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Product Registration: The Foundation of Customer Relationships


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Online Product Registration is the key to unlock the value in your customer relationships.

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Product Registration: The Foundation of Customer Relationships

  1. 1. Product registration: the Foundation oF customer relationshiPs ©2009 RightNow Technologies. All rights reserved. RightNow and RightNow logo are trademarks of RightNow Technologies Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 9007
  2. 2. Product registration: the Foundation oF customer relationshiPs taBle oF contents Online Product Registration Helps Build Brand Loyalty, Deepen Customer Relationships ..........1 Product Registration- The Foundation of Customer Relationships ..........1 How Online Product Registration Works: A Day in the Life ..........3 Product Registration Adds Significant Value ..........4 Two Companies that Listen and Respond ..........5 Nikon ..........5 IRobot ..........6 RightNowService: The Proven Leader ..........6 About RightNow ..........7
  3. 3. Online PrOduct registratiOn HelPs Build Brand lOyalty, deePen custOmer relatiOnsHiPs Call centers today are at the heart of a paradigm shift in the relationship between companies and the people who buy and use their products. As recently as ten years ago, manufacturers and customers seldom interacted. Products were distributed to consumers through retailers and to businesses through resellers. The manufacturers invested in mass marketing to raise brand awareness, but had very little contact with end users. Specialty retailers provided post- sale support, and the reseller channel took care of end users in exchange for pricing and other incentives. The internet changed all that. Customers now have a direct line to the brand for both purchase and support. Meanwhile, big-box retailers have used large inventories and low prices to drive out the smaller specialty stores who had product expertise and time to spend with customers. The result: a boomerang effect that is sending frustrated customers back to the manufacturer. In the new paradigm, manufacturers have multi-channel strategies that combine direct and indirect sales, and customers are demanding post-sales service and support via the manufacturer’s website or call center. “In the past, customers would go back to their local camera store to learn how to use their camera. Now most of the larger retailers don’t do that, so consumers come to us directly and we need to be prepared to help them.” David Dentry, general manager of technical support , Nikon Unfortunately, the new model creates new headaches for call center managers. In the brave new world of customer service, what you don’t know can hurt you… and often does. In most cases, call center agents have no knowledge of customer purchase history, no means to easily communicate with customers online, and no systematic way to cross-sell new features and services. This leads to frustrated, disappointed customers, and lost opportunities for incremental sales. These problems can be directly addressed by adding to or enhancing a critical, but often overlooked, feature of the company website: online product registration. PrOduct registratiOn – tHe FOundatiOn OF custOmer relatiOnsHiPs Today, product registration is largely a one-way street. Customers give data but get little in return, and typically don’t bother to fill out the information requested. By giving customers a simple way to register their products online and providing value in return, the company gains the ability to build brand loyalty, while call center agents attain the means to deepen their relationships with customers. Through online product registration, they can easily share news and gather feedback, as well as provide valuable customer input to product development, marketing and sales. 1 Share This
  4. 4. “Product registration information is the first step in understanding our customers, and knowing our customers, specifically what products they have purchased, is important to customer retention. We can build more robots, but we can’t manufacture more customers. Customer retention is absolutely critical.” Maryellen Abreu, director of global technical support, iRobot Product Registration enables companies to · Know who their customers are · Know what products they have purchased · Know what information they are looking for · Communicate with their customers · Share enhancements and new releases -Alert to support issues and recalls · Ask their customers -Feedback on purchase process -Feedback on product and future requests · Sell to their customers -Cross-sell accessories and new features -Warranties and service agreements 2 Share This
  5. 5. HOw Online PrOduct registratiOn wOrks: a day in tHe liFe To better understand how online product registration serves as a key to unlocking the value in any customer relationship, let’s take a simple example. James is a typical consumer who recently purchased two cell phones, one for his wife and one for himself. James has a question about downloading a custom ringtone to his new cell phone. When he goes to the manufacturer’s website to look up information, he sees a box marked “For Better Service,” with a reminder to register his new purchases. James clicks on the link and follows instructions to create an account. This gives call center agents what they need to follow up with James, measure his satisfaction with his buying experience or gather other relevant information. The account creation form is completely customizable according to the company’s specific requirements. Once he has created an account, James clicks through to a product registration form where he can easily register his new purchases. Pre-populated fields make it easy to register any number of products. Within minutes, James receives an email letting him know that he has successfully registered his products and thanking him for doing so. This email not only confirms James’ registration, but offers him 15 percent off accessories for the cell phone he just registered. After successfully registering his purchases, James has a question about how to download a custom ringtone. When he logs into the support site, he sees all of the products he previously registered in one location, so he can easily track and manage all his product registrations. In addition, with a single click, James can easily search the manufacturer’s knowledge base for relevant answers. 3 Share This
  6. 6. James does not find the specific answer to his question, so he creates an email incident directly from the product registration page. Because he’s registered his products, his contact information is pre-populated, and a customer service agent is able to quickly respond to James’s email. After his question is answered, the manufacturer sends James a survey asking him how satisfied he was with the answer and if he would recommend his cell phone to friends. By capturing all interactions with James – product registrations, support incidents, feedback surveys, and promotions – this manufacturer has caught the boomerang. They will be able to provide James the service he wants, communicate to him in a relevant manner, and build long-term loyalty. PrOduct registratiOn adds signiFicant Value By establishing direct, one-to-one customer relationships, online product registration opens the door to a wealth of opportunities for call center representatives to better serve their customers, their company, and their own careers. It enables them to add significant value to the rest of the business, including critical feedback for development and manufacturing in such areas as desired enhancements and potential future products. 4 Share This
