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With Falls City, in Polk County, Oregon lying dead center along the line of the line of east-west traverse of the moon's shadow from the coming August 21 eclipse, we thought it appropriate to commemorate this historic event with the publication (by uploading) of this LOST issues of the PYM PUZZLER -- MISSING PERSONS !
Falls City (Oregon) is one of Oregon’s gemstones-of a–town, which – about a century ago, was about the burgeoningist logging and lumber-milling towns on the Little Luckiamute River, in the foothills of the Coast Range, in western Polk County. TAKE NOTE: the City took its name from a particularly powerful waterfall on that same Little Luckimaute river, west and upriver a spot, from the heart of where the town was built: for it is there that the Little Luckiamute not only “falls” but – in its natural state – is largely propelled where it is funneled through a congestion of rocks on the banks at the brink of the falls – creating an especially spumey cataract of some 40-50 feet.
HOWEVER, at the time of the events in question in This Week’s Puzzler, the Little Luckiamute was dammed – a development enplaced during the late 1800’s – as pictured above. Water in the reservoir behind the dam, was diverted via an aquaduct of tongue-and-groove fir boards, to power the sawmill on the south bank of the Luckiamute … BUT THERE'S SOMETHING MYSTERIOUS GOING ON HERE ... FIND OUT INSIDE !!

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  1. 1. Presenting for March 11, 2012 THE NEW! DROMGOOLE’S P.Y.M.TM PUZZLER MISSING PERSONS Official K.O.T.M. Benefit Certificate, Falls City, Tent No. 2 Records WTF MSs 1511 Box 19/1 SECRETS of the LOST SECRET SOCIETY Or, CAN YOU EXPLAIN the ABRUPT VANISHMENT of FALLS CITY (OREGON) TENT No. 2 KNIGHTS of the MACCABEES ?? But First …. !!
  2. 2. BREAKING NEWS DEPT!! Dr. John Evans’ U.S.G.S. & G.L.O.-Coordinated Report of a Geological Survey of Oregon and Washington Territories (1857) – Has it Been Found by Dr. J. Waters, Ph.D.3 ? As referenced in recent issues, we at the P.Y.M. Puzzler – and you, Players, who support us with your subscription payments and frequent purchases of back issues and archival SOLUTION SUPPLEMENTS, appear to be moving – no: correction: are moving – into Jackpot territory vis-à-vis the legendary lost Port Orford Meteorite – that so-called “hoax” of the otherwise illustrious Dr. John Evans. Among the items which our valuable Puzzler volunteer intern Dr. Juerglein Waters, Ph.D.3 1 investigated at NARA last month -- in the regular publicly accessed archive of course, but also in the SECRET ARCHIVES (which can be accessed only from behind a swinging cabinet case in one of the MS restoration laboratories ) was the lost Report of a Geological Survey of the Oregon and Washington Territories – which most historians appear totally unaware of – or: of which most historians appear totally unaware – it’s even existing.2 HOWEVER! Few of you will be surprised to hear the Puzzler announce it – thanks to Dr. Waters Ph.D. 3 – We mean, of course, the discovery at NARA of a trove of correspondence between figures at the Department of Interior, and the G.L.O., and none other than Dr. John Evans himself! These correspondences include letters from the Commissioner of the General Land Office, Justin Butterfield, as well as the specific instructions to Dr. Evans directing him as to how he, Dr. Evans, should conduct his geological survey in the Oregon Territory, etc., and coordinate his research with the work of Oregon G.L.O. Surveyor General Jonathan B. Preston. YES: We suspect that this line of research will lead us in short order to the actual text of Dr. Evans’ Report, and the precise location of the long-lost, supposed “hoax” of the Port Orford Meteorite! Certain individuals affiliated with the Puzzler, privy to internal documents, may already be on their way there … 1 Dr. Waters, Ph.D.3 advises us that he holds not one doctorate, but three – hence this designation will appear after his name: Ph.D. 3 He has provided the Puzzler with the correct spelling of his first name, but says our anglicized spelling of his last name as Waters, is good enough. Also, he says, that he smokes a number of pipes. 