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Mrs. Bosscher\'s Class


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Book Reports

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Mrs. Bosscher\'s Class

  1. 1. The Tale of Desperaux Kate DiCamillo This story is about a mouse, a princess, a rat and a serving girl. These four characters live in a castle .The mouse, also known as Desperaux, was in love with the princess .The rat, Roscuro, was an unusual rat who enjoyed the light. Roscuro and the serving girl, Miggery sow, both see many changes in this story. The characters always fight then stop. These four beings come together peaceful kind of way. In the end, they all become good friends. The theme is medieval times. I recommend this book because the enemy turns out to be a peaceful friend and it teaches a lesson. The lesson is that little people can do big things too! Michael Anderson
  2. 2. The Cupid Chronicles Coleen Murtagh Paratore The Cupid Chronicles is an amazing book. In the book Willa tries her best to save the town’s library because she loves Shakespeare. I learned that if you work hard at something it can happen; just like Willa would not give up what she believed in. I would recommend this book to a friend because it has astonishing things come up when you don’t expect them. A valuable lesson is that it all turns out good in the end if you are a good friend and daughter. Even when you go through bad times, they can turn around and get better. S arah Berger
  3. 3. Goldie Beverly Cleary Charles and Lizzie Peterson wanted a dog badly. One day their dad brought home a dog he rescued from a fire. They were so happy. Charles and Lizzie named the dog Goldie. They loved Goldie. They took care of her but Mrs. Peterson wanted to give away Goldie because she had too much work. Unfortunately Charles and Lizzie’s best friend Sammy and his parent decided to adopt Goldie so their dog Ruff would have a companion. Charles and Lizzie were so excited because Sammy lived next door. This meant they would see Goldie everyday. I would let some one read it because it is a very caring book. Kayci Chisholm
  4. 4. Muggy Maggie Beverly Cleary Maggie, Maggie, Maggie everyone says to a girl named Maggie Schultz. Do you know why? It’s because she does NOT want to write cursive. To me that is just not right. When she is chosen to be monitor she looks at the note and she seems to see that it has her name in it. Maggie goes back and forth giving notes to people all around the school. She keeps reading and reading them. Guess what, she finally writes cursive. Chapel Darley
  5. 5. Exile Kathrine Lasky Exile is a great book if you like owls and I thought it’s a great book. In Exile the band Soren, Glyfie, Digger, and Twilight are banned! A blue owl called the Striga is taking control of Coryn’s mind. She is making every owl in the tree burn special things including books. She is putting together a group of owls called the blue brigade. But on Blarefire night where owls light huge fires to ride the updrafts, Soren and the band accompanied by green owls (because they dress in leaves and twigs) attack the Striga and the blue brigade and win. All the books are safe. The band is out of exile . Sam Emsley
  6. 6. Smasher By Dick King Smith Smasher was an ugly dog who looked nothing like his mom. Smasher was going to be killed but his mom moaned and Smasher wasn't killed. When Farmer Buzzard was selling the dogs, Smasher was not for sale but a man wanted to by him but Farmer Buzzard said “he’s not for sale”. Smasher got in trouble three times, two times for chasing Mrs. Buzzard’s hens and one time for wrecking the house and stealing a lamb. After that he lived in a cattle house for three months. Then Smasher was trained but Mrs. Buzzard didn’t know. One night Mrs. Buzzard was gone and Smasher was allowed in the house. That night a burglar came and Smasher was awoken by a sneeze and stopped the burglar. After that Mr. Buzzard called the police, and Smasher was the hero. When Mrs. Buzzard came back Farmer Buzzard told Mrs. Buzzard the story and said “he got a new dog”. I would recommend Smasher to a friend because the it’s an interesting book because of the friendship between Smasher and the Buzzards. I learned that you shouldn’t judge someone bad just because they’re ugly. Cameron Gangle
  7. 7. The Report Card Andrew Clements A girl named Nora Rowley is a genius. Nora watched her sister make a puzzle and Nora just pointed to a piece and it was the right piece. When she was in kindergarten she thought she wouldn't fit in so Nora pretended to be a cat. After she stopped being a cat she started to followed people around and she liked following a kid named Stephen. He couldn’t make one of his letters correctly. Stephen liked how Nora would help him so they became friends. When she was in 5 th grade she got average grades but she could do better. So one Friday when she got home she showed her Mom and Dad her Report Card and she got 5 Ds and 1C. Nora thought the tests were the same so she went on strike. Nora got zeros on all her tests and that made the teachers mad. Nora got together all the kids who got zeros and she told them to stop and then Nora started to be a genius. I would recommend this book because it tells how people can become friends. Will Harmening