  7. 7. From a company perspective, the benefits are many. With product registration integrated into their Customer Service operations, companies can: · Empower customers to take the first step towards a better service experience · Gain a better understanding of customers and their buying behavior · Build a personalized relationship with customers · Gather critical feedback to fuel future product development · Proactively communicate relevant sales offers such as warranties, accessories, and upgrade offers based on the products customers currently own · And ultimately, increase brand loyalty twO cOmPanies tHat listen and resPOnd Many companies are successfully building relationships with their customers through great customer service. Here are two examples of companies that use web-based service to improve their customer experience and reduce their operational costs. nikOn: gets tHe Picture Nikon, Inc. had to deliver high-quality support that would satisfy customers even as growing sales were taxing existing support resources—and increasing resources was not an option. A powerful platform for optimizing phone, email ,product registration and web communication with customers, Nikon’s new service system allows contact center staff to view customers’ complete service histories across all contact points—phone, web, and email. This ensured effective, personalized support and improved responsiveness to customers while the company’s unit sales volume increased substantially. To make this achievement more remarkable, department headcount remained flat for two years while productivity increased substantially. Nikon gained unprecedented visibility into its customers’ issues and concerns, furthering their ability to deliver great service. By providing extremely valuable customer information to the company’s designers and marketers, Nikon better responded to the ever-changing needs of the buying public. That’s an important competitive advantage for Nikon and a big win for Nikon’s customers, since it helps put them at the center of everything Nikon does. The company continually scores over 95 percent in its customer satisfaction surveys, and that satisfaction translates into more sales opportunities for Nikon. “When you satisfy your customers, they come back and buy from you again,” says David Dentry, general manager of Nikon’s Technical Office. “They also say great things about you to their friends, and that’s the best advertising there is!” 5 Share This
  8. 8. irOBOt: sweePing uP When pioneering a new market, it’s critical to essential to deliver great service and support—since your customers have no previous experience with your product. It’s also critical to listen and quickly respond to customers. iRobot listens to their more than 2.5 million customers worldwide. Faced with a rapidly growing number of incoming service and technical support calls iRobot deployed a single customer service platform for web self-service, phone, chat, email and product registration. Contact center staff has a complete view of all past service interactions with every customer. This helps them get to the root of the customer’s issue more quickly. The company has grown revenue while simultaneously delivering a superior customer experience and keeping its operating costs under control. Even though the company sells its products primarily through retail distribution, it is able to open up this direct dialog with its customers in a variety of ways. When customers register their products or contact technical support, for example, iRobot can capture the information it needs to send them appropriate offers. iRobot also sends a questionnaire to 4,000 different customer every month. This helps them the impact of the improvements it continues to make in its customer experience—and pinpoint any emerging problems before they adversely impact the business. rigHtnOwserVice: tHe PrOVen leader Fortunately, there is an effective, easy-to-implement solution for companies that want to strengthen relationships with their customers —and who want to do it fast. RightNow Service is the industry’s most complete solution for assisting customers via self-service, chat, email, and voice all leveraging product registration. It is the only customer service solution to leverage a single knowledge base and a common incident tracking system across all communication channels—enabling companies to gain a true 360-degree view of the customer and ensure a consistent, high-quality service experience. RightNow’s patented, intelligent knowledge base technology keeps online content fresh, customer-driven, and easy to find. It also provides a wide range of critical capabilities including natural language searching, automated answer ranking, SmartAssistant (which scans the text of incoming emails and automatically suggests appropriate answers), and co- browsing. RightNow transforms websites into highly effective information resources for customers, prospects and other business partners. Just as important, RightNow’s powerful self-learning capabilities and hosted delivery model enable consumer products companies to reap the quantifiable benefits associated with effective online service without extensive up-front investments in content development and IT infrastructure. 6 Share This
  9. 9. With RightNow, you can: · Achieve contact center efficiencies that reduce costs while improving service · Create a consistent, unified customer and brand experience across all channels · Build relevant relationship with customers through integrated product registration · Dramatically improve “one-and-done” contact resolution rates · Accurately measure performance with powerful reporting and service analytics The average RightNow customer: · Is up and running from purchase order to production in just a few weeks · Reduces call center workloads by at 25% within 30 days · Reduces email workloads by 50% within 60 days · Automatically answers 86% of customers’ questions on the web without escalation · Achieves measurably higher customer satisfaction within weeks As internet use continues to grow—and as customer expectations for online service grow as well—companies in all markets must make sure that their web-based service capabilities fulfill or exceed those expectations. Companies that want to retain customers and control costs must therefore remain aggressive about customer service on the web—and integrate web-based service into their overall customer strategies. Try Us RightNow If you’d like a first-hand view of how RightNow can radically improve your company’s customer service, effectively collect product registration information and transform your website into a powerful information center for customers, visit us at You can request a free demo of RightNow Service and see how our customers are already using it on their websites. You can also call us at 877-363-5678 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. aBOut rigHtnOw RightNow (NASDAQ: RNOW) delivers the high-impact technology solutions and services organizations need to cost-efficiently deliver a consistently superior customer experience across their frontline service, sales, and marketing touchpoints. Approximately 1,900 corporations and government agencies worldwide depend on RightNow to achieve their strategic objectives and better meet the needs of those they serve. RightNow is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. RightNow is a registered trademark of RightNow Technologies, Inc. NASDAQ is a registered trademark of the NASDAQ Stock Market. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the best possible customer experience for your customers. 7 Share This
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