2 A geological survey of Oregon and Washington was ordered by Congress, in an Act of September 27, 1850, to be conducted by the Interior Department; and in March of 1851, the Secretary of the Interior directed Dr. Evans to proceed overland to Oregon, via the Missouri, to conduct this survey within the authority of the United States Geological Survey, in cooperation with the General Land Office. Dr. Evans was directed, upon his arrival in Oregon City, to meet with Jonathan B. Preston, who had been appointed the second Oregon G.L.O. Surveyor General. Dr. Evans work was to be coordinated with, referenced to, and run primarily along the Willamette Meridian and Baseline which had been established under Preston's G.L.O., for the surveys of Oregon and Washington -- and so a significant amount of cooperation between Evans and the Oregon G.L.O. would be expected in fact. And this is what the Puzzler has found. Dr. Evans' field work was conducted largely during the years 1851-1852, but continuing labor on his MS and the associated Report continued in 1855-56. Dr. Evans MS of his book was said by Commissioner of the U.S. General Land Office. to be completed in 1857, and said by him to include 277 pages and some 105 illustrations, including many maps and sketch maps -- all of which had been submitted to "the engraver" as of 1857, and some of which were, presumably completely engraved at that time. Thus, in size, and scope, Dr. Evans report was said to be about 2/3 the length of David Dale Owen's report on Wisconsin. The work was ordered printed by a vote of the House ..... Additional copies were even requested and ordered ... . However, because of ostensible budget overruns by Evans, the Senate declined to finally authorize the publication of Dr. Evans' work. It remains unpublished, although it is a near certainty there are engraved plates and "galleys" that were finalized for publication. NOW!! With the recent finds of Dr. Waters and the P.Y.M. Puzzler, the actual report may soon be published for the first time!! And the Port Orford meteorite ---- found!!
  3. 3. SNEAK PREVIEW: At right, a page of G.L.O. Commissioner Butterfield’s Instructions to Dr. John Evans, for the conduct of a geological survey of Oregon as far north as Puget Sound and as far south as the Umpquah river. Enlarge it!! “But Mr. Dromgoole: I get no G.L.O. !!” “BUT WHAT ABOUT Charles S. Frailey?” We can almost hear the chorus! “What has any of this to do with Charles S. Frailey, Elmendorf’s purported “G.L.O.- Worm”?” “Frailey,” you say, “who was Chief Clerk at the General Land Office (G.L.O.) -- whose private residence during the 1840’s was No. 403, New York Ave., Washington D.C. (see, e.g., Albert Boschke’s excellent D.C. map, to locate that address) -- and later Chief Clerk at Interior, supposed set this all up?” You say. And then, you say, “We can’t Gargle up hardly anything at all on Frailey!!! This is too hard!! Waaaah!!! Mommy!!!!” And we hear you saying, “Waaaah!!! Where is there any coding and the ciphering here, we Players want to know?” And then sucking it up a little, to where you are at least coherent, you continue: “This is only about Dr. Evans’ lost registers, his lost surveyor’s report, and an entire lost MS book that was completed, probably typeset and run in galleys, 227 pages worth, with scores of engravings – that was recommended for publication by scientific academies in St. Louis and Philadelphia, and that was “lain on the table and ordered to be printed” by the House of Representatives a number of times, but was deep-sixed by the Senate – purportedly for a small overrun in Dr. Evans’ field budget. See note 2 above. What’s to see here? We, Players, who only recently abandoned our class action lawsuit against you because we were mad that we couldn’t find Ke/irb(e)yvill(e) [See, e.g., Kirbyville Where Are You?”, September 3, 2011)—Ed.] – we are not feeling the G.L.O. coming off this material…!!” Well, are you done? Because: we have said earlier, that Dr. Juerglein Waters. Ph.D.3 ’s, theories indicate that Charles S. Frailey & Co., encoded their material at a dastardly level of difficulty! Haven’t we? And the first matter to accomplish in preventing the solution of a dastardly difficult code, is to hide the fact that your encoded text, is, in fact, an encoded text!!! Right? Because any text that is facially perceived as an encoded text, will immediately be the focus of intense scrutiny by NON-Players and also to NON-subscribers!! I.e. – those who don’t GET IT! Get it? So, in the location at NARA, of the lost official G.L.O. correspondence which will lead us to Dr. Evan’s unpublished Report of a Geological Survey of Oregon and Washington Territories, and thence to the Port Orford Meteorite, the P.Y.M. Puzzler is only exercising its understanding of the degree of complexity of Frailey’s material. The Puzzler decided that Dr. Evan’s text is a relevant encoded text!! It’s only a minor incidental detail to us, that it has been lost for over 160 years. And that it is still lost!! However, for those of you who still wimply want to work CONVENTIONALLY: Here’s A Hint! Charles S. Frailey, on October 27th , 1849 -- about 3 weeks after Edgar Allen Poe staged his fake “death” – wrote a letter to the Commissioner of the G.L.O., regarding forfeiture of the 90 foot rights-of-way on each side of the Erie and Wabash canals. The matter was referred to U.S. Attorney General Reverdy Johnson, who wrote an Opinion letter to Secretary of the Interior Thomas Ewing, dated November 15, 1849: Grant of Lands to Indiana For Wabash and Erie Canal. (It’s even on Gargle!) And then, see, Where did Poe – Depot? (October 31, 2011). And now ….
