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Radhee slum development program- steps



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How volunteers can contribute to bring the change in the health problems of people living in slum area by their contribution of few hours in a week.

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Radhee slum development program- steps

  2. 2. RADHEE’s Vision & Mission 2 Reduce disabilities and deaths originating from disasters through building informed and trained citizens and establishing infrastructure for right & early help that is required post disaster OBJECTIVE Right Help Early Help To educate Indian citizens through specific training modules about preparedness for Disasters such as accidents, earthquakes, blast and medical emergencies like heart attack etc.
  3. 3. Know us Better through Other 3 Projects of RADHEE In a short span of two years, we have accomplished some of our goals, but there is still a lot we intend to achieve Project ‘Save Life’: Develop team of trained volunteers to save life of Accident Victim First Aid training is important, since merely the contents of a first aid We convinced the Maharashtra govt. box are not sufficient for efficient to implement the EMS project-to We are in talks with the government first aid provide free equipped ambulance and taking help from the court to with toll-free GPS mapping change certain policies regarding A project started primarily for infrastructure improvement to deal training purposes, it was extended Having already completed the tender with road and rail accidents to having a conversation with the process for this, the ambulances railways to provide ambulance for should be on road in a few months emergency patients Volunteers are overjoyed to join RADHEE as they can contribute in their own capacities; we are very flexible and constantly strive to improve our project implementation with the help of our volunteers
  4. 4. Slum Development Project Mission 4 - General Select a slum area Identify the vulnerability Reduce the vulnerability through education and coordination with the concern government office Monitor the area for 6 months post project for results
  5. 5. Project Slum Development – 5 Bhagat Singh Nagar Specifics The Sl chosen um W hatw e pl t do. an o . Sl i B hagatSi um n ngh N agar 1 i P/ w ar n S d, G oregaon W est M um bai , Spreadi H ealh Aw ar ng t eness w ih t hel of t he p vol eer unt s Locat on encr ed oached ar ofO shi ar r ver ea w a i and creek Popul i of20, aton 000 w ih 500 houses t D i ay B anner and Post s oft Em er spl s er he gency C om m uni i cont s att pr i caton act he om nentplaces Vul abiiy Poi s ner lt nt Fi e Aw ar r eness w ih t H el ofFi e B r gade t he p r i H ealh i t ssues due t poor hygi o ene Flood R escue M anagem entt ai ng w ih R A D H EE r ni t t ai s r ner C hem i H azar cal ds Fi e r Disast Pr er eventve educaton w ih R AD H EE i i t W at l er ogging t ai s r ner dur ng r ns i ai Preventve st i eps oft C hem i H azar he cal ds
  6. 6. Expected outcome of Project 6 Educated & Informed people in Slum area to take: Preventive steps against diseases Do right things as a first aid To relieve pain To prevent further deterioration To promote early recovery To preserve life To make medical care available at the earliest Do not believe in myths Capacity Building Program for disaster preparedness (e.g. flood, fire, chemical, epidemic etc). Prevention of Fire and Chemical Disasters
  7. 7. Implementation Process 7 1 2 Volunteers training program Formation of teams 4 3 Local leader will support to Volunteers will be given flip gather people charts 5 6 One team will speak to group of Each interaction will be for 15-20 15-20 people minutes 8 7 One team will speak to around 4-5 hours spent by each team to 150 people in a day speak to 5-6 groups
  8. 8. Why Join / Expectations 8 W hy Joi n Expect i atons f om Vol eer r unt s Pr ectw ilpr de oppor unii t oj l ovi t tes o: Just4- hour once ever w eek ( 4-5 s y Sunday) contnuousl f a per od of6 m ont i y or i hs Lear & spr n ead aw areness ofthe H ealh r at i t el ed ssues,pr eventon,and i C ont i i w oul be spr r buton d ead i t f l i n he olow ng is i pact t m areas: Lear & spr n ead aw areness ofthe conceptofD i sast Pr er epar edness Team Leader Field Work B ei i r ent i br ngi change ng nst um al n i ng f t bet er i t w eaker secton of or he t n he i t soci y he et B ei a f or f change i t ng act or n he Administration Networking sur oundi w hi i r l al r ng ch ndi ecty so work af ect t sel. f s he f N et or w ih t lke m i w k t he i nded peopl e. Sel satsf i ofw or ng f t f i acton ki or he Fund Raising cause
  9. 9. Contribute in you own Capacities 9 I you al ays t f w houghtyou can l ead as a t ue l r eader butnever r l gota chance,do ealy Leader p shi notm i t s oppor uniy! ss hi t t M eetw ih dif entpeopl f om var ng backgr t f er e r yi ounds,and gi a boostt your ve o N et or ng w ki soci si al de I you t nk you ar convi ng enough and w antt w or f a cause,gr t s one f hi e nci o k or ab hi Fund R ai ng si prospect ! Adm i st aton ni r i C ont i e i t adm i st aton w or and be a pr r but n he ni r i k oud m em ber ofR AD H EE W ork Thi i your chance t i er w ih t sl peopl know t r w ays,and educat s s o nt act t he um e, hei e Fi d W or el k them ;t s i t tm e t gi back t t soci y,t t peopl w ho t ul need you hi s he i o ve o he et o he e r y
  10. 10. Project Timeline 10 Project starts from 20st May2012 with Fire training program Feedback from the Introductory Meet Project Inauguration Field W eek 0 W eek 1 W eek 2 W eek 3-20 W eek 21-22 W eek 23-24 Report, recognition and Training of Volunteers Field Work Certificate distribution With tie up with local NGO and people sharing their experience will help to measure the feed back and also at end of the project people from slum will be asked to fill feed back form
  11. 11. Contact us 11 Dr Rita Savla, Founder Director Mobile - +91 9833835789 Email: Website: