBradley Steven Maria Canals Alyson Stoner Dan Gutman asPerry as Coke Barrera as Mrs. as Pepsi Dr. McDonald McDonalds
  9. 9. Movie - Soundtrack “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts Life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long If youre going my way I wanna drive it all night longWhy I choose this song for this soundtrack would be because for basically the whole story, they aretraveling over the country getting ready for there next action-packed adventure. I also choose this because the song is kind of up-beat and so is the book.
  10. 10. Book Rating I rate this book five out of five stars. This book deserves five stars because I thought the book was just excellent and it showed a lot of intense and great action. It had the perfect amount of adventure and suspense to keep you reading. If I had to say some adjectives to describe this book, I would pick: thrilling, daring, and exciting. I thought this was a fantastic book and I would call it a page turner because I never wanted to put the book down.
  11. 11. Similar Books1. The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable2. Percy Jackson and The Last OlympianWhy I think these books are similar to the one I justread is because they both display immense action andare also page turners. They also show lots of teamwork, bravery, and determination. In both thesebooks, the main character is trying to overcome aproblem and/or issue that they have to face up to andthen solve.