  4. 4. MOST HORRIBLE NEWS!! (Does this poster make her look fat?) Ass. Prof. Beckon …. Missing ! PLAYERS!! Good grief this is terrible. The story was national within 24 hours -- By now most of you who also take the NY Times Weekend package, or read the Scappoose (Oregon) Courier, will have learned about the mysterious and sudden disappearance of our own Ass. Dr. Stephanie Beckon. The situation is worse than I at first feared, when I took the unusual step of publicly apologizing for my crass and unkind attacks on her… That only made things worse. Never apologize!! Read for yourself! Indeed, we had immediately planned to solicit you Players in aiding in the search, by running an “Amber Alert” protocol, and providing a Multiple Choice interactive search graphic, for where Prof. Beckon might be!! But due to Dr. Waters’ news, (above) we ran short of space this issue…. Next week, perhaps?
  5. 5. SECRETS of the LOST SECRET SOCIETY Or, CAN YOU EXPLAIN the ABRUPT VANISHMENT of FALLS CITY (OREGON) TENT No. 2 KNIGHTS of the MACCABEES ?? Luckiamute Falls @ Falls City Gerald W. Williams Collection, OSU Archives Falls City (Oregon) is one of Oregon’s gemstones-of a–town, which – about a century ago, was about the burgeoningist logging and lumber-milling towns on the Little Luckiamute River, in the foothills of the Coast Range, in western Polk County. TAKE NOTE: the City took its name from a particularly powerful waterfall on that same Little Luckimaute river, west and upriver a spot, from the heart of where the town was built: for it is there that the Little Luckiamute not only “falls” but – in its natural state – is largely propelled where it is funneled through a congestion of rocks on the banks at the brink of the falls – creating an especially spumey cataract of some 40-50 feet. HOWEVER, at the time of the events in question in This Week’s Puzzler, the Little Luckiamute was dammed – a development enplaced during the late 1800’s – as pictured above. Water in the reservoir behind the dam, was diverted via an aquaduct of tongue-and-groove fir boards, to power the sawmill on the south bank of the Luckiamute …
  6. 6. NOW SIR KNIGHT PLAYERS! And Sir Lady Players! Attend! The Knights of the Maccabees were founded in Ontario, Canada, ca. 1878, but shortly relocated headquarters to Michigan. To come clean on all this: strictly speaking, The Knights of the Maccabees is, yes, just a fraternal order, not a secret society -- and just one of the many dozens of innocent social & benevolent organizations that, along with the churches of various denominations, and the Grange Halls, populated – nay, determined -- the cultural landscape of the rural United States in the mid- late 19th century and well into the But it’s more fun to call them a secret society, and, indeed, occasionally the members fantasized very briefly, about being involved in something exclusive and truly secretive. And, of course, this was as true in Polk County, Oregon as anywhere else; and as true in Falls City, as anywhere else in Polk County (Oregon). (And so, in fact, where else – where else? -- would you want this week’s Puzzler to take place …… ?) HOWEVER, as you shall see, there was something a little special about the Falls City Tent No. 2 K.T.O.M. that justifies the Puzzler in calling them a true Secret Society …. WHAT ABOUT TENT NO. 2, K.O.T.M.? A chapter of the Knights of the Maccabees, denominated Tent No. 2, was founded in Falls City, Oregon, ca. 1897. Tent No. 2 was comprised – quite naturally -- of citizens of Falls City, nearby denizens, and -- ere many years had passed – residents of the nearby logging town of Black Rock, which was founded in 1901, by Charles K. Spaulding of the C.K. Spaulding Co. Black Rock was, in short, a company town. Falls City K.O.T.M., Tent No. 2, is one among the many mysteries that lies hidden under the workaday surface of this enterprising Oregon town. One of the intriguing things about the Falls City Tent No. 2 K.O.T.M. is the group’s hiring of a dyslexic engraver ...
  7. 7. Naturally, in this primitive and authoritarian patriarchal society, all of the membership of Tent No. 2, K.O.T.M. were men – or, as they were sometimes referred to – menfolk. This is also why they groups were called fraternal orders. At their meetings, they did menfolk things, like read last week’s minutes, collect dues, take this week’s minutes and vote to approve the minutes. Likewise, during this era, the women joined together in their own complimentary organizations – they may have been called sororal orders, but sisterhood societies sounds better -- and in Falls City, the order of choice for the womenfolk was the Falls City Magnolia Rebekkah Lodge No. 140 I.O.O.F. Incidentally, in Falls City, and odd custom also prevailed, whereby the menfolk of Tent No. 2 K.O.T.M., not having the means or wherewithal to build or purchase their own “Maccabee Hall,” rented their meeting hall out – initially from Mr. Griggs (see below) at $50/annum -- but later they cut a better deal with the Magnolias, and sublet their lease of the I.O.O.F. Hall in Falls City, for $2.00/mo. This represented a turning point in the economy of Tent No. 2. But, let’s get to the point … File items, Knights of the Maccabees, Falls City, Tent No. 2 Records WTF MSs 1511 Box 19/1 The Important Meetings of Tent No. 2 – Initiatory Work … The Record Keeper’s Book for Falls City Tent No. 2 opens with notes for December 3, 1891. The Tent voted to meet every Saturday night at 7:00 o’clock. Sir Knights Sundborg, Frinck and Merling were appointed to “Initiatory Work”. On the second meeting, December 12th , 1891, Initiatory Work was laid over … but the “Committee to Secure a Hall” was instructed to rent the Hall from J.G.W. Griggs, at a rate of $50/annum. By December 19th , 1891, the Investigating Committee was at work, in the form of three panels of two members each, appointed to investigate the applications of three Polk Co. residents, for admission into Tent No. 2. Sir Knight Hallowell and Sir Knight Brown investigated Stephen Quance, and made a favorable report; Sir Knights Mehrling and Raymond also investigated the petition of one Wm. Dean, reporting favorably; and Sir Knights Mitchel and Moyer investigated the petition of Isaac Hughes, and also reported favorably. The Knight Commander ordered ballots spread, and the three candidates were admitted, but PLAYERS!!! NOTE: the Record Keeper’s Book records, that “The Rules of the Tent having been suspended….” Those rules, evidently being those which governed initiation: and ONLY SO were the new members admitted. Meanwhile – to add to the sense of intrigue, The Report of the Special Committee on Initiatory Work was also laid over. Why? The tent also resolved to borrow $50 – clearly to pay the rental fee on Maccabee Hall.
  8. 8. Meanwhile, this -- or a very similar -- process was mysteriously repeated on December 26, with the admission of two other Sir Knight candidate – namely, Charlie Illingsowrth and J.L. Stoddard. Without initiation …. Dr. Hines was elected examiner for the tent, and it was resolved that he should be invited to come to Falls City and examine candidates for admission…. Committee Report on Initiatory Work: Read … Finally. HOWEVER, On Jan 2nd , 1892, a similar start-up process was observed, and two candidates were reported on favorably, then elected and accepted. Meanwhile, the Special Committee on Initiatory Work read their report. Players: MAKE A NOTE OF IT!! Then, on Jan 16th , the major business was planning for an Oyster Supper, which appears to have been carried out with extreme rapidity, because as of January 23rd, there was $1.75 balance reported by the Committee on Oyster Supper. Are you getting all this? Also, on Jan. 23rd a motion was carried to accept the offer from Sir Knight Physician to sell to Tent No. 2, 5 ¾ acres, for $300. Sir Knight Physician also requested permission to report at the next regular meeting, and this was granted by the tent. Who was “Sir Knight Physician”? No one knows to this day… But this may just be a diversion … A Real Initiation – At Last? AT THE MEETING FOR February 20, 1892, the Short Form of Initiation appears to have been first used for the acceptance of candidate Mr. W.A. Jones; but at the same meeting, a motion was made, to send for a set of Rituals: and this motion was lost on division. On March 12, Mr. Isaac Steward was admitted using the Long Form of Initiation. Some six years elapse. New officers were installed at the first meeting of 1898, January 8 – and Tent No. 2 met again on January 14, just six days later … and then.. THEN: There is a significant gap in recordkeeping – the minutes break off January 14, 1898, and resume only on February 15, 1901, at which point the de facto Record Keeper is now Mr. Y. Thompson – whose handwriting is pretty pathetic. Thompson also takes the minutes on March 1, 1901, during which session F.C. Raymond is voted into office as Record Keeper. A Sir Knight Loses a Brother .. As an incidental matter, we note the Record Keeper note the passing of S.S. Ewing. As of March 30, 1901, w/ F. C. Raymond taking minutes, “On Motion Sir Knight R.K. was appointed to draw resolutions of condolence to Sir Knight S.S. Ewing in his late bereavement in losing his brother Sam …. Then on April 12, 1901 “On Motion, Sir Knights F.C. Raymond and M.L. Thompson was appointed on committee to draw up resolution of condolence to Sir Knight S.S. Ewing in his late bereavement and to have the same spread on the minutes of their meeting.” But Ewing does not appear to have actually been a member of Tent No. 2. No one by that name appears earlier in the Record Keeper’s book. Motion to Practice for Initiation – Failed! That same meeting, a motion was made and seconded “… that we meet next Friday to select a degree team, and practice for initiation. After some discussion Motion was lost:
  9. 9. A Committee of One …? And then, yet another effort was made, in the same meeting -- also to advance Degree Work: a motion was made to appoint two Sir Knights, but only one is named: F.C. Raymond – evidently he is appointed to serve as a as a one-man committee “to find out who would take part in a degree Team and also to designate the the [sic] parts they were to take.” J.H. Wright was the second Sir Knight appointed. See below. It appears that nearly an entire decade has elapsed, since the membership of Tent No. 2 last tried staging an initiation ceremony …when Mr. Jones and Mr. Steward were initiated in February and March, respectively, of 1892!! See above. WHY? If the Puzzler is right, and knows anything about Oregon loggers, we suspect this has to do with sheepishness the members of Tent No. 2 may have felt, at the prospect of staging a “dramer” of any sort, where the Sir Knights had to read – or worse: memorize and act out!!! -- parts, and move about behind curtains, speaking in fancy stentorian language. Add to this, the prospect of dressing up with costume swords and fake chainmail, and … well, it’s perhaps no wonder that the Elks Lodge became popular in the 20th Century. Help Arrives from the Supreme Tent Leave it to Leavitt ! Finally, however, as of May 10, 1901 matters appear to kick into gear, regarding Degree Work, with a special visit from superior officers – or at least experienced members -- from the Supreme Tent in Michigan. In particular, one adept at Degree Work, Scott Leavitt, and was able to set things a-right. Indeed, according to the Falls City K.O.T.M. Record Keeper’s Book, Tent No. 2 did in fact FINALLY AUTHORIZE proceedings to inaugurate or initiate new members into that body. Regular review of Tent, held at usual place on the evening of May 10, 1901; called to order by Lieut. Comm and opened in due form. Officers present Sir Kts. Lieut. Com. Chaplain, Sergt., M. at A. and Picket. Appointment to vacancies were mad as follows: Sir Knight Warren Wright, Past Com., Sir Knight Fred Talbott, Sentinel, Sir Knight Scott Leavitt of Belaire Tent No. 347, District of Michigan, R.K. Thomas Wright admitted to full membership by initiation. Committee on Social meeting reported progress, having decided to postpone the social meeting until warmer weathejr in order to hold the meeting without doors. Moved and seconded that the committee on a degree team, which consisted of Sir Knights F.C. Raymond and J.H. Wright, be relieved and a further committee appointed. Carried. Moved and seconded that visiting Sir Knights Leavitt and Parker be appointed on the committee, they having seen degree work. Carried.
