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Out of sight out of time


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Out of sight out of time

  1. 1. Out of Sight Out of Time By: Ally Carter Carley Cobb Reading-Roche 5 5-11-12
  2. 2. Ally CarterAlly Carter was born and raised in Oklahoma. Hermother was a teacher and her father was farmer andrancher. She was born the second and last child in herfamily. In her high school years she was a veryactive, young girl. She graduated co-valedictorian inher senior year of high school. Ally then went off to goto the college of Oklahoma State University andCornell University. She worked a while in agriculturalindustry before writing full-time . She wrote her firstnovel in 2005, Cheating at Solitaire; she then hersecond novel in spring of 2006, I’d Tell You I Love Youbut Then I’d Have to Kill You. In the fall of 2006 shewrote sequel to Cheating at Solitaire. That was herlast novel in the series. After I’d Tell You I Love You butThen I’d Have to Kill You, she has written four sequelsand is still in the process of writing her last books inOklahoma, were she currently lives.
  3. 3. SummeryCammie has disappeared over the summer, tryingto find out how to get rid of the circle of Cavan---the people who have been after her for nearly ayear and have killed her father. When she wakesup in a house of Nuns in the Alps, she realizesmonths have passed. She then comes back to theGallagher Academy, a school for exceptionalyoung women, and has to face the truth that shehas forgotten everything that has happened overthe summer. Cammie has to put the puzzle piecestogether to try to remember what happened. Willshe fine out what happened?
  4. 4. Main and Supporting Characters Cammie- blonde hair, seventeen years old, a great spy, A.K.A.: The Chameleon. Bex- Brown hair, seventeen years old, one of the best spies at the Gallagher Academy, one best friend of Cammie’s. Liz- Blond hair, seventeen years old, extremely smart, spy, another best friend of Cammie’s. Macey- Brown hair, seventeen years old, spy, another one of Cammie’s best friend, father is president. Zach- Crew cut, seventeen years old, former spy at the Blackthorn Academy for spies, Cammie’s boyfriend. Aunt Abby- Cammie’s aunt, former student at The Gallagher Academy, former body guard of Macey.
  5. 5. Breakdown of PlotIntroduction- Cammie wakes up in a house in the Alps- Cammie calls her mother to pick her upRising Action- Mr. Solomon realizes Cammie’s neclace that she has been wearing is the logo of theGilly Gallagher– the founder of the Gallagher Academy– family.- Cammie realizes she was in Rome trying to find out more about The Circle of Cavan.Climax- Cammie, Bex, Liz, Zach, and Abby all fly to Rome to find out what Cammie found outover the summer there.-Cammie finds out her dad had a safe box in the bank with clues about the circle ofCavanFalling Action-Realizes that what she was looking for in Rome what the list of original members ofthe Circle of Cavan- Finds the list in Gilly Gallagher’s mansion in RomeConclusion- Cammie remembers what had happened in Rome- Finds out the members of The Circle of Cavan.
  6. 6. New Vocabulary120- Amnesiac- adj. suffering from a partial loss ofmemory; n. a person suffering from amnesia130- Trinkets- n. cheap showy jewelry orornament on clothing134- clandestine- adj. conducted with or markedby hidden aims or methods134- predawn- n. before the rising of the sum134- proficiency- n. the quality of having greatfacility and competence; n. skillfulness in thecommand of fundamentals deriving from practiceand familiarity
  7. 7. ActorsDianna Argon/ Liz Katija Pevec/ Cammie Lucy Hale/Bex SamanthaZac Efron/ Zach Boscarino/Macey Alexandra Daddario/Aunt Abby
  8. 8. Music Soundtrack 62gI chose this song because Cammie always has to watch out forherself. The Circle of Cavan is after her, and she doesn’t even knoweveryone who is in “The Circle” so she always has to have her eyesopen and has to be watching out for herself.
  9. 9. RatingI gave this book five stars out of fivestars. This book had a lot of action aswell as romance and mystery. It kepthaving me guessing. The author alsodid a great job at being descriptive.When I read the book I felt like I wasin the book!