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RBRC Presentation oct 18_11_langley chamber final

  1. 1. Building mobile, connected communities Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce October 18, 2011
  2. 2. Improving mobility and quality of life• an integrated package of nine road-rail improvement projects, for completion by 2014• will improve the safety and add efficiencies to the road and rail networks in four municipalities• a $307 million investment funded by an unprecedented collaboration of 12 partners
  3. 3. The Partners:
  4. 4. Good for business and the economy• the Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program is part of Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI): a $2.8 billion investment in western Canada’s transportation network• APGCI is complemented by the British Columbia’s Gateway Program, including:  Port Mann/Highway 1 Project  South Fraser Perimeter Road  North Fraser Perimeter Road  Pitt River Bridge• together, they form a comprehensive, integrated system to enhance the movement of people and products throughout the Lower Mainland
  5. 5. Improving movement of goods• 70 km rail corridor connecting the North American rail network with Roberts Bank  Canada’s largest container facility  a major terminal for coal export• carrying increasing volumes of international freight  Today - up to 18 trains per day, each 6,000 to 9,500 feet long  Future - expected to increase to 28 to 38 trains per day, up to 12,000 ft long
  6. 6. Challenges to mobility, safety and efficiency• most of the corridor is single-track• 66 public and private road-rail crossings  only 12 are overpasses• 338,000 vehicles cross the tracks each day  up to 560,000/day expected by 2021  increasing volumes on roads and rails present challenges for rail operations and road networks
  7. 7. Solutions: out of traffic and on your way• Partners agreed on:  optimal locations for investments in road-rail interface projects  leveraging their investments to maximize benefits for motorists, railways and neighbouring communities• TransLink is the lead agency of the RBRC partners
  8. 8. The Projects
  9. 9. 41B Street rail overpass at Deltaport Way• maintains connectivity for farms, business and residents• enables the expansion of the Gulf rail yard• eliminates traffic delays and train whistling• improves safety by removing level rail crossing
  10. 10. 80th Street rail overpass project• gives emergency vehicles uninterrupted access to Boundary Bay Airport• provides a primary access road to airport• will complement the new signal at 80th St. and Ladner Trunk Road
  11. 11. Panorama Ridge whistle-cessation project• enables a 13,000 foot railway siding east of Mud Bay• reduces train whistling by closing at-grade crossings• re-aligns Colebrook Road
  12. 12. 152nd Street rail overpass project• reduces delays between Surrey/White Rock and other parts of Surrey• reduces train whistling in the area• Improves safety at Colebrook Road
  13. 13. The Combo Projects• rail overpasses at 192nd St, Street, 54th Avenue and new 196th Street• new road network in the area• improves access to industrial area in east Surrey• provides a reliable route for transit and first responders• increases capacity (traffic volume expected to double by 2021)• complemented by the Advanced Railway Information System that will notify drivers of approaching trains
  14. 14. Mufford/64th Avenue at Highway 10 project• relieves congestion and delays• improves safety by removing at-grade rail crossing• improves access to Glover Road and Highway 10• improves arterial road network connectivity• complemented by the Advanced Railway Information System
  15. 15. 232nd Street rail overpass project• extends existing Rawlison rail siding to accommodate longer trains• reduces train whistling• removes delays for emergency vehicles, cars and trucks
  16. 16. Local Benefits• the Asia Pacific Gateway is vital to the economic future of BC communities  provides one of seven jobs in the Lower Mainland • City of Langley: 607 jobs (direct) • Township of Langley: 1,694 jobs (direct)  provides $12.3 billion in GDP to the region’s economy • City of Langley: $122 million • Township of Langley: $367 million -The Economic Role of The Gateway Transportation System in the Greater Vancouver Region Economic Development Research Group (2007)
  17. 17. Benefits of the RBRC Program improves the flow of local traffic improves traffic safety reduces train whistling reduces idling of vehicles at level crossings enhances the efficiency and safety of rail operations increases local and national trade competitiveness accommodates growth in trade-related traffic
  18. 18. Laying the groundwork foran economically sound andenvironmentally sustainable future
  19. 19. Roberts Bank Rail Corridor Program video:Nine Projects to Improve Mobility and Livability
  20. 20. Questions? www.robertsbankrailcorridor.ca