  8. 8. In Grandma’s Attic Arleta Richardson In Grandma’s Attic is about a girl who lives with her grandma, and her grandma tells her a lot of stories about when she was little. I learned that you don’t play tricks on people and you don’t hide things. For example, when the grandma was little she had to do the dishes by hand. Her friend came over and said, “Come on let’s play.” But Mabel, who is the grandma said, “I have to do the dishes before my mom gets back.” But her friend said, “You can hide them in the basement and we can do them later.’’ But they did not finish the game until her mom got home. The dishes were not done. Her mom needed the plates for dinner. Mabel did not want her mom to know, but she told her anyway and her mom said, “You are not allowed to play with that friend for a week. I would recommend this book because it teaches you about God. For example he always answers your prayers, if it is a yes, no, maybe, or later. Christina Hernandez
  9. 9. Mrs. Jeepers’ Secret Cave Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones The Bailey School kids get scared in the summertime! Eddie, Liza, Melody, and Howie think their 3 rd grade teacher Mrs. Jeepers is a vampire! They stay for one day at Ruby Cave with Mrs. Jeepers and Gordon who shares the same passion for caves. When the Bailey school kids are in a pitch black room, Liza shines her light on Mrs. Jeepers because she followed the voice she heard when Mrs. Jeepers said, ‘’Don’t be scared children!’’ in the dark. Mrs. Jeepers was hanging up side down with the other bats! But at the end, they figured out Mrs. Jeepers only loves caves. Chloe Kranston
  10. 10. The Mouse and the Motorcycle Beverly Cleary The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a book about a mouse named Ralph, who lives in a old hotel and he craves adventure. He found it one day when a family with a little boy, checked in to the hotel room where Ralph’s family lived. The small boy brought his toys, including a small motorcycle. When the family left one day, Ralph got on the motorcycle, which was on the bed, and rode around making the “ vroom-vroom “ sound to make it go. He rode from the bed spread to the night stand, then accidentally speeded off the stand, falling into the waste basket. When the boy came back, he found Ralph and befriended him. They had many good times, but Ralph lost the motorcycle and then the boy got sick! So Ralph rode the toy ambulance and then had an encounter with an owl and brought back aspirin to get the little boy well, and they found the motorcycle. The day came when the boy had to leave, but they had many good memories. I'd recommend this book to a friend because I learned that friendships and adventures are good ! Jimmy Lane
  11. 11. Marisol By Gary Soto In this book the main character is named Marisol. She is absolutely in love with dancing. Once her father announces that they are moving to the Chicago suburbs. Marisol is very upset because she realizes that in her neighborhood there is not a dance studio. But luckily her neighbor, Mrs. Gonzalez , used to be a dance teacher and performer. Mrs. Gonzalez ends up actually teaching dance at Marisol’s school. I learned you should never lie or treat people poorly. If you want something bad enough, you should earn it, not beg your parents. I would recommend this book to a friend because it’s a wonderful story and it teaches all these lessons for school. Never play pranks on your teachers, do not cheat, do not tell your mom and dad you have no homework when you really do, and do not lie to anyone, not even your sister. When you go to dance class never say you practiced your dance moves when all you did was watch TV. With a character like Marisol and her adventure there are many lessons to learn in this outstanding book!!! Catherine Lee
  12. 12. Secret of the Shark Pit Lee Roddy This story begins with twelve year old Josh Ladd missing his best friend Tank who has moved to Hawaii. Josh’s wish comes true when his dad gets an assignment and the family travels to Hawaii when Josh visits Tank. Tank tells him he has a map of a place that even the natives don’t know about. Josh disobeys his father and goes to the shark pit. This turns out to be a good thing because Josh helps to save his dad and the artifacts from the burglar. I learned that even if things turn out good you should always obey your parents or there will be consequences. Jake Meisenheimer
  13. 13. The Outcast Kathryn Lasky The Outcast is about an owl named Nyroc who is born in evil and orphaned and discovers good. He lives alone in the woods and goes through a quest for the Ember of Hoole to become king. I learned from the characters that when someone is born in evil they can still find good. I would recommend The Outcast to a friend because it teaches lessons on what’s right and what’s wrong through an exciting story. The book teaches the reader about good and evil through an incredible tale of an incredible owl! Hallie Millard
  14. 14. Fire and Ice Erin Hunter The book I read, Fire and Ice, is the second book in the series of books entitled Warriors. This book is unique because it’s about cats who are in clans and fight each other. The main characters are two warrior cats , Fireheart and Graystripe. They defend and save Windclan against Shadowclan and Riverclan. They also help Shadowclan by running out their leader Brokenstar. The third book in this series is called The Forest of Secrets and I can’t wait to read it. Grayson Olinger
  15. 15. Little House in the Big Woods Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House in the Big Woods takes place during the 1870’s. It’s about a girl named Laura Ingalls and her family living in the big woods of Wisconsin. Laura's father is a hunter who hunts deer, bear ,and other wild animals to provide food for the family. They also grow corn. Laura and her big sister Mary are taught school by their mom at home. The Ingalls have a dog named Jack. Jack makes Laura feel safe. One scary part of the story is when Laura’s mom patted a bear when she thought it was their cow. I would recommend reading this book because it teaches you about life in the pioneer days. Samantha Prince
  16. 16. Skateboard Touch Matt Christopher Skateboard Touch is about a boy named Brett. Brett dug in his back yard for fun. One day when he was digging he hit a piece of wood and when he pulled it out, he found a new skateboard. However, the skateboard was no ordinary skateboard. It was the lizard! Everyone had been looking for the lizard. People were coming up to Brett shocked that he found it. Everyone began to arrive at his house and one little boy named David wanted “the lizard.” He told David that once he learned how to ride the special skateboard, he would give it to him. Brett kept his promise and eventually gave “the lizard” to David! Lul Ruach
  17. 17. The First Collier Kathryn Lasky The First Collier is about an owl named Grank. He was a noble spotted owl. The story was about Grank who possessed firesight. That means he could see visions in flames. In the story he went to a place called Beyond the Beyond and he learned how to work with embers, fire, and how to forge metals. He discovered a magical ember but he was afraid of it’s awful powers so he hid it again. I would recommend this book to a friend because it was cool, action-packed, and fun to picture. There were lots of different animals like wolves and polar bears. In the end they learned that they should fight for the right thing. Also they learned they should stick together. I liked the book because Grank went to the beyond the beyond and that is where coals shoot out of volcanoes. Owl hoot Chris Rubio
  18. 18. The Magician’s Nephew is the first book in the series The Chronicles of Narnia. It begins in London where a young boy named Digory and his sick mother and go to live with his aunt and uncle. He is bored one day and meets a girl named Polly who lives in the same building. They discover by accident that Digory’s Uncle Andrew is a magician and has magic rings that can take you to strange other worlds. The first world is dark and scary and they meet the evil Queen Jadis there. She grabs the kids and travels with them back to their world and then to a brand new world that is just beginning. When they first arrive, everything is completely dark, but then they hear beautiful music that seems to bring the whole world to life before their eyes. The music was coming from a bright and beautiful lion named Aslan and this new world was called Narnia. The whole time he was there, Digory was worried about his mother and asked Aslan if he could help save her life. Aslan asked Digory to do something very important for Narnia first. He had to get the the silver apple that would protect Narnia forever because it was his fault that evil had already entered it. I would say overall theme for the book is discovery. There are many lessons learned too. Uncle Andrew learned not to be so careless with things he does not understand; and Digory learned he can’t do everything on his own, not to give into temptation, and to believe in what is good. I really liked this book because I already knew the story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and this one helped explain things that happened in the story. Also , I think it is like the Bible in a lot of places. Aslan is like God, Jadis is like the devil, Digory had temptation and he almost leaves Polly in Narnia. Polly and Digory feel the warmth and love from Aslan that is like Gods love. I would recommend this to all my friends. Blake Shaffer The Magician’s Nephew Lewis C.S
  19. 19. I’ve Got a Secret Lara Bergen You should read this book. The main characters are Amanda, Allie, Kate, and Jon. Amanda lies that Jon is her boyfriend. Kate gets mad at Amanda because she went to the back-to-school dance with Allie and didn’t tell her. At the end of the book Allie and Jon start to really, really like each other. The reason the book is called I’ve Got a Secret is because in the book Amanda keeps a secret. You will like this book! Abby Tipping
  20. 20. Landon Snow And The Auctor's Riddle Landon Snow likes to go on adventures and he is mysterious. Landon’s family is going on a trip to his grandparents’ house for his birthday. The story begins in his grandpa’s study where he found a secret passage that lead him to the public library where the books come to life at night. Landon solved the Auctor’s Riddle and returned to Grandpa Karl’s house. I learned that books teach us many things we need to know such as helping you learn words when you don’t know what they mean. Ethan Tessinari
  21. 21. Ace The Very Important Pig By Dick King-Smith Ace The Very Important Pig is a humorous tale about the life and times of a pig with a birthmark shaped like the Ace of Clubs on his back. Ace’s life is spared from the slaughter market by his owner, Farmer Tubbs, when he realizes Ace can communicate with him. Together Ace and Farmer Tubbs have many adventures teaching us no matter how big or small you are you can do anything you set your mind to. I would recommend this book to a friend because it is a great story about triumph over tragedy. Ace The Very Important Pig is a book for anyone who loves to read about animals and friendships. Paige Waldron
  22. 22. A Week in the Woods Andrew Clements Mark lived in Scarsdale,and went to Hardy Elementary school until his family moved to New Hampshire. Mark didn’t like the move, but he had to go. Now he goes to a pubic school, and at that school fifth graders go on a field trip to the woods called a week in the woods. At first Mark didn’t want to go. Then he changed his mind, so he went shopping on the internet. He sees that he should bring a pocketknife, but he is not allowed to, but he buys it anyway. He doesn’t pack it. When he gets to camp his friend brought a pocketknife, but when his teacher sees him with it he gets in trouble and runs away into the woods. When it gets dark he tries to go back to camp, but he gets lost. When he gets back camp he finds that the knife is not his. Cameron Webb