Tugas business model canvas


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Tugas business model canvas

  1. 1. TASK BUSINESS MODEL CANVASGroup Name : Rita Sugiari 0957201000523 Suharjo 0957201000529 Saidah 0957201000550
  2. 2. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS Software Credit UnionsCooperatives established to provide anopportunity for members to obtain loans easilyand lightly floral. Credit unions seeking to preventits members involved in the bondage of the“Lintah Darat" when they need some money toactivate the savings and regulate lending moneyaith interest as low. Credit unions raise moneyfrom its members who then channel those fundsback to its members.
  3. 3. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS Key PartnershipDepartment ofCooperatives Key Activities Making Software Credit Unions
  4. 4. BUSINESS MODEL CANVASValue PropositionsMulti User, MultiCooperative, DanFriendly Customer Relationships Free updates Dan Info Via E-mail
  5. 5. BUSINESS MODEL CANVASCustomer SegmentsVillage Cooperatives,Employee CooperativeRepublic of Indonesia,And Key ResourcesCooperative School Hosting Dan Developer
  6. 6. BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS ChannelsOnline: WebsiteOffline: Office ofCooperative Cost Structure Rent Hosting Dan Employee Costs
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL CANVASRevenue StreamsTraining, SoftwareSales, and Royalties
  8. 8. THANK YOU