  10. 10. Intermission for discussion, the following team being decided upon and Sir Knight Leavitt elected manager of team. __ Team: Antiouchus, Sir Kt. Foreman Eleazar, Sir Knight Montgomery Apelles, Sir Kt. Parker [begins a new page ] Mattathias, Sir Kt. Raymond Judas, Sir Kt. Leavitt Sons, Sir Kt. Wright Sir Kt. Gardner Peasant, Sir Kt. Harrington Soldiers, Sir Kt. Talbott Sir Kt. Teal Sir Kt. Caulkins Sir Kt. Beezely (signed) Scott Leavitt R.K. pro tem Moved and seconded that at next review 25c be collected from each member for badges. Carried Moved and seconded that hereafter the tent hold a review each Friday night. Carried with the explanation that the alternate meetings be for the practice and general work of the degree team and special work. Moved and seconded that reviews open at 7:30 P.M. carried Moved and seconded that Sir Kt. Leavitt’s proposition by which he offered to write out degree parts be accepted – carried. Closed in due form Scott Leavitt, R.K. pro tem.
  11. 11. Judging by the K.O.T.M. Records Book, the next meeting, three weeks later, would appear to have been their last. Sir Knight Jesse Beezley had the last word: in the Falls City Tent No. 2 “Records Book ” he reported succinctly: Regular review of the tent held at the usual place on the Evening of May 31st , 1901 Motion made and carried that Sir Knight Foreman act as Lieut. Com + Sir Knight Beezley as Record Keeper. Sir Kt. [T.] D Hollowell appointed as Chaplain + Sir Knight [G.W.] Gardner as Sentinel + Sir Kt. Jake Teal as First Master of Arms Minutes of last meeting read + approved Closed in due form (signed) J. L. Beezley R. K. pro tem. fin.  SECRETS of the LOST SECRET SOCIETY ? !! And that, Players, completely concludes the entries in the Record Keeper’s Book of Tent No. 2 Falls City Knights of the Maccabees. That is the last entry, and closes the minute-book of the Sir Knights of the Little Luckiamute. Thereafter, no entries were ever made – no meetings were held, but rather, the entire Tent No. 2 would appear to have vanished from the face of Polk County (Oregon) . But whither? Where did they go? What happened to their dedication to the Supreme Tent, and to their local? Where did Tent No. 2 go? Players!!! CAN YOU EXPLAIN the ABRUPT VANISHMENT of FALLS CITY (OREGON) TENT No. 2 KNIGHTS of the MACCABEES ?? The Solution -- next week. Perhaps in a Solution Supplement? Finally, this LATE BREAKING news!
  12. 12. Ass. Prof. Beckon Alive!!! What Luck! AND STILL CORRECTING THE PUZZLER !! We can only express our delight in those immortal words…. O Frabjous day! Calloo Callay!! THE STORY continues to be carried in the New York Times Book Review – evidently because of an extraordinary literary heritage in Prof. Beckon’s family in Oregon, of which, unbeknownst to us, we were totally unaware. See the Times article, page 4, above. We find in today’s issue of the Times Book Review, that Ass. Prof. Beckon appears to be in liberal cell-phone contact with the head of SVC, but even as she takes her life into her own hands, and ventures into the possibly snow-draped Oregon wilderness in March, she is so absorbed by the P.Y.M. Puzzler, and the opportunity it offers her to exercise her gifts, she can think of nothing other than to send corrections, q.v. Let us say: that while Stephanie’s devotion to accuracy at the P.Y.M. Puzzler is laudable, and generally, more than a little welcome, we think that as a WRITER and the great- grand-daughter of a famous WRITER, she underestimates – and more than a little bit – the responsibilities, and attendant challenges, associated with the editing of a weekly journal like the P.Y.M. Puzzler. We are reminded of the words of Mary Warren, the editress of the MAGNOLIA -- a newspaper published weekly by the young ladies of the Oregon City Seminary – who wrote in the February 15th , 1867 issue, an editorial under the heading Editing a Newspaper, where she said the following : “There are people who think it is an easy matter to edit a paper; some who think that any person of education, can succeed in the profession. But the truth is there are very few persons who succeed in it and for the reason that they do not regard it as a profession. It is, more over a laborious profession when pursued with industry sufficient to insure success.” To which she adds these trenchant words: “You might find any number of men of genius to write for a paper but very few could edit one. To write for a paper is one thing and to edit a paper is another.” ET TU, Stephanie? STAY WELL!! Wear a